835314 Pte. Henry ("Harry Jack") James Adams was born in London, England, on January 22nd, 1894. He lived in London until he (aged 14) and his brother were sent to Canada after their mother died and their father re-married.

They disembarked at the train station in Athens, Ontario; a small village north-east of Kingston, Ontario. Henry and his brother worked on surrounding farms until they made their way eventually to Kingston (Joyceville).

Henry joined the CEF on January 15th, 1916, being assigned to the 146th Battalion, when he was almost 22 years old. Sent to Valcartier for training, Harry was amongst 276 men of the 146th to be transferred to the 4th CMR in late 1916. Henry was in-field with the 4th CMR from November 3rd, 1916, and was to see action in some of the bloodiest battles, including: Vimy and Passchendaele. He survived the war and was struck off strength on March 30th, 1919.

After the War, Henry returned home to Ontario and married Margaret Webb (formerly of London, England), and together they lived in Kingston and area. Working several jobs at Canadian Forces Base, Kingston, during WWII, Henry took the official Remembrance Day salute in 1993 at the Cenotaph in Kingston.

After a long and full life, Henry died on November 11th, 1994, at the grand age of 100.

Biography details credit: Eldon Adams