838657 Pte. Adam Buchanan Clarke (right) was born in September 1897, in Meaford, Ontario.

Attesting into the 147th (Grey) Battalion, in Meaford, on December 30th, 1915, Adam, the son of a doctor, was a clerk by trade.

The 147th BN became part of the 8th Reserve Battalion in January 1917. Adam was subsequently assigned to the 4th CMR, joining them in the field on May 12th, 1917.

Adam apparently survived the war without notable incident or injury.

This picture was found at a garage sale in Canada in April 2007, along with a Certificate of Service for Pte. James Welsh MM (left).

When further investigations were made into the back of the Certificate, Pte. Welsh's journal for activities in 1917 & 1918 fell out!

Subsequent research revealed the identity of the other soldier: Pte. George Alexander Bell (centre).

The three men were amongst 354 men of 147th (Grey) Battalion who were transferred into the 4th CMR through 1917.

All three survived the War to be Struck off Strength with the Regiment in March, 1919.

This image is with thanks, and is courtesy of George Auer and The Grey & Simcoe Foresters, who perpetuate the 147th & 248th Battalions today.