Hon. Major Channell Galbraith Hepburn MC was born in Magog, Quebec, in September 1888.

An Anglican clergyman and resident of Sherbrook, Quebec, at the time of signing on in Montreal, on August 6th, 1915, Channell appears to have attested as part of the Army Chaplain Services. He was later transferred to the 4th CMR on February 16th, 1916.

One of 14 serving clergymen in the 4th CMR, Channell was awarded the MC at some stage before being struck off strength from the 4th CMR in March 1917. Further details on this award will follow in due course.

However, it is stated in S. G. Bennett's 4th CMR History that Major Hepburn was brought to that attention of the Secretary of State for War, for valuable services rendered during the war. Again, further details on this and his MC will follow accordingly.

Hon. Major Channell Galbraith Hepburn MC was struck off strength from the 4th CMR, for what was believed to be administrative / reallocation reasons, rather than injury etc, on March 13th, 1917.

Service detail extracts from the 4th CMR Regimental History, S. G. Bennett, 1926.

Additional biography details from Hon. Major Hepburn's attestation papers, Library and Archives Canada.

Biography excerpt courtesy of Mike Kavanagh