109392 L/Cpl. William Heywood was born on August 1st, 1894, at the Fire Station, Hulme, Manchester, England, to Mary Elizabeth Heywood (nee Pearson) and William Heywood, who married on June 26th, 1893.

According to his Discharge Certificate he joined the Canadian Army on December 18th, 1914, attesting in Toronto as part of the 4th CMR's original intake and that he subsequently served for 4 years and 195 days. It is unclear why he chose to leave the UK and travel to Canada, but I am lead to believe this was over a family dispute.

According to his attestation papers, William had served in the Territorial Royal Engineers in Manchester, prior to emigrating to Canada, and thence had militia experience in Toronto, serving with the Governor General's Body Guard (GGBG).

On his Medal listing is the 1914-15 Star, with a comment to the side "Wound Stripes One". This appears to have been a gunshot wound to his left arm. Also listed on the Discharge Certificate is that he left the service as a Lance Corporal.

It is believed that following his capture by the Germans [June 2nd, 1916, in the "Battle for Mount Sorrel"] he was placed in a prisoner of war camp along with some Russian soldiers and learned to speak some Russian, but this was later forgotten when back home.

Being repatriated on December 18th, 1918, and on returning to Manchester, William followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Fire Service on July 4th, 1919. His National Fire Service number was 304801 and he rose to the Rank of Section Leader prior to discharge on December 31st, 1945. There was a note stating "All service satisfactory".

William married Constance Isabella Cooper on December 10th, 1921, at Broughton Park Congregational Church, Manchester. They had one daughter (my Mother), also Constance.

They moved to Margate in Kent, following his retirement, to be closer to my family, as my father was then a serving Police Officer in the Kent Police.

William Heywood passed away on the May 15th, 1980, at the Seabathing Hospital, Margate, Kent, having lost a long battle with cancer.

Thanks and credit for this biography go to William Heywood's grandson, Ian Wright.

Addition service details were provided by 4cmr.com