113357 Pte. Donat "Dan" Levesque is the fourth man from the left, second row (hat tipped back) in this image provided by his grandson, Michael. It is thought that the image was taken at a rest camp somewhere in the UK (possibly even Shorncliffe Camp in Kent).

Attesting into the 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles, #113357, Dan was re-assigned to the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles on January 29th, 1916.

He was wounded twice: by shrapnel in the back and buttocks during the "Battle for Mount Sorrel" on June 2nd, 1916, and in the hand by a shot from a sniper at Capricorn Keep, Passchendaele, in October 1917.

As a result of the shrapnel wound, Dan was shipped back to the UK for six weeks and when he was fit he was then sent back to the front.

Following this he was sent back to teach a course on sniping (it appears he was a sniper as his family has several unit epaulettes and a machine gunner's head piece in their basement).

Wounded again when he returned to the front, shot by a German sniper through the left hand, between the ring and second fingers, the wound became septic. Dan was shipped back to the UK, and although healed, because of the disability, he was never taken back on strength and never returned to France.

Dan married whilst overseas, at the Church of St. Mary of the Angels, East Preston, Worthing, Sussex, UK. He was in Shorncliffe Camp in Kent during this time, and his family were relieved that he did survive the Great War.

Picture and biography credit: Michael Levesque