UK - Lidlington - Bedfordshire, England

Located 9 miles (15km) southwest of Bedford, Lidlington sits on the north side of the Lower Greensand Ridge. It has a long history of settlement, being mentioned in the Domesday Book in AD1086, and even further back had settlements in at least AD275.

Overlooking the picturesque Marston Vale, St. Margaret's churchyard is situated opposite the Church, perched on the hill above Church Lane, where the old 16th Century Church was formerly located.

Deemed unsafe for use, the old Church was abandoned and the 9th Duke of Bedford funded the new Church, on the opposite side of the road, which was opened in 1886. The old Church site is now used for burials only.

Typical of the small Parish churchyard, Lidlington St. Margaret's holds two burials formally acknowledged by the CWGC: one for a WW2 RAF Sergeant Pilot, the other a 4th CMR man (see below).

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One man of the 4th CMR rests here:

Clarke, Horace