Library and Archives Canada - Index for 'Circumstances of Death Registers, First World War'

As part of the digitizing program at 'Library and Archives Canada', the 'Circumstances of Death Registers' (CoDR) have been made available. These are the original registers used to record cause of death for each Canadian Expeditionary Force soldier lost in WW1. As such it provides additional details on-line, where before this information was only accessible through acquisition of the soldier's full service record.

Here I have provided an index that compliments the 'Circumstances of Death Registers - First World War' Results page listings. Through this you should be able to locate the records pertaining to your relative or research subject that much quicker.

Please bear in mind that whilst the records are logical in an A to Z format overall, names on the 'reels' are sometimes a little hit and miss, with part or overflow records tapped onto the end of a given reel. Some names that should be at the beginning of one reel are sometimes found at the end of a reel, or on a following or even a previous reel. So, do stay with it, use the index below to lock down where your relative or research subject's name is, and do work back and forth if you don't find what you are looking for straight away.

A similar situation exists with the Commonwealth War Graves Registers - First World War. I will index these too in due course.

One tip, when scanning through a reel, use of the < or > buttons can be slow. Type in even numbers in the 'Page' field and click the 'Go' button to slide through the records a little quicker.

Here is the index (not yet hyperlinked), listing the extent of the records so far available, for surnames Aaron to Sims. Any errors here are my own:

No. Reel From - To
131829_B016711Aaron - Aldridge
231829_B016712Alexander - Amyot
331829_B016713Anciello - Ancell
431829_B016714Armstrong - Ayvas
531829_B016715Babb - Barjarow
631829_B016716Bark - Bazinet
731829_B016717Bea - Belisle
831829_B016718Bell - Bernaquez
931829_B016719Bernard - Binyon
1031829_B034746Birch - Blakstad
1131829_B016720Binyon - Booth
1231829_B016721Borden - Boys
1331829_B016722Brabant - Britton
1431829_B016723Broad - Broyak
1531829_B016724Brubacher - Bunyan
1631829_B016725Burbank - Bytheway
1731829_B016726Cabana - Campling
1831829_B016727Canavan - Caswill
1931829_B016728Catchpole - Chignell
2031829_B016729Child - Clayton
2131829_B016730Cleal - Connolly
2231829_B016731Connon - Corbett
2331829_B016732Corbin - Coznick
2431829_B016733Crabb - Crossland
2531829_B016734Crossley - Cyrs
2631829_B016735Dabate - Davison
2731829_B016736Davy - Detro
2831829_B016737Deuel - Domoney
2931829_B016738Don - Drzewiecki
3031829_B016739Duane - Dzhobiewski
3131829_B016740Ead - Elliott
3231829_B016741Ellis - Ezric
3331829_B016742Faber - Ffoulkes
3431829_B016743Ficht - Flynn
3531829_B016744Foden - Fraser
3631829_B016694Frayn - Fyson
3731829_B016691Gabbott - Gash
3831829_B016690Gaskell - Gibsone
3931829_B016689Gidney - Gilmour
4031829_B016686Godin - Goudy
4131829_B034747Gougeon - Gray
4231829_B016687Grayburn - Grivel
4331829_B016688Groat - Halkett
4431829_B016684Hall - Hannaford-Hill
4531829_B016683Hannah - Harrison
4631829_B016685Harron - Hazlewood
4731829_B016745Head - Herron
4831829_B034748Hesch - Hoey
4931829_B016746Hoffman - Hopwood
5031829_B016693Horan - Humphries
5131829_B016697Hunking - Hyson
5231829_B016696Ibbetson - Izzo
5331829_B016709Jacks - Kennedy
5431829_B016695Johannesson - Johnstone
5531829_B016692Joiner - Juteau
5631829_B016705Kaatz - Kennard
5731829_B016699Kennedy - King-Mason
5831829_B016698Kingham - Kynaston
5931829_B016702Labarge - Larin
6031829_B016747Lariviere - Lea
6131829_B016748Leach - Leslye
6231829_B016749Lesperance - Litster
6331829_B016750Little - Lortie
6431829_B016751Losey - Lyttle
6531829_B016752Mabee - Manning**see 73 - 79 for Mac & Mc
6631829_B016753Manogue - Maskell
6731829_B016754Mathie - Medland
6831829_B016772Mee - Millachip
6931829_B016771Millar - Mirgorod
7031829_B016755Miron - Moore
7131829_B016756Moorecroft - Moss
7231829_B016757Mossman - Myllymaki
7331829_B016708MacAdam - MacNamee
7431829_B016758MacNaughton - McCombie
7531829_B016759McCombs - McDonald
7631829_B016760McDonaugh - McIntyre
7731829_B016761McIntyre - McKone
7831829_B016762McLachlan - McMutrie
7931829_B016763McNab - McWilliams
8031829_B016764Naden - Nichols
8131829_B016765Nicholson - Nyrerod
8231829_B016766Oag - Oxnam
8331829_B016767Pabeef - Paul
8431829_B016768Paul - Pfrimmer
8531829_B016710Phair - Pollard
8631829_B016769Polley - Quirt
8731829_B016707Raaflaub - Regan
8831829_B016706Rehder - Richardson
8931829_B016704Richelieu - Rodokinsk
9031829_B034749Rodolph - Rowell
9131829_B016703Rowland - Ryrie
9231829_B016701Sabatino - Schotts
9331829_B016700Schoumik - Shelmerdine
9431829_B016770Shelter - Sims