109489 Pte. Henry Mills was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, on 9th August 1887, to William and Charlotte Mills.

At some point his family emigrated to Canada and by the time of the First World War, being employed as a steam fitter, Henry was serving in the Governor General's Body Guard.

When the call came, Henry joined the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles as an "original" on November 25th, 1914.

Henry married Margaret Wright on July 5th, 1915, in Toronto, Ontario, 13 days before the 4th CMR shipped to England.

The couple subsequently had a son, named James Henry, who was born early in 1916, but sadly Henry would not see his son as he was killed in the front line near Sanctuary Wood, Ypres [now Ieper], on March 23rd, 1916.

Pte. Henry Mills lies at rest in Maple Copse Cemetery, near Zillebeke, Ieper, Belgium.

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Thanks for the original obituary image and biography are extended to Margaret Roper, who is a granddaughter of Henry Mill's wife's second marriage. Henry's first son, James Henry, was known as "Uncle Jimmy" and remained close to the family until his passing in 2001.

The headstone image and enhancement of the obituary image is courtesy of 4cmr.com.