805553 Pte. Robert Henry Morley was born in Croydon, England, on May 26th, 1887.

The son of William Morley and Mary Ann Miles, Robert, after leaving England, worked for some time in Detroit, Michigan and lived for the last 30 years of his life in the Peterborough, Ontario, area. At the time of his passing he was living in Otonabee Township, a rural address just to the east of the City of Peterborough.

At one time, Robert was an employee of Canadian General Electric in Peterborough, Ontario.

Robert died in January, 1951, aged 63, and was survived by four siblings: three sisters, Jenny Walker of Peterborough, Ontario; Lillian Taylor of Croydon, England; and Alice Hierons of Peterborough, Ontario; and a brother, William Morley of Croydon, England.

Robert lies at rest in the military section of Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario.

Thanks are extended to Linda Heffernan for the above details and photograph.

Although Robert attested into the 136th Battalion, #805553, nothing is yet known of Robert's service history, to the point that whilst his headstone boldly proclaims he was with the 4th CMR, the Nominal Roll for the Regiment does not record him. This is not unique, however, as several men here-in have no immediately corroborated service with the 4th CMR, but clearly were associated with the Regiment, and were proud of it. [4cmr.com]