113532 Pte. Joseph Michael Saunders

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery



Born in Boston, Massachusettes, in February 1894, Joseph was single and a machinist by trade when he signed on.

Attesting in Peterborough, Ontario, on August 19th, 1915, Joseph, was originally assigned to the 8th CMR, which was absorbed into the 4th CMR in January 1916.

Joseph served without notable incident until he was lost along with 175 others on the morning of June 2nd, 1916, the opening day of what became the 13 day 'Battle for Mount Sorrel'.

Unike so many that day, Frank's body was subsequently recovered and he now lies at rest, with three fellow men of 4th CMR, in the Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, Ieper town.

Thanks go to Mike Kavanagh for the biography. The headstone image was supplied courtesy of 4cmr.com