636723 Pte. Fred Wilson was born on January 8th, 1898, in Point Anne, Flinton Township, Ontario, the son of Frank Wilson and Catherine Edith Dafoe. He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

A labourer at the time of enlisting, Fred originally attested into the 155th (Quinte) Battalion, C.E.F., on February 26th, 1916, in Belleville, Ontario. Amongst 95 men of the 155th, Fred was transferred to the 4th CMR on November 29th, 1916, serving with them until his accidental death on July 10th, 1918.

Back in the trench after coming off patrol, Fred, whilst removing a Mills bomb from his pocket, accidentally loosened the pin. When he realized that the bomb was going to explode before he could get it out of his pocket, knowing that it would probably injure his comrades, he selflessly walked away from the party with whom he had been talking and turned the pocket which contained the bomb away from them.

Owing to this, when the bomb exploded, mortally wounding him, none of his comrades were hurt. All ranks appreciated the presence of mind and heroism of Pte. Wilson in thus protecting his comrades.

Pte. Fred Wilson lies at rest in Bellacourt Military Cemetery, Riviere, France.

Biography with thanks to Lynn Matthison.

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