158081 Pte. Gordon Cumming Findlay

Regina Trench Cemetery


Near Courcelette


Born in Elgin, Scotland, in September 1883, Gordon was a farmer at the time of attestation in Toronto in early September 1915.

Originally assigned to the 81st Battalion, Gordon was amongst 390 men of the 81st to be transferred to the 4th CMR in mid and late June 1916, after the 4th CMR's huge losses at the "Battle for Mount Sorrel" on June 2nd, 1916.

Gordon was lost on October 1st, 1916, at the outset of the 4th CMR's action at Regina Trench, on The Somme, taking a machine gun bullet in the head during the attack.

Pte. Gordon Cumming Findlay is one of 15 men of the 4th CMR to lie at rest in Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt, France.

Headstone image courtesy of Gord McKeekan and biography excerpt courtesy of David Kavanagh.