109371 Pte. Francis George Hardingham

Maple Copse Cemetery


Near Ieper


Born in London, England, in June 1890, Francis was a mechanical engineer when he signed on in December 1914.

Part of the 4th CMR's original intake, Francis (109371) attested in Toronto on December 22nd, 1914.

At the time of Francis' loss, on March 23rd, 1916, the 4th CMR was in the front line at Sanctuary Wood, immediately south of Ypres, from March 20th until the 25th. During that time, with active sniping on both sides, 4 men were killed, and 5 were wounded.

Pte. Francis Hardingham is one of 12 men known to lie at rest in Maple Copse Cemetery, near Sanctuary Wood, Ieper. Please click on the image to see a larger version of the headstone picture.

109372 Pte. Vivian Charles Hardingham, Francis' brother, also 4th CMR, although one of some 281 taken P.O.W. on June 2nd, 1916 (in the "Battle for Mount Sorrel"), survived the war.

Born in Coggeshall, Essex, England, in 1892, Vivian was a civil engineer when he attested alongside his brother in Toronto in December 1914. He was repatriated from his time as .P.O.W. on January 1st, 1919.

Initial biography excerpts courtesy of David Kavanagh, headstone image courtesy of 4cmr.com