Belgium - Maple Copse - Zillebeke, near Ieper

Located 5km South East of Ieper town, near the village of Zillebeke, the cemetery contains 308 commemorations and burials.

12 headstones are specific to men of the 4th CMR, between the dates of March 23rd and May 12th, 1916.

In the 'Battle for Mount Sorrel' on 2nd June, 1916, Maple Copse was held by the 5th CMR as a reserve line. At the height of the action on June 2nd, the Copse became a ravaged front line, as remnants of the 4th & 1st CMRs fell back.

Regrouping with the 5th CMR, together they stemmed the tide of attacking Wüttemberg troops and stalled the advance. Over the following 13 days, Canadian and British forces pushed the German troops back to more or less their start point of June 2nd.

Today, Maple Copse is a peaceful, little visited cemetery, but strategically placed as it was through much of the War, it is well worth a visit.

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 4th CMR men at rest or remembered here:

Astridge, John

Barry, James

Drury, Edgar

Hardingham, Francis

Haydon, Victor

Hobden, Ross

Hurley, William

Ingram William

Lowrey, Edwin

Mills, Henry

Ratchford, Charles

Wiley, Alfred