109383 Pte. Victor Albert Haydon

This headstone represents one of those instances where the soldier's initials are reversed.

Formal nofication of the error, corroborated by Victor Haydon's attestation papers, was sent to the CWGC for their onward action.

Maple Copse Cemetery


Near Ieper


Born in Birmingham, England, in March 1896, Victor attested into the 4th CMR, with the original intake, on November 27th, 1914.

At the time of Victor's loss, on March 31st, 1916, the 4th CMR had just gone back into the front line at Sanctuary Wood on the 28th, and were subject to heavy shelling on the 31st.

Pte. Victor Haydon is one of 2 men of the 4th CMR to die on that day and one of 12 men of the 4th CMR known to lie at rest in Maple Copse Cemetery, near Sanctuary Wood, Ieper.

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Biography excerpt courtesy of David Kavanagh, headstone image courtesy of 4cmr.com