835642 Pte. Frederick Hughes

Tyne Cot Cemetery

Tyne Cot

near Passendale


Born in Arden, Ontario, in June 1898, Frederick was single and a farmer by trade when he signed on.

Attesting in Kingston, Ontario, on February 29th, 1916 (which was a leap year), Frederick was originally assigned to the 146th Battalion, but was transferred to the 4th CMR, amongst 266 men of the 146th Battalion, in November 1916.

Frederick served without notable incident until he was lost along with 106 other men of the 4th CMR during the 'Battle for Passchendaele' ("Third Battle of Ypres"), on October 26th, 1917.

Pte. Frederick Hughes is one of 12 men of 4th CMR known to lie at rest in the Tyne Cot Cemetery, Tyne Cot, near today's Passendale, in Belgium.

Thanks go to David Kavanagh for the biography. The headstone image was supplied courtesy of 4cmr.com