669983 Pte. Alfred Henry Libby was born on August 24th , 1895 in Toronto, Ontario.

Alfred, a peddler by trade, was living in Rhodes Avenue, Toronto, with his wife, May, when he attested into the 166th (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada) Battalion, in Toronto on March 14th, 1916,

Having previously served three years in the 13th Cavalry Field Artillery, Alfred, was one of 15 men of the 166th BN who were transferred to the 4th CMR through 1916, 1917 & 1918.

Alfred found himself in the field with the 4th CMR on December 1st, 1916, at a time when the regiment was in and out of the front line at Etrun, France.

April 9th was the start of the 4th CMR's action in the Battle for Vimy Ridge, and sadly, aged 21 years, Alfred was one of the many lost that day, "Killed in action, west of Vimy".

Private Alfred Henry Libby lies at rest in Thelus Military Cemetery, located near the village of Thelus, France.

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Biography credit: Linda Heffernan, with thanks.

Image supplied by Linda Heffernan, with source and credit to J Stephen 2010.