Capt. Kenneth Dean Marlatt was born in Oakville, Ontario, on November 20th 1888, to Cecil and Agnes (née Waldie) Marlatt. Kenneth was the second of several children born between 1885 and 1901.

A manufacturer by trade when he signed up, Kenneth had previous active militia experience with the 9th Mississauga Horse.

Attesting into the 4th CMR, in Toronto, on December 3rd, 1914, Kenneth served with the regiment without any noted incident.

Initially a Lieutenant, Kenneth was recorded as Quartermaster in March 1916 and thence Temp. Honorary Captain. Subsequently Captain, Kenneth, generous in nature, made contributions through the Canadian Red Cross Society in August 1916 to 4th CMR POWs in hospital in Stuttgart.

Kenneth was struck off strength from the 4th CMR on March 5th 1917 and transferred to Headquarters in Shorncliffe, England, then granted extended leave back to Canada between March and June 1917. In that time he was assigned to 8th Reserve Battalion, the 2nd Central Ontario Regimental Division, and then the No.2 District Depot (Toronto) on being retained in Canada. He subsequently became Major with the No. 2 District Depot and also with the British Canadian Recruiting Mission to the U.S., tasked with recruiting ex-pat British citizens into the CEF.

After the war, Kenneth married Margaret Rosalys MacDonald in Toronto, on June 2nd 1920. The couple had three known children, of whom Kenneth Alexander Waldie Marlatt, born in October 1921, and who served with the R.C.A.F., was sadly killed in an aircraft accident on July 1st 1950. He had a sister, Agnes born in 1924 and a brother, Peter born in 1927.

Kenneth Dean Marlatt passed away in Oakville on January 14th 1942 and Margaret passed away on February 28th 1964. Both lay at rest at St Jude's Cemetery in Oakville.

It is evident that Kenneth Marlatt knew Pte. John Moulding, as the two were photographed together (left).

It is not known if the association was personal or, as suspected, Officer / Batman service related.

Images courtesy of the Trafalgar Township Historical Society, Ontario.

Biography courtesy of Mike Kavanagh and

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