636104 Pte. Thomas Henry Parks was born on July 21st, 1897, in Consecon, Ontario.

The son of R. A. and Ida M. Parks, Thomas was a cheese maker by trade and was living at home with his parents when he attested into the 155th (Quinte) Battalion on December 29th, 1915, in Picton, Ontario.

Thomas was one of 95 men of the 155th transferred to the 4th CMR on November 29th, 1916. It is recorded that at the time of his death, the 4th CMR were in trenches west of Petit Vimy, when he was killed in action on April 11th, 1917.

Buried in Thelus Military Cemetery, located at the foot of the ridge, just outside of Thelus, France, Thomas was 20 years of age when he died. Interestingly, fellow 4th CMR man, Pte. Albert Linker lived within 25km of Thomas, in Prince Edward County, before the war. They died the same day and lie a row apart in Thelus Military Cemetery.

Credit and thanks go to Linda Heffernan for the biography, and to J Stephens for the headstone image.

Additional service details are courtesy of 4cmr.com