633761 Pte. Napolean Paul was born on February 17th, 1876, in Clarence Township, Russell County, Ontario.

Living with wife, Josephine, in Chesterville, Ontario, Napolean was a farmer by occupation. The couple had one known daughter at the time, Clarice, and a number of other "little ones".

Napolean attested into the 154th (Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders) Battalion on March 15th, 1916, in Chesterville, Ontario.

103 men of the 154th BN, including Napolean, were transferred to the 4th CMR on November 29th, 1916, at a time when the regiment was in and out of the front line at Etrun, France.

Two post cards were received back home. One was to Clarice from her father, reading:

"Dear daughter, I received your card and was glad to hear from you & glad you are at head of class to so smart. I am getting on fine & am well. Hope you are the same. From your father."

The other card was from a French woman in Pas-de-Calais, named Estelle Villers, which was sent to Clarice in January 1917, reading:

"For many days we had the pleasure at night to have your father among us, to have many enjoyable nights together because your father is good and cheerful and he made us really laugh. We really hoped that he could stay with us until he returns to you. I send a kiss to you Dear Clarice from your father and to the little ones...".

April 9th, 1917, was the start of the 4th CMR's action in the Battle for Vimy Ridge, and sadly, aged 41 years, Napolean was one of the many lost that day, "Killed in action" in an attack south of Souchez (NW of Vimy).

Private Napolean Paul lies at rest in Thelus Military Cemetery, located near the village of Thelus, France.

Biography credit with thanks to Linda Heffernan.

Image supplied by Linda Heffernan, with source and credit to Veterans Affairs Canada and their Canadian Virtual War Memorial.