727325 Pte. Edwin Payne was born in Surrey, England, on May 23rd, 1895, the youngest of six children born to Thomas and Alice Payne.

When he emigrated to Ontario, Edwin lived with his uncle, John Illman, worked as a farm labourer and learned to be a fireman.

Attesting into the 110th Battalion on December 29th, 1915, in Stratford, Ontario, Edwin later found himself transferred into the 4th CMR on April 22nd, 1917.

It was during a baseball game behind the lines on May 26th, 1917, that fellow Pte. Clarence McCabe picked up a "blind" (dud) shell, which subsequently went off.

The blast killed McCabe and 8 other men. 10 more were wounded. Edwin Payne, who was initially wounded, died later on June 18th, 1917, in hospital in Etaples.

Edwin is consequently buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, and is one of 14 men of the 4th CMR known to lie at rest there.

Pictures and biography with thanks to Glenn Mealey.