158174 Pte. Andrew Royston Rodger

Regina Trench Cemetery


Near Courcelette


Born in Fairlie, Scotland, in May 1897, Andrew signed on in September 1915, in Toronto.

A labourer by trade, with previous military experience in the Governor General's Body Guard (G.G.B.G.), Andrew originally attested into the 81st Battalion, on September 17th, 1915.

390 men of the 81st Battalion were transferred to the 4th CMR, mainly in June and July, 1916, after the 4th CMR's losses at the "Battle for Mount Sorrel" on June 2nd. Andrew joined the 4th CMR in the field on June 7th, 1916.

At the time of Andrew's loss, on October 1st, 1916, the 4th CMR was involved in costly actions attacking Regina Trench, in which some 70 of its men were lost as a result of that one day alone.

It was reported that, employed as a runner, Andrew was carrying messages to the front line, which was under heavy bombardment. Wounded at the front, he was making his way back to the dressing station, but never reached it.

Pte. Andrew Rodger is one of 15 men of the 4th CMR who are known to lie at rest in the Regina Trench Military Cemetery, Grandcourt, France.

Headstone image, thanks to Gord McKeekan, and biography excerpt courtesy of David Kavanagh.