Panels 30 & 32, Menin Gate Memorial, Ieper town, Belgium

All of the men serving in Candanian Mounted Rifles regiments (i.e., 1st CMR, 2nd CMR, 4th CMR and 5th CMR) who were lost in the defence of Ypres, and who have no known grave, were listed together on the Menin Gate, under "Canadian Mounted Rifles", without specific regimental differentiation.

Names were placed on the two lower tablets on the rightmost column of Panel 30, and across 5 columns of tablets on Panel 32.

Below is a complete listing of all 4th CMR men included on Panels 30 & 32. With each name is a link to an image of their inscription on the appropriate memorial wall tablet. Names highlighted in blue denote those 4th CMR men who have had biographies posted on this website, as submitted by relatives or researchers.

Please click on the highlighted names to read their biographies, or the tablet letter to see the specific Menin Gate panel that their name appears on.

All images here were supplied by, with due acknowledgement to Ieper town and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Menin Gate - Panels 30 and 32 - alphabetically by name
Name Panel / Tablet Name Panel / Tablet
Allan G T32 HMacFarlane E A / McFarlane32 K
Allen L32 HMalcolm C S32 R
Anderson D32 PManson D32 H
Angel M R32 PMcAlpine A32 K
Ashdown A H32 PMcCluskey W S32 P
Attwood M A32 PMcIntosh H32 R
Ball C32 PMcKenzie W C32 R
Barter F C32 HMcKenzie A32 H
Battin P G32 PMcKessock W J32 R
Beasley A32 PMcLarnon W32 R
Beck T32 BMcLellan J L32 R
Belaire I32 BMcLeod J A32 P
Black A32 BMcMilland D T32 R
Blake L32 BMcMullon J H32 P
Blayney J T32 BMcNair W C32 R
Bolingbroke C32 BMcVittie J32 D
Boreham R H32 BMesick A . E. (Martin H.)32 D
Bourne H H30 WMitchell J32 D
Bradley I32 JMombourquette H A32 L
Breen M W32 JMorrisey G30 W
Brooks T32 JMossman D W32 L
Brown A E32 JMuirhead W R30 W
Bruce F32 JNewell W H32 L
Buie H32 ANorman C F32 L
Bullock W32 JO'Kane D32 L
Cain G W32 JOlliver H32 L
Carfrae F32 JOpenshaw F32 L
Carr O H32 QOrrett A A32 L
Carten J F32 QOuderkirk C32 L
Clark W T32 HPanacewich V32 S
Clarke L E30 TPartridge G H32 S
Coates G H E32 QPeaker C H30 W
Coleman A32 APearce E A32 P
Collyer C H32 APerry T32 S
Cooper G32 QPerry T L32 S
Cooper G K32 QPeters S32 S
Corbett J F32 QPhilps E W32 S
Cottrell W E D32 APickering H V30 W
Couture J32 BPingle O W32 S
Cox N32 BPinkerton I A32 S
Cragg R A32 BPirrie J M32 S
Cuffe T L32 BPotvin A32 S
Cuppage A J32 BPowys B C32 H
Dalzell A32 HPratt F32 H
Dark C32 BRae D32 S
Davis G J32 ARae G32 S
Davis P32 JRatcliffe G A32 D
Dean T32 JRaynor G T32 D
Defoe W A32 JRedfern F W32 D
Dennington E32 JReid C B32 D
Denyes L G32 JReid D H32 D
Devlin H J32 JReid G32 D
Dixon G32 JRiddell R32 D
Dolan J F32 JRobinson R S32 D
Douglas E32 JRobinson S32 D
Douglas G32 JRudd J A32 L
Dube J A32 JRussell W T32 L
Easton J32 JSammon F J32 L
Eaton J30 TScott H A30 T
Edmunds H J32 HSeguin D L32 L
Ellis J32 JShepherd E C30 W
Evans R F32 JSheridan B32 P
Fairway H W32 QShorey R32 L
Ferry H T32 QSims C D30 W
Flinn J A32 QSmith A 83818332 L
Forbes W G32 QSmith F A32 S
Forsdike F32 HSmith H32 S
Forsey G E32 QSmith R B32 S
Fox A S32 QSmith R G32 S
Frood C B32 QSmith R J32 S
Fulton G W32 QSmith S32 S
Galbraith C W32 QSmoker W32 S
Galvin F L32 CSmyth C W R32 H
Gardner H L32 CSmyth S R32 S
Geary W32 CSomerville N F32 S
Gibson A32 CSpencer G E32 S
Giddye W C32 CStamp H T J32 S
Glennie W J S32 CStanley F32 S
Goudie J A32 CStead T R32 S
Gould H J32 CStewart L32 S
Gray D B32 KStirling R M32 H
Green H A32 KSutton L C L32 H
Green V32 ASutton E W32 E
Hair D32 KSwardfager F32 E
Hall J A32 HSweet H32 E
Hart J32 KSymons J H30 W
Hartwick J32 KTait R W H32 E
Hatch J E32 KTaylor J S32 E
Hathaway J32 KTaylor L R32 E
Haworth J A32 KTaylor W A32 E
Henderson J R32 KThompson A F32 E
Hennessy G32 KThompson E32 E
Henry M G32 KThompson J32 M
Hickey W32 HTink S32 M
Hillier G H32 RToohmey W J32 H
Hiltz D J32 RTracey S J B32 M
Hogg E32 RTurner G R32 M
Hopkins W J32 RTurner R 40145132 M
Hunt P32 AUglow H W30 W
Irwin R32 RUrquhart R J32 M
James D32 RWadham E32 M
Johnson W H32 CWainman C E32 M
Keith P C32 CWakefield H32 M
Kemp E H32 AWalker F32 E
Kennedy J R32 CWard D J32 E
Kimpston A32 CWard J E32 E
Lackey E W32 CWarren J E32 E
Lammon A G32 KWebb C32 E
Lamont J W32 PWebber G32 E
Langdon J A32 KWilkinson W L32 M
Langridge W32 AWilliams W D32 M
Ledingham J M32 KWillis H A32 M
Lee J32 KWood E32 M
Lemon J32 KWood R C32 H
Lewis F H32 KWooding R32 H
Long H O32 KWoods A C32 M
Longmoor S H32 AWoolley C T32 M
MacDonald A T32 AWright H N32 M