916141 L/Cpl. Harry Boyd Branscombe Q.C. was born in Hastings County, Ontario, on April 12th, 1896.

Enlisting into the 198th (Canadian Buffs) Battalion in Toronto on February 28th, 1916, Harry was transferred with 11 other 198th men into the 4th CMR on March 29th, 1918 and joined them in the field on March 30th.

Serving during some of the most challenging and changeable times of the War, Harry survived and was discharged in Toronto on March 13th, 1919.

Shortly after he studied law at Osgoode Hall, Toronto and practised law as QC (Queen's Counsel) in that city all his working life.

Harry subsequently married Vivienne St. George in May 1924, and passed on in June 1966. He was survived by his only son, Paul Boyd Branscombe, who is married to Patricia (nee Walstab), and lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Image and biography details courtesy of Paul Branscombe.