171254 Sgt Mosley Somerville Chapman was born in Clarkson, Ontario, on 29th September 1896.

Mosley, a Police Constable, no. 276 of the Toronto Police Force, was a single young man with family in Uxbridge, Ontario, and lived at 154 Crawford St, Unit 1, Toronto.

On 10th August 1915, Constable Chapman enlisted with the 83rd Battalion (Queen's Own Rifles), in Toronto. He sailed to England on the SS Olympic for further training, and was transferred to the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles on 7th June 1916 as part of the reinforcements needed to rebuild the regiment after its huge losses on the 2nd in the 'Battle for Mount Sorrel.'

On 13th September 1916, with the 4th CMR holding the line at Mouquet Farm, near Pozièrs, in France, during the Somme offensive, Mosley was shot in the thigh, and evacuated. He endured numerous operations over the following months and his wounds became septic. On 19th March 1917, amputation was performed as a last resort. Sadly Mosley ultimately died of his wounds on Sunday, April 1st 1917, at Kitchener Hospital in Brighton, England.

Sgt Mosley Somerville Chapman lies at rest in Brighton City (Bear Road) Cemetery, Sussex, England.

Biography credit: Matthew Scarlino.

Image credit: National Album of Canadian Heroes, published in 1919 by the National Progress Publishing Company.