Lt. Gerald Baylis Dixon, MM was born on September 9th, 1895, in Torquay, England, to William and Grace Dixon.

Both Gerald and older brother Thomas were educated at Berkhamsted Grammar School, which was a private boarding school in Hertfordshire, England, at the time.

In 1903 Gerald, aged 18 years, and Thomas, aged 20 years, emigrated to Canada, settling into Toronto. A later news story in the Toronto Star, which was reporting on Thomas' death said -"Both boys were born in Devonshire England, but came to Canada in their early youth, when they were adopted by Mr. and Mrs F. Whadcoat Baylis of 143 Major Street, Toronto". It is clear that some records show Thomas and Gerald incorporating the family name Baylis in their own names.

When war was declared, both Gerald, now 20, and Thomas, aged 22 years, enlisted together on February 11th, 1915, attesting into the 4th CMR.

The brothers served together and in surviving the horrendous June 2nd, 1916, Battle for Mount Sorrel, both were commissioned in the field for their bravery for collecting intelligence on opposition movements, and attained the rank of Lieutenant. Additionally both were awarded the Military Medal for their bravery.

Gerald was struck off strength with the regiment on October 5th, 1916

Biography excerpts raised by from brother Thomas' record, as provided with great thanks by John Cannon.