Frederick Jones

111565 Pte. Frederick Jones was born in December, 1885, in Batchewana, Ontario, and was the eldest son of Peter Jones and his wife, Marie Cadreau.

Frederick was a sailor on the Great Lakes in March, 1915, when he enlisted as a Private, #111565, in the 6th CMR, in Kingston, Ontario.

Travelling overseas on the 17th of July, 1915, and on to France in October, Frederick was amongst 175 men of the 6th CMR to be transferred to the 4th CMR in the first week January, 1916.

Wounded at Ypres on April 7th, 1916, and again at Passchendaele in October, 1917, Frederick was subsequently deemed unfit for front line duty and spent the remainder of the war attached to Canadian H.Q. in Witley.

Returning home on August 9th, 1919, aboard the H.M.T. 'Coronia', Frederick remained in Canada until he passed away in March 1968.

Thanks and credit to David Jones, son of Frederick, for the picture and the biography.