838982 Pte. Charles Murray McClure was born in Williamsford, Ontario, in April 1897, and attested in to the 147th Battalion, the Grey and Simcoe Foresters, at Owen Sound in March, 1916.

At the time of attesting, Charles was listed as a farmer, was unmarried and had seen no previous military service.

One of a total of 354 men from the 147th Battalion, brought in as reinforcements for the 4th CMR, Charles was one of six men from the 147th who were signed to the 4th CMR on April 21st, 1917.

The 4th CMR were engaged in actions on the Avion - Mericourt - Acheville line on April 21st, so it is highly probable that Charles and his fellows were into the thick of it from that night onwards.

The following days, weeks and months saw great action on the part of the 4th CMR in the battles for Vimy, and there is no doubt that Charles served in and was integral to the actions there.

Charles was one of two 4th CMR men to die on November 17th, 1918, six days after the ceasation of hostilities. He is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery.

It is not known when Charles was injured, but it is noted that it could have been due to wounds sustained through "friendly fire" received from the 1st CMR in a nasty mix-up on November 1st, or through various attacks the 4th CMR were involved in or subject to right up to the last days.

Equally, he could easily have been wounded a year before and subsequently succumbed. There is no way of telling until his medical records are pulled. Further details will be supplied when that research has been completed.

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Credit for the biography and photograph goes to Michael McClure.