109503 Pte. Edward Clarence Morgan

Sanctuary Wood Cemetery



Born in Cookstown, Ontario, in December 1894, Edward signed on in May 1915.

Son of a Methodist Minister and having gained 1 year of prior military experience in the C.O.T.C., Edward was a student when he attested into the 4th CMR on May 26th, 1915

At the time of his loss, on June 2nd, 1916, the 4th CMR was in the front line, in trenches 47 to 52, in front of Armagh Wood, near Ypres, when the enemy open up with an unprecedented barrage of steel and explosives which pinned down, cut-off and all but annihilated the 4th CMR that morning.

When the shelling had stopped, when three mines had been sprung under what was left of their front line, and when the following attack by enemy foot soldiers was over, Edward was dead, but unlike most, his body was subsequently recovered for burial.

Pte. Edward Clarence Morgan is one of four men of the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles known to lie at rest in Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, near Ieper.

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Biography excerpt courtesy of Mike Kavanagh, headstone image courtesy of 4cmr.com