109537 Pte. Charles Parkes was born in Keithley, Yorkshire, England in September, 1896.

Having emigrated to Canada with his family, Charles, living in Toronto, served with the 9th Mississauga Horse militia and when the call came he lied about his age "adding two years" to enlist in the CEF, on November 10th, 1914.

Transferred into the 4th CMR in January 1915, Charles served through and survived some of the 4th CMR's darkest hours, and on September 4th, 1917, attached to "C" company, Charles was in action in the Brick Fields of La Chaudiere, near Vimy Village.

At midnight on the 4th, a mustard gas attack was launched against the 4th CMR, leaving 100 gassed and 10 dead. Sustaining gassing injuries, Charles was Struck off Strength on September 30, 1917.

Returning to Canada, Charles later succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis and died in October, 1927. He lies at rest in Prospect Cemetary, Toronto.

Biography and picture credit: Garth Wetherall

An interesting fact to note is that Charles was actually the first man to sign up into the original contingent that became the 4th CMR.