669834 Pte. Stanley Robb

Tyne Cot Cemetery



Born in York County, Ontario, in January 1886, Stanley signed on in February 1916, in Toronto.

A resident of Edgley, Ontario, and carpenter by trade when he attested into the 166th (Queen's Own Rifles of Canada) Battalion, on February 22nd, 1916, Stanley was subsequently assigned to the 83rd (Queen's Own Rifles) Battalion.

241 men of the 83rd Battalion were transferred to the 4th CMR mainly in June and July 1916. Stanley joined the 4th CMR in the field on July 29th, 1916.

At the time of Stanley's loss, on October 26th, 1917, the 4th CMR was engaged in the first day of action at Passchendaele, which saw 94 men of the 4th CMR lost on that one day alone.

It wa sreported that at about 9am, on the 26th, during the push on Passchendaele, Stanley was shot in the head by a sniper. He died a few minutes later.

Pte. Stanley Robb is one of 12 men of the 4th CMR known to lie at rest in Tyne Cot Cemetery, near Zonnebeke, 10km north-east of Ieper.

Biography excerpt courtesy of Mike Kavanagh, headstone image courtesy of 4cmr.com