636306 Pte. Harry Thomas John Rowe

Shorncliffe Military Cemetery



Born in Wilberforce, Haliburton County, Ontario, in April 1895, and aged just 17, Harry signed on where he was resident, in Belleville, Ontario, on January 12th, 1916.

An inspector and cigar maker by trade, Andrew originally attested into the 155th (Quinte) Battalion, which supplied 95 men to the 4th CMR in November and December, 1916.

With the 4th CMR out of the line at the time of Andrew's loss, it is not yet know where and when he was wounded, save it to say that there clearly had been time between his wounding and his subsequent passing to move him to a hospital in England, where he died on December 15th, 1917.

Pte. Harry Rowe is one of three men of the 4th CMR who lie at rest in Shorncliffe Military Cemetery, near Folkstone, England.

Headstone image with thanks to Chris Henzler. Biography excerpt courtesy of 4cmr.com