113573 Pte. Vivian ("Viv") Edward Steers was born in Christiana, Jamaica, on May 7th, 1894. He was the fourth son born to George Philip Steers and his wife Lila Rosa Crawford.

In May 1914, Viv and his sister Nellie left Jamaica and joined their brothers David and Percival Steers in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Percival signed up for the war effort on February 13th, 1915, in Toronto, but died of meningitis on April 5th, 1915. Viv, a "dark skinned Jamaican", enlisted June 22nd, 1915. He was originally assigned to the 8th CMR as a cook and embarked for Europe from Montreal on board SS Missanabie October 8th, 1915.

His first few months in Europe were spent at Bramshott Camp in England. At the end of January 1916, Viv was taken on strength with the 4th CMR and went into the field. During the "Battle of Mount Sorrel" on June 2nd, 1916, Viv was one of the approximately 100 men from 4th CMR taken prisoner of war.

Viv was held at camps in Dulmen, Minden and Munster before being repatriated to England on December 5th, 1918. He returned to Canada on May 11th, 1919.

In July 1928, Vivian Edward Steers married Mabel Jean Thompson in Toronto. They had one daughter, Jean Elizabeth.

Viv, Mabel and young Jean spent a number of years in Jamaica during the 1930's. Upon their return to Canada, they made their home in Toronto before relocating to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Viv worked as a welder and engineer.

Viv's wife, Mabel, passed away in 1968. Vivian Edward Steers died of heart disease in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on July 22nd, 1981, at the age of 87.

Contributed by Donna Gagnon, great niece of Mabel Jean Thompson, Vivian Edward Steers' wife; who fondly remembers being given silver dollars by her Uncle Viv.