835808 Pte. William Henry Teal was born on December 23rd, 1896, in Hinchinbrooke, Ontario.

The son of Millo Teal of Parham, Ontario, William was a farmer by trade when he attested into the 146th (Frontenac) Battalion on March 18th, 1916, in Parham.

The 146th BN supplied 276 men to the 4th CMR through the course of 1916, and it was on November 3rd, 1916, that William joined them in the field at Etrun, France, as the regiment rotated in and out of the front line there during November and December.

April 9th was the start of the 4th CMR's action in the Battle for Vimy Ridge, and sadly, William was one of the many lost that day.

Private William Henry Teal lies at rest in Thelus Military Cemetery, located near the village of Thelus, France.

Biography credit with thanks to Linda Heffernan.

Image supplied by Linda Heffernan, with source and credit to J Stephen 2010.