637161 Pte. John Henry Jones was brought to Canada by Marchmont Homes as a part of the British Home Child migration scheme that provided Canadian households with indentured servants.

Born on October 4th, 1895, in England, John came to Canada at the age of nine aboard the Allan Lines' Virginian with 90 other children, leaving Liverpool on June 4th, 1905, bound for St. John, NB.

John served as a Domestic Servant in the household of Ellen and Charles Weese in Thurlow, Ontario. His occupation was listed as a Farm Hand on the 1911 Canadian Census.

Enlisted into the 155th (Quinte) Battalion, in Trenton, Ontario, on May 27th, 1916, John's trade was listed as farmer by this time and his Next of Kin was noted as his friend, Arthur McFarland in Shannonville, Ontario - however later notifications were redirected to Marchmont Homes.

John's attestation papers show a long list of physical distinctive marks including a long list of scars. John's ears had been deformed by Frost Bite.

With the 4th CMR having played their significant part in the attack on Vimy Ridge, on April 9th and 10th, 1917, it was during the consolidating action to "dislodge the enemy" from Petit Vimy, that one officer and seven men were killed, with a further twenty wounded. Alas, John was one of those seven killed during that attack.

Pte. John Henry Jones lies at rest at La Chaudiere Military Cemetery, Vimy; one of 13 men of the 4th CMR known to do so.

Many thanks to Art Hubbs for representing John Jones,

and to Jenn Layne and the British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association for the above biography.

Additional final action details courtesy of 4cmr.com