916265 Pte. Robert Lomax was born on January 13th, 1894, in Patricroft, Lancashire, England, one of several children born to John Henry Lomax and Eleanor Lomax (née Rennion).

Robert worked as a moulder and then immigrated to Toronto, Canada. On March 11th, 1916, he attested to the 198th (Canadian Buffs) Battalion, in Toronto. His older brother, 916491, Pte. John "Jack" Lomax (born in Winton, Lancashire, England, in August 1887), joined a few days later. They served together throughout their training and the war.

On March 26th, 1918, they were transferred to the 4th CMR together. Overseas both men were signalers, as noted in their military papers, and both were reported to have suffered exposure to gas. The brothers were discharged on March 20th, 1919, following a march by the 4th CMR through downtown Toronto to the armouries.

Robert Lomax married Beatrice Lomax (née Smith) after the war and they had two children, John and Susan. John married Ella Lomax (née Buchanan). John had a son Robert (Bob) and was the step-father for Margaret, who was Ella's daughter from her first marriage. Susan married Orest Chemerys and they had a son, Joseph, who had a son, Joel.

After the war Robert worked in a number of jobs. He was a bricklayer and also a baker for the T. Eaton Company. He worked for the City of Toronto as a driver for the Welfare Department until he passed away in February 1962. Like his brother, Robert was a very good golfer. He and his wife lie at rest in Prospect Cemetery in Toronto.

Biography and image credit to Bob Lomax, Pte. Robert Lomax's grandson, with thanks.