In Memoriam

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'G'    -    Gagne  to  Guy

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
648338PteJoseph Gagne
835502 Pte Arthur Raymond Galbraith Michael Akay British Columbia
838889 Pte Charles Wilmer Galbraith Bradley Cuzen BC, Canada
George Auer Ontario, Canada
838803 Pte James Russell Galbraith, MM Bradley Cuzen BC, Canada
George Auer Ontario, Canada
Capt.Becker Robert Gale
111184 Pte Ralph Clement Gale Ian Baird Canada
159677PteWilliam George Gale
171302CplWilliam George Galiegue
158592PteCharles Benedict Gallagher
1003591PteEugene Gallipeau
111553PteDaniel Gallivan
838891 Pte Francis Leo Galvin George Auer Ontario, Canada
2304474PteThomas Galvin
LtEdward Gamble
113231PteGeorge Garbutt, MM
3038967PteJohn James Gardhouse
838078 Pte Stanley Hall Gardhouse George Auer Ontario
3108144 Pte Louis Gardiner Edward Gardiner Canada
113234PteHerbert Llewellyn Gardner
157582SgtRobert Aken Garlick
201593 Sgt William Walker Garlick Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
111186PteOtto Raymond Garrison
285171PteJoseph Elmer Garrow
Lt John Ure Garrow Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
109348SgtWilliam Rawson Gash
663511PteThomas Gatehouse
727105PteThomas Ferby Gatenby
109126 Pte Norman Albert Gates Gretel I. Watts
(nee Gates, daughter)
Duncan, B.C.
727194PteLeo Joseph Gatschene
3234844PteAdrien Gaudette
839100 Pte Errol Francis Gaudin George Auer Ontario
727221PteJoseph Gaudsil
171466PteAndrew Gauld
113238PteJohn Daniel Glendone Gaw
838512 Pte Joseph Andrew Gawley George Auer Ontario
113239PteAlfred Gawn
109127PteGordon Thomas Gayford
159519SgtWilliam Gaynor
2498832PteGeorge Gazley
113240PteWilliam Henry Geake
636047PteHarold Herbert Louis Geary
111189PteWilliam Geary
157584PteGeorge Geddes
838079 Pte James Clyde Geddes George Auer Ontario
3107878PteEdgar George
109349PteThomas James George
3108149 Pte William Joseph Gereghty Brandi Butts British Columbia
727004 Pte Frank Stewart Gerry Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
113242PteCyril Gervais
109350 Pte Gordon McIntyre Gibb, MM Lori Gibb Coverdale Ontario
1066108 Pte Garfield Gibbons George Auer Ontario
838645 Pte William Henry Gibbons George Auer Ontario
678583PteAlbert Gibson
113245LCplAlbert Wilson Gibson
158088PteThomas Gibson
868430PteWilliam George Gibson
835721PteWilliam Charles Giddye
240100PteJohn Daniel Giebner
109351PteJohn Kenneth Gifford
2438312PteArchibald Gilbert
835380 Pte Morley Rex Gilbert Bryan Joyce Ontario
111193CplJames Perley Gilby
158095PteSamuel Gilchrist
111194CplWilliam Gilchrist
158091PteErnest Norman Giles
2263LtGeorge Reid Giles
3040463PteJoseph Albert Giles
401493PteThomas Giles
633957 Sgt Albert Edward Gill Bruce Gill Ontario
113247 Pte Thomas Gill Jim Gill & The Matrix Project Canada
109352SgtThomas Henry Gill
679079PteWilliam Edward Gill
159520PteJames Gillam
838973 Sgt John Gillesby George Auer Ontario
838598 Pte Albert Oscar Gillespie George Auer Ontario
157585PteEdward Gillespie
838080 Cpl Gilbert Reginald Gilmore George Auer Ontario
109128SgtHarold Walker Gilmore
634080PteFrank Gilmour
3036238PteLeland Donald Ginger
3038811PteGeorge Gingras
157132PteErnest Ginn
838081 Pte Ennis Daniel Girling George Auer Ontario
3320087PteOmer Giroux
835941PteGeorge Girvin
3035631PteWilliam Earl Gives
835029 Sgt Cyril Albert Glass, MM Stan Glass Ontario
201376PteRichard George Glazier
727355PteJames Leo Gleason
2334309PteJohn Pringle Glendinning
835743PteEdward Glenn
109353 Pte William John Souter Glennie Andy Cundell England
171773PteAlfred Glenny
109354SgtRoy Thomas Glew
3231135PteStephen Gloster
285154PteRoy Everett Glover
109355PteCharles Herbert Goad
3036471PteWilliam Joshua Goar
3038398PteWilfred Daniel Goddard
838284SgtJohn Godden
172411PteCharles Reginald Godfrey
113248PteHunter Godfrey
838284 Sgt John Godden George Auer Ontario
172411PteCharles Reginald Godfrey
113248PteHunter Godfrey
648362PteThomas Godin
838714 Cpl Eby Goheen George Auer Ontario
109356PteMax Goldberg
3038123PteHarry Goldstein
109357SgtJock /Jack/ Goldstein
649321PteRichard David Goldsworthy
159011PteRobert John Sabine Good
111618PteDavid Taylor Goodall
835711PteEugene Goodberry
109129PteArchibald James Goodbody
3035985PteGordon Roy Goodbrand
109359C.S.M.William Richard Goodchild
CaptLyman Edward Gooderham
751175SgtCharles Henry Gooding
159522PteDavid Henry Goodson
3040075PteAlbert Ernest Goodwin
111555PteGeorge Keith Goodwin
636556SgtGeorge William Goodwin
113250SgtWilliam Dickson Goold
637024 Pte Alfred Gordon Carol Lylyk Calgary
David Kavanagh UK
3036676PteDavid Adam Gordon
1027403PteHenry Gordon
Major Harry Duncan Lockhart Gordon Pete Maxfield England
113251CplHenry Gray Gordon
159613PteJohn Gordon, MM
113252PteJames Gordon
213869SgtJohn Gordon
669163LCplJohn Reginald Gordon
401153PteWilliam Ellwood Gordon
158593A.CplWilliam Francis Jarvis Gordon
3107496PteRobert Gore
669542SgtFrancis James Gorman
649454PteWilliam John Gorman
727749PteHarold John Gorvett
835772SgtHerbert James Goslin
3107490PteJoseph Gosselin
109358PteJames Alexander Goudie
158584 Pte Bertie Gough Matthew Mengia Canada
158086PteIrvin Willoughby Gough
111200PteNorman Harold Gough
802938PteWilliam Henry Gough
1006598PteAlexander Goulais
3036004PteCharles Robert Gould
636277PteGeorge Arthur Gould
111201PteHarry Joseph Gould
838615 LCpl James Alexander Gould George Auer Ontario
491193PteThomas Gouldsbrough
3040579PteAlfred Henry Goult
202136PteCharles Gow
835171 Pte Robert Wellington Gowdy Kirk Gowdy Ontario
3039728 Pte George Henry Gowland Kent Gowland Ontario, Canada
158588PteWilliam Henry Grady
3231132PteCharles Graham
657860PteGeorge Graham
868255PteHarold Graham
404846A.CplLeslie Philip Stanley Graham
1066158 Pte William Wallace Graham George Auer Ontario
431157PteWilliam George Gramson
3105283PteKarl Emil Granberg
3231473PteAlbert Grandmason
Capt.Fred Vining Granger
514373PteDavid Roy Grant
109360PteGeorge Grant
113258 Pte George Grant (George McLeod)
1066088 Pte George Francis Grant George Auer Ontario
109361PteJohn Clifford Grant
113260PtePercy Leroy Grant
113019PteHenry Gravelle
3030800PteClifford David Marion Graves
113261PteDavid Beatt Gray
727222PteFrederick Wellington Gray
157589PteWilliam Gray
2591070PteAlan Arthur Green
159579PteErnest Green
159695PteEdward James Green
113262CplEarl Warren Green
649388PteFrank Green
109362PteHenry Arthur Green
636686PteJacob Green
3232814PteSamuel Green
109363SgtVern Green
109130PteWilliam Rutledge Green
109724PteFrederick Greenfield
111208SgtWilliam Edward Greenough, MM
109364CplDavid Arthur Greenwood
3033165 Pte Ernest Greenwood Julia Greenwood England
835573PteCharles Adam Gregg
113264PteGarnet Field Gregory
157106PteSamuel Gregory
1066154 Pte William Blake Gregory George Auer Ontario
133269PteJoseph Grevy
1027683PteBenjamin Grey
111205PteKenneth Herbert Grey
113265PteAndrew Grieve
159624CplAlexander Grievy
159688LtAlbert Edward Griffin, DCM & MM
111209PteArnold Garfield Griffin
111210PteFred Loydal Griffin
648376 Pte George Fraser Griffin Bryan Joyce Ontario
3033803PteJohn Griffin
448904PteWilliam Griffin
113266PteWilliam Griffin
109131SgtWilliam George Griffin
113020C.Q.M.S.James Augustus Griffiths
802272PteJack George Griffiths
727030PteRalph Roland Griffiths
400879PteHugh Biddlecombe Grigg
109132PteJohn Ashdown Griggs
172182PteFrederick George Grigsby
159092PteFrederick Emile Grimble
112226PteCharles Wilfred George Grimmer
111211 C.Q.M.S. Harold Mackie Grimmer Janet (Beattie) Harris Ottawa, Canada
Alexander Davidson Harris Ottawa, Canada
Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
201174PtePatrick Grogan
50728PteJohn Groggin
3106808PteRaymon Alphonse Groulx
513917PteGeorge Grover
172188PteThomas Henry Groves
109365C.Q.M.S.Robert James Growcock, MSM
1066061 Pte George Godard Grummett Wilbert O. Grummett Canada
636086PteAlbert Guay
113269PteTrefflie Joseph Guay
835819LCplAntoine Toney Guigue
850917 Pte Walter Stuart Gull George Auer Ontario
225421PteJohn Gullans
LtJohn Reginald Gundy
2011114PteAlbert Vincent Gunning
636913PteJoseph Allen Gonyea
(Served as Gunyou)
649375PteWilliam Henry Guppy
3310325PteHarry Gurman
109366SgtErnest Charles Gurnett, MM
109367A.C.Q.M.S.Leslie Frank Gurney
159078PteCharles Daniel Guy