In Memoriam

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'A'    -    Abbey  to  Ayling

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
Lt Edwin Austin Abbey Sue Sullivan England
Edwin Austin Arnold USA
David Austin Arnold USA
Michael Austin Arnold USA
Rick Closson USA
David Kavanagh UK
158503PteErnest McKay Abbey, MM
109187CplRobert Abbey
404980PteFrank Abbiss
109188S.S.M.Albert James Abbott
3107162PteCharles Draper Abbott
158512CplJames Abbs
109189PteThomas Abercrombie
1003888PteJames Sanderson Abernethy
109190PteRichard Abrahart
105322PtePeter Abramovitch
670071SgtNorman Henry Acheson
838233 Pte James Elmer Acton George Auer Ontario
727550CplHerbert Matthew Adair
727760PteJohn Wesley Adair
401741PteRobert Adair
839008 Cpl Walter Irwin Adair George Auer Ontario
602361PteCharles Robert Adams
835314 Pte Henry James Adams Eldon Adams Ontario
157511A.C.S.M.Joseph Henry Adams
649257PteNorman Adams
401555PteEdward Percy Adley
407786 Pte William Ager David Kavanagh UK
3040010PteCarmelo Agius
157529CplThomas Henry Agland
109191 Pte Jack Aicken Olivier Hancart France
838925 Pte Harry Floyd Ainsworth George Auer Ontario
Lt George James Aitkin Harry MacKendrick Alberta, Canada
3107416PteArthur Albert
299267PteJames Aldcroft
3036992PteLeon Benedict Alderman
171018PteWilliam Alderson
159736CplFrederick William Aldred
838003 Pte Robert Oliver Alexander Bill Alexander Canada
1066044 Pte William Arthur Alexander Bill Alexander Canada
LtThomas Henry Cooke Alison
3032065PteAlexander Rankin Allan
109192PteGeorge Taylor Allan
3036135PteWilliam Meikle Allan
844027PteJoseph Alldred
751666PteHarvey Musselman Allemang
1012646PteArthur Dean Allen
Lt Arthur Elliott Allen Harry MacKendrick Alberta, Canada
113054PteAlbert Victor Edward Allen
838633 A.Sgt Alfred Watson Allen Les Allen and Pat Currie Ontario
Sandi Jones Ontario
George Auer Ontario
172389 Pte Charles Norman Allen Terry House Wales
220302PteGerald Allen
401762 Cpl John Allen Joni Goss Ontario
Lt James Bedford Allen George Auer Ontario
113055 Pte Leonard Allen Paula Pocock Sussex, England
159020PteNorman Allen
109193PtePhilip Watlock Allen
111005PteThomas Wayne Allen
159602SgtUdney George Tomes Allen
838234 Pte Wesley Gordon Allen Les Allen Ontario
171272PteCharles Frederick Lewis Allin
3231065PteCecil Thorne Allin
109194PteFred Allum
835846PteElmer Lorne Alton
109195A.C.S.M.William Bertram Alton
727717SgtWilliam Henry Ament
400607PteForbes James Amos
109196LCplDavid Anderson
158032PteFrank Anderson
835473PteFrank James Anderson
3105714PteHarry Bernard Anderson
285520PteHorace Henry Anderson
838470 Pte Hugh Anderson George Auer Ontario
113057SgtJames Anderson
111006PteJames Andrew Anderson
648020PteJohn Anderson
510542PteJohn Anderson
654415PteJohn George Anderson
636921PteJohn Nathan Anderson
1003028PteJoseph Anderson
144212PteThomas Anderson
401760PteWilliam Anderson
835143 Pte Alexander Andrews Katelynn Andrews Ontario
835184 Pte Neil Andrews Katelynn Andrews Ontario
109197PtePercy Andrews
1006647PtePercival Hugh Andrews
109198PteRalph Harold Andrews
113060PteThomas Andrews
4100301PteWilliam John Andrews
113061PteManley Roy Angel
648025PteCampbell Angus
4562PteJames Ansett
3040260PteGustave Frederick Antler
757782PteErnest Owen Aplin
838005 Pte Henry Norman Aplin George Auer Ontario
3107793PtePete Appoloney
633767 Pte Victor Arbic Christine Arbic Canada
648031SgtFrederick Arbour, MM + Bar
648030PtePeter Arcand
109199PteGeorge Erskine Archer
226500PteIsaac Henry Archer
633516PteVernon David Archibald
4270LCplFrederick Inman Ardron
113062CplEdward Percy Arlington, MM
157048 Pte Andrew Ross Armitage Ruth Leach Canada
Kristin Ingram Canada
144128CplCharles Frederick Armour
3032944PteHarry Armstrong
111011PteHarry Armstrong
172095CplJames Gordon Armstrong
633826PteJohn Hardy Armstrong
109200S.Q.M.S.James Henry Armstrong
190359PteRobert Mark Armstrong
111012C.S.M.Roy Tennent Armstrong
835282PteThomas John Armstrong
201530PteWilliam Weaver Armstrong
159019 Pte Albert Ira Arnett Rod Cawthorne Canada
109201PteHarry Fergus Arno
109202 Pte Alfred Arnold Steve Arnold Ontario, Canada
201106PteAlbert Edward Arnold
109203PteBertram Arnold, MM
636779PteEzra Arnold
LtEdgar Martin Arnold
213319PteWilfred Arpan
109704PteAlbert Henry Ashdown
681209LCplThomas Ashley
835762PteWilliam Arthur Ashley
3040199PteJohn Lambert Ashman
400870PteAlfred Henry Ashton
109204LSgtJames Herbert Ashworth
158033A.SgtArthur William Askew
835622 Pte Shurley Asselstine Bryan Joyce Ontario
636551PteThomas Asselstine
406901PteAlbert Aston
159693 Pte Rowland Thomas Aston Karen Aston Ontario, Canada
Chris Aston Ontario, Canada
113064 Pte John Thomas Astridge David Kavanagh UK
401285PteClifford H Atchison
172417PteFrederick Atherley
158031PteBenjamin Atherton
109205PteFrank Atkins
113065PteWilliam Atkins
159571PteGeorge Watson Atkinson
3039250PteWilliam Marlow Atkinson
109206CplWilliam Atkinson
406903PteWilliam John Atkinson
406902PteMorley Abraham Attwood
491321PteGeorge Audaer
3030991PteOrval Leroy Augustine
113066PteFrank Lewis Austin
3039327PteVictor Frank Austin
113068PteWilliam Avon
669501PteNathan Charles Ayling