In Memoriam

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'B'    -    Babbitt  to  Bywater

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
3105313PteCharles Babbitt
636216PteHarry Earl Babcock
835597PteJames Allen Babcock
775436PteWilliam Alexander Babcock
835860PteWilliam James Babcock
111017PteJohn Batiste Babineau
4100116PteAnto Bacino
105447PteWasily Bacalez
633693PteArmand Bacon
171425PteArthur Henry Badger
3106739PteIsaac Bagley
401480PteHenry Warren Harry Bagnall
159021PteAnthony Mansfield Bailey
838479 Pte Mike Bailey George Auer Ontario
3039119PteRobert Vincent Bailey
648049 Pte Hugh Samson Baillie Jim Busby Winnipeg
109208PteBert Baker
835225PteEdward Millard Baker
3310323PteFrank Leroy Baker
158730PteJohn Frederick Baker
838235 Cpl John Wesley Baker George Auer Ontario
838483 Pte John Wesley Baker George Auer Ontario
690209PteWilliam Francis Baker
838239 Pte Wesley George Baker George Auer Ontario
1036620PteCharles Ernest Hugh Bakewell
602480SgtAlbert Edward Baldwin
111020 Pte Kennedy Gideon Francis Baldwin Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
109101 Pte Charles Ball David Archer Ontario
835588PteGerald Eli Ball
649336PteGeorge Herbert Ball
113071PteHerbert Miller Ball
835576PteJohn Leslie Ball
814696PteJohn Thomas Ball
3235634PteMorley Clifford Ball
1078755PteWilliam Ball
109209 Pte John Frederick Balmer David Kavanagh UK
491128PteGeorge Richard Balsden
637033PteJohn William Bamber
3231036PteHarry Banks
158544LCplJohn Robert Banks
3033825PteFrank Clayton Banner
3040183PteClarence Reginald Banning
3234687PteHugh Bannister
159031SgtWilfred James Barager
109210PteArthur Barber
838008 Pte Percy Barber Paul Barber Brantford, Ontario
George Auer Ontario
109211 LCpl Walter Barber Grandchildren Anne, Dorrie, Linda, Pat, Jill, Ted & Betsy Ontario
1066018 Pte Elgin Alexander Barclay George Auer Ontario
3033096PtePeter Martin Bardessono
636146 Pte Alexander Bardy Art Hubbs New York, USA
158042 Pte Thomas James Barefoot David Kavanagh UK
636541PteArthur Ernest Barker
835510PteHenry Ernest Barker
109102PteIsaac Edward Barker
113072PteJohn William Barley
113073PteSamuel James Barley
1004140PteHarrison Reginald Barnard
636541PteArthur Ernest Barker
835510PteHenry Ernest Barker
109102PteIsaac Edward Barker
113072PteJohn William Barley
113073PteSamuel James Barley
1004140PteHarrison Reginald Barnard
739078PteArthur "Ernest" Barnes
109212PteFrank Barnes
213995PteRufus King Barnes
928837PteJames Dean Barnet
727732PteDaniel Norman Barnhardt
3107430PteHarold Barnhart
159036SgtLouis William Barnhart
214020PteEdward Barr
838010 A.Sgt Albert Henry Barrett George Auer Ontario
838248 Pte Walter Gerald Barrett George Auer Ontario
109213PteNapoleon Bonoparte Barrington
113074PteCharles Barrow
1099139PteEdward Joseph Barry
113075 Pte James Barry David Kavanagh UK
431141 Cpl Felton Charles Barter Steve Lukinuk Victoria, BC
491163PteWilliam Bartlett
113076 Pte Albert Edward Bartley Art Hubbs New York, USA
LtHoward Rutledge Barton
491068 Pte Thomas Barton Jennifer Fraser Ontario
2591047PteAlfred Ernest Bartram
3039559PteWilliam Alfred Cady Barwell
171878PteSidney Ernest Percival Bassant
109103PteAlbert Henry Basterfield
159509PteHerbert Ernest Batch
273642PteAlexander Batchelor
404618PteGeorge Ashley Bateson
633880PtePeter Gregory Battin
3040120PteJohn Russell Carl Battley
285252PteJoseph Baxter
157052 Pte Thomas Errol Baycroft John Baycroft Ontario
158048PteHarry Bayliss
401550SgtLeonard Bayliss
3107169PteHerman Bazinet
113081 Pte Leonard Harold Beadle Art Hubbs New York, USA
214143 Pte Jabez Cockerton Beales Martin Beales Ontario
158536LtAlfred Bean MC
109214PteHarry Beardall
838014 Pte Walter James Beare George Auer Ontario
113082PteAlfred Beasley
835745PteReginald George Beasley, MM
838728 Pte Roy John Beaton George Auer Ontario
109215PteGeoffrey Francis Beaufort
3033223PtePeter Beaulieu
109216PteArthur Beaumont
172007 Cpl William Charles Beaven Margaret Brook Suffolk, England
112177CplCecil Clare Bechill
835506PteThomas Beck
157537PteCharles Herbert Beckett
113083PteGordon Beddie
109217PteCharles Arthur Beedell
113084 Pte Irving Belaire Chris Jones Edmonton, Alberta
Patricia Jones Ottawa, Ontario
766761 Pte Joseph Belanger Sheree Fordyce Ontario
3107421PteWilliam Francis Belanger
111029LCplElmer Albert Belding
111030 Pte John Joseph Belfontaine Chris Belfontaine Ontario
838485 Pte Amos William Bell George Auer Ontario
838884 Pte George Alexander Bell, DCM George Auer Ontario
401261 Pte Horace Edwin Bell Wayne Olsen Ontario
838236 Pte James Bell George Auer Ontario
838905 Pte John Clinton Bell George Auer Ontario
669617PteNorman Bell
171591 Pte Robert James Bell Michael Bell Canada
Sharon Hurst Canada
139511PteWilliam Bell
838015 Pte Frederick Hilton Bellamy George Auer Ontario
1004079PteThomas Bellehumeur
3107423PteRodolphe "Joseph" Bellemare
633381PteDonald Joseph Bellemere
213685PteHenry Israel Belshaw
3105647PteJohn Bender
214340PteTancrede Bengle
1063159PteAlfred Bennett
144846PteAlfred Leo Bennett
171280 Pte Fredrick Bennett Allan McAllister England
50514 Lt Harry Bennett Ron Stallard Cole Harbour,

Nova Scotia
3032641PteJohn Carlyle Bennett
835509PteGeorge Edward Benson
3040121PteNicholas Bent
111613PteAlexander Benzie
1004241PteJoseph Bernard
637180PteJoseph Edward Bernhardt
3039461PteWilliam Bernier
633071PteJohn Berry
3032287PteWilliam Thomas Berry
104153CplAlexander Bertnak
213438 Pte George Bertrand Pete Maxfield England
3037304PteJames Thomas Best
898030LCplRalph Herman Best
401722 Pte William Victor Besterd Patrick Maguire Ontario
Todd Smith Ontario
649221LCplHarold Bethune
835709PteGeorge Francis Beverley
406672A.CplWilliam Mason Bewley
835546PteJohn Napoleon Bey
514568PteCharles James Beyer
3231045PteNapoleon Bibeau
213682PteEdward Bickerton
109218PteJohn Gordon Bidwell
109219SgtFred Lefler Biggar
171405 C.S.M. Arthur George Biggs Barbara Cronk Eastbourne, UK
1045829PteElsworth Franklin Biggs
159741PteMatthew Harrison Biggs
157015 Pte Sidney Saville Biggs Patti Croft Ontario
171738SgtArthur George Bignell
109220PteHerbert Ingram Bilborough
159035PteStanford Billington
113089PteWilliam George Billington
835639LCplClaude Norman Bilton
Croix de Guerre
838054 Pte Laird Dowling Binns George Auer Ontario
491345PteFred Birch
171282PteReginald Ernest Birch
109221PteJoseph Birchell
636538PteFrank Bird
158538CplWilliam Birse
727093PteAlfred George Bishop
159660PteErnest Henry Bishop
Capt. Leonard Francis Bishop Art Hubbs New York, USA
Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
636494PteRobert William Bishop
171719 Sgt Charles William Bittle Geoff Clarke Toronto, Canada
3106984PteStanley Bizek
111540PteAlfred Black
113090 Lt Archie Black, MC Richard Black Texas, USA
3031386PteClyde Bernard Black
2590999PteGeorge Murdock Black
113091 Pte Francis Geo. Walter Blackbourn John Workman Ontario
491146PteAlbert Blackford
109222PteAllan Crawford Blair
158040SgtJames McLaren Blair
3107437PteJohn Nicholl Blair
835831PteArthur Albert Blake
LtHollis Hume Blake Croix de Guerre
113092PteHorace Blake
LtHorace Andrew Blake, MC
159770PteJohn Blake
113093PteLeonard Blake
835902PteNorman John Blakely
648076PteAmasias Blanchette
109104LCplNorman McTavish Blaney
157542PteRichard William Blaney
109223PteJohn Thomas Blayney
171432SgtRobert Blenkhorn
171433PteThomas Blenkhorn
109225PteJohn Blick
172472PteErnest William Blockley
400695PteCharles Blunt
109224PteSamuel David Blyth
835230LCplJames Edward Bocking
724671 Pte Thomas Henry Bocking Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
491095PteHarry Eugene Boden
727666PteWilliam Bodenham
491061SgtNorman Bohannan
1004163PteErnest Arthur Boice
109207PteJoseph Harold Bolan
109105PteAlbert Edward Bolingbroke
109226 Pte Charles Bolingbroke Art Hubbs New York, USA
727511PteGeorge Christian Bolster
109227PteHenry Richard Bolton
285128LCplCharles Clarence Gordon Bond
3040202PteLouis Frederick Bond
769555PteWilliam Henry Bond
636189PteDonald Bongard
159510 Sgt Henry John Bonham Linda Heffernan Ontario
113096CplPercy Cooper Bonner
835979PteRichard Frank Bonny
109228PteArthur Ray Book
109229PteDouglas Mornington Booth
150834A.SgtGeorge Thorne Booth
109106PteThomas Gordon Booth
111615PteWilliam Thomas Booth
111040 Sgt David Harold Borden James Carver Ontario
838029PteStanley David Border
404979 Pte Reginald Harold Boreham Art Hubbs New York, USA
113097PteCecil Borer
838478PteErnest Henry Bosley
3106795 Pte Adolph Bossart John Duncan Toronto, Ontario
LtAlexander Hewitt Bostock
838249 Pte William Arthur Bott George Auer Ontario
835891PteBenjamin Peter Botting
835218PteGeorge Botting
3033813PteDavid Michael Boucher
649101PteJoseph James Boudreau
838477 Pte William Bouglas George Auer Ontario
633314PteXavier Bourcier
LtHerbert Hallowell Bourne
648086PteLeo Bouzan
2003562PteEdward Bovay
838021PteLord George Bovingdon
109230PteHarry Bertram Bowbeer
401324SgtWilliam Edward Bowden
2591012PteClemenger Bowen
LtDaniel John Bowen
172119PteHenry Wilson Bower
2498308PteArthur Leslie Bowers
636768PteRaymond Bowers
201326CplSydney George Bowers
838709PteWilliam Franklin Bowers
838801 Pte James Noble Bowman Betty Forbes Scotland
Michael Bowman Scotland
633825PteWalter Harold Bowman
109231LCplWilliam John Bowtell
838022 LSgt Harry William Boyce George Auer Ontario
157051PteEdward Boyd
111046LCplFreeman Hartley Boyd
111047PteFrederick William Boyd, MM
109232LtMascall Brooks Hamilton Boyd
838824 Pte Stanley Allan Boyd George Auer Ontario
3036192PteJohn Boyer
3105988PteFrank Boyle
109233LCplHenry William Boys
109234PteWalter Bradbury
784029PteJoseph Bradd
113104PteIra Bradley
2498493PteJoseph Bradley
838023 Sgt Thomas Squire Bradley George Auer Ontario
3107078PteIra Bradshaw
3036842PteDavid Earl Brady
3031639PteJoseph Brain
109235 Pte Geoffrey Bertram Brake David Kavanagh UK
109236 Sgt Reginald Lawrence Brake David Kavanagh UK
928387PteWilliam Rodger Bramhill
213534CplDavid Brand
916141 LCpl Harry Boyd Branscombe Paul Branscombe Wellington, NZ
636364PteHugh Brant
636593LCplRandall Brant
171283PteEdward Charles Brash
109237PteThomas Bray
159024PteFelix Brazeau
109238PteThomas Brazier
112184PteWilliam Brazier
1066169 Pte Sandford Breadner George Auer Ontario
514093PteMilne Henry Breakwell
401215CplStanley Brebner
171883PteAlbert Theodore Breckell
430959PteFrederick William Breedon
109239 Pte Maurice William Breen Art Hubbs New York, USA
506082PteWaldo Judson Breen
648100PteMartin Vincent Brennan
513782PtePatrick Brennan
648003PteAlfred John Brennen
107126Capt.William Brett
1066078 Pte Wallace Balfour Brett Joe Datt Canada
George Auer Ontario
400779PteCharles B Brewer
3039622PteRichard Brickley
113107PteGerald Bridger
109240PteHenry Albert Bridges
111544PteGordon Henry Briggs
2517326PteHoward Albert Briggs
171744PteWalter Brimley
109241PteChristopher Frederick Brind
171884PteHubert Brine
3107133PteCarlin Lewis Brinkley
430047CplArthur Bristow
109107PteWilliam George Britton
3108081PteKenneth Cooke Broadhead
778703 Pte Alfred William Brock Nancy Truman Markham, Ontario
213056LCplFrank Dalton Brocklebank
633486PteArthur Edward Bromfield
302622PteFrederick Alexander Brooker
171435 Pte Albert Edwin Brookman David Kavanagh UK
109243PteCharles Augustus Brooks
285653PteFrederick Brooks
285053PteRobert George Brooks
838025 Pte Thomas Brooks George Auer Ontario
862744PteVictor Ormand Brooks
113112PteJohn Browing
141820LtAlasdair Norman Brown
3030315PteAlexander Gourlay Brown
838774 Pte Alfred Elias Brown George Auer Ontario
1036245PteArchibald Douglas Brown
159034PteArthur Brown
111054PteBliss Brown
285065PteCharles Brown
3033077PteCharles Arthur Brown
3039973PteClaude Otwell Brown
835205 Pte David Brown Chris Henzler London, UK
636176 Pte Edward Brown Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
3031783PteElgin Arthur Brown
3032947PteGeorge Brown
111055PteGeorge Edward Brown
157544PteGeorge Harold Brown
171436PteGordon Andrew Brown
838219 Pte Hector Campbell Brown George Auer Ontario
158017SgtHenry Elliot Brown
113108PteJack Mascall Brown
3039657PteJames Brown
171742PteJeffrey Charles Brown
158043PteJohn Brown
113109PteJohn Preston Brown
109108SgtLawrence Brown
3033598PteLawrence Read Brown
172466PteMartin Brown
213409PteNeil Davidson Brown
109242PtePercy Llewellyn Brown
159664PteSamuel David Brown
285642PteWilfred Brown
916588PteWilliam John Brown
172102PteWilliam John Brown
862073 Pte William Smith Brown Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
839087 LCpl William Stanley Brown The Royal Canadian Legion #6 Owen Sound, Ontario
George Auer Ontario
838895 Pte Willis Clark Brown George Auer Ontario
113113PteRobert Browning
111058PteFred Bruce
109244SgtGeorge Bruce
136199PteAlfred Victor Brunton
136315LCplGeorge Edward Brunton
138536PteGeorge William Brunton
835842PteCamille Brushie
109706PteEdward Bryan
838246 Pte Stanley Showell Bryans George Auer Ontario
113114PteEdward Bryant
109245PteFrederick Bryant
835771PteHerald Leander Bryant
172464PteThomas John Bryant
136316PteWallace Earl Bryant
111059PteAndrew Bryce
135652PteJames Robertson Bryson
3231254PteFrederick Charles Buchan
158049PteCharles Alexander Buchanan
838103 Pte Charles Isaac Buchanan George Auer Ontario
159726PteGeorge Buchanan
109246PteMarshall Hay Buchanan
136317PteEdward Joseph Buckby
135646 Cpl William Buckles Riley Buckles USA
172098PteCecil Albert Buckley
3035440PteC P Buckley
838948 LCpl Elgin Lancelot Buckley George Auer Ontario
1066103 Pte Harvey Cameron Buckley George Auer Ontario
3032628PteRoy Carlyle Buckley
835683SgtHugh Buie
111061LSgtJames Allison Bull
648120PteGeorge Edwin Bullick
113116PteVictor Arnold Bullied
405206PteWalter Bullock
109247 R.S.M. Reginald Bumpstead, MSM Garry Farmer Bolton, England
George Auer Ontario
109248 Capt. Leslie Bernard Bumstead, MC+Bar Garry Farmer Bolton, England
George Auer Ontario
Pete Maxfield England
109249SgtFrank Lewis Bunn
113118PteSamuel Ernest Burchill
3107190PteWilliam Burden
838948 Pte Clement Burdis George Auer Ontario
3039297PteCharles August Bureau
285660PteArthur Frank Burger
113119CplFrancis Edward Burgess
213450PteJohn Burke
113121PteWilliam J Burke
3037311PteElmer Stanley Burkitt
648996PteWalter Burling
172439 Pte Edward Weston Burnell Matthew Scarlino Canada
109701PteCharles William Burnes
400793PteWilliam Burnett
183020PteCharles Burns
136319 LCpl Edward Edwin Burns Ted Burns Ontario
136320PteHugh George Burns
113122PteRobert Burns
853618PteWilliam Edward Christopher Burns
111067SgtFrederick Whiteman Burpee
491276 Pte John James Burrow David Kavanagh UK
109250CplErnest George Burrows
214301 Pte William Burrows Chris Henzler London, UK
136201PteGeorge Edward Burt
109251SgtSydney Godwin Burton
109252PteCharles Henry Bush
3231110PteArchie Bushey
3231114PteRobert Bushey
285070SgtArthur Butcher
144683CplRobert Lyle Butcher
3037981PteStanley Ebenezer Butcher
157547PteArthur Ernest Butler
853280PteLance Butler MM
3032563PteMichael Joseph Butler
126361PtePercy Butler
727775PteVictor Butler
190343PteHarry Butlin (born Harrison Kurtz)
805404 Lt William George Butson David Kavanagh UK
Pete Maxfield England
838245 Pte Edward Butterfield George Auer Ontario
214022PteArchibald Butters
113123SgtRobert Smeaton Butters
109253PteWilliam Joseph Buttery
3037314PteClarence Edmund Button
285184PteEarl Byer
136202PteAlbert Byers
839104 Pte Joseph John Byers Theresa Krause Canada
109254A.CplMatthew Byrne
3232972PteCharles Bernard Byrnes
171286PteWilliam Edwin Bywater