In Memoriam

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'L'    -    La Pierre  to  Lyons

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
3108040PteEmery Labine
634133PteWilliam La Bounty
157615PteEmerson William Lackey
3231003 Pte Peter Lacroix Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
633107PteCharles Lafave
634057PteFrank Laflamme
214358PteWilliam LaFountaine
158632CplGust Lahti
LtAlexander Laidlaw
112079 Pte Donald Harry Laird Isabel Jean (née Laird) Warwick Ontario
Bruce Warwick Chatham, Ontario
Art Hubbs New York, USA
172470PteJohn Laird
838629 Pte William James Laird Jack Laird Guelph, Ontario
835415PteClaude Dixon Lake
3107523PteWilliam Lake
3108187PteJohn Lalonde
417700PteDavid Lamarche
113353PteJohn Lamarche
113342A.SSgtRudolphe Moston Lambe
109437PteFrank Lambert
113343PteJack Wilfred Lambert
835553 Pte John Samuel Lambert Richard Page Canada
835914PteLorne Bert Lambert
835587PteRufus Earl Lambert
109438CplThomas William Lambert
111274PteArthur Gordon Lammon
111275 Cpl John Wilson Lamont David Archer Ontario
838919 Pte Roger Thompson Lamont George Auer Ontario
648493PteMoses Lamore
649049PteFrederick Axrer Lamoure
3107308PteRomeo Lamoureux
145060PteJohn Xavier Landry
111277 Pte Albert George Lane Roger William Lane Staffordshire, UK
157618PteWilliam Lang
1004141PteWilliam Albert Lang
157619PteWilliam John Lang
112080 Pte James Arthur Langdon Art Hubbs New York, USA
109148PteCharles Sidney Langfield
MajorHoward David Langford
400951 Pte Leonard Dixon Langridge Art Hubbs New York, USA
400952 LCpl William Henry Langridge Art Hubbs New York, USA
3108336PteArthur Lantagne
Capt.Louis Ames La Pierre
1027416PteThomas Clark Lapp
172457PteFrederick Lappin
172230PteWilliam Stanley Larke
113346PteWilliam Harry Larkman
109150LCplHerbert Thomas Larner
838807PtePercy Samuel Larter
648515PteFrank Lartuer
2250718PteVane Sylvester Lashur
838947PteWestley Latham
113349 Pte Robert Holmes Latimer Art Hubbs New York, USA
MajorJohn Ernest Lattimer
835310PteJoseph Andrew Laundry
3107313PteEmile Laurent
3107314PteFerreol Joseph Laurin
3107535PteAlbert Lauzon
633088 Pte Frederick Lauzon Diego Gonzalez Ontario, Canada
Verna (née Lauzon) Warden Ontario, Canada
3033937PteJack Dosithee Lavallie
835558PteEdward Francis Laveque
835734PteJoseph Laveque
3231633PteAlex Lavigne
109439PteAugustus Leonard Paget Law
109440PteEdward Henry Law
757113PteWilliam Lawes
159696PteJoseph William Lawless
3033561PteAnson Lawrence
113352 Pte Harold Bruce Lawrence Art Hubbs New York, USA
839068PtePatrick Adam Lawrence
401802PteWilliam Alexander Lawrence
213289PteWalter James Lawrence
158127PteAndrew Leiper Lawson
725109PteGlenville Thomas Lawson
401326 Sgt Percy Roy Lawson Bryan Joyce Ontario
159654PteAlfred Thomas Lawton
838316SgtDavid William Laycock, DCM
1066051PteErnest Charles Laycock
3108193PteMarvin Edward Laycock
LtFrancis Paul Hamilton Layton
109441Capt.Richmond Logan Layton, DCM
Capt. Clarence Lea, MC Norm Stewart Ontario
127560PteAlbert Leach
158021PteFred Leach
602176PteErnest Mark Learman
409581PteAlbert Felix Leather
158126CplEdward Le Bas
109442PteLeo Le Blanc
109443PteWilliam Henry Le Clair
109445PteThomas Joseph Ledgwidge
838978 Cpl George Ledingham Larry Mortley Ontario
839082 Pte John Ledingham Larry Mortley Ontario
109444PteErnest Ledson
835449CplEarl Ellwood Lee
3231283PteEdward Baranbas Lee
1066076 Pte Gabriel Lee George Auer Ontario
109446PteGeorge Lee
109447 Pte Harry Erland Lee Jim Busby Winnipeg
835428PteJoseph Lee
835845PteMelville George Lee
273501PtePercy Lee
3107525PtePercy Oswald Lee
158630PteSamuel Lee
727064PteThomas Alder Lee
109448PteThomas Edward Lee
159623PteWalter Sidney Lee
158134PteWilliam Henry Lee
225400PteWilliam Henry Lee
1027640PteHarvey William Leemon
835751PteJoseph Benjamin Leemon
1004221PteOmer Le Febvre
838612LCplHerbert Le Gard
838111PteEdwin Roy Le Gate
3107315PteDonat Le Gault
109449PteFrederick Legge
3231284PteJohn Alexander Leithead
3234754PteDomina Lemieux
109450PteCharles Henry Lemmer
113354PteJohn Lemon
838113PtePhilip Lemon
226884PteRussell Wilfred Lemon
3230549PteLloyd Harold Lennon
213052PteSamuel Lenton
3033036PteAdelard Leonard Jr.
1003223PteFlorian Louis Le Page
838535PteRobert Leppard
513124PteEdward Joseph Le Roy
491358PteCecil Leslie
838321PteHenry Thomas Leslie
401413 Pte Frank Lesprance David Kavanagh UK
171649CplAlfred Lester
113356SgtJohn Fred Lester, MM
109451PteGeorge Alexander Letham
838618PteGuy Lochie Lethbridge
454656PteWilliam Lever
113357 Pte Donat Levesque Michael Levesque Canada
3234201PteJohn Albert Levis
407110SgtGordon Emerson Levy, DCM
835443 Pte Austin Lewis Linda Heffernan Ontario
213754PteBenjamin Lewis
3038157PteBertram Levat Lewis
514417PteClaude Harrison Lewis
835338 Pte Ernest Percival Lewis Linda Heffernan Ontario
113358PteFrank Harry Lewis
835781PteLouis Allen Lewis
838117PteWillem Edwin Lewis
1004219PteDominic L'Heureux
669983 Pte Alfred Henry Libby Linda Heffernan Ontario
838538PteGilbert Liddle
Capt. Alexander Harvey Lightbourn Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
109452 Cpl Herbert Lillie MM John Lillie Barrie, Ontario
3033600PteWilliam Franklin Lillie
727434PteJohn Lince
727720PteFrederick Linder
3033394PteAlbert Lindsay
835161 Pte Albert Lineker Linda Heffernan Ontario
835869PteEdward Lingren
405071PteThomas Linklater
172373LCplCyril Verner Linn
838118PteRobert Henry Linn
633984PteAlex Linnie
3033489PteChristopher Linton
109453 Cpl John Liscombe Jim Bolton Canada
LtKenneth Ivan Litster
451258PteArthur Little
171800PteHerbert Littlewood
3233503PteEwen Livingstone
839091PteJohn Alexander Livingstone
838755PteWilliam Henry Livingstone
401122 Cpl Philip Robert Lizmore Bryan Joyce Ontario
159719PteArthur Lloyd
838540PteAnson Clark Lloyd
835724PteCardwell Lloyd
727693PteEdward Jess Lloyd
838317PteGarnet Ray Lloyd
113363PteHarold Lloyd Lloyd
835896PteWilliam Henry Lloyd
109454LCplFrederick John Loader
814317PteWalter Loader
633338PtePeter Lobbe
109455SgtAlbert William Lock
113364 Pte James Lockyer Liz Tressider Western Australia
158128PtePeter Lofthouse
MM & Croix de Guerre
109456A.CplArthur Logan
648539 Pte Stanley Logan David Thwaites Ontario, Canada
1027552PteFrancis Leo Logue
109457PteCharles Lomas
109458C.S.M.George Wilfred Lomas
916491 Pte John Lomax Stephanie Lomax BC. Canada
916265 Pte Robert Lomax Stephanie Lomax BC. Canada
Robert Lomax Ontario, Canada
400634PteJoseph Loney
404878PteHarry Long
112249PteLawrence John Long
109149 LCpl Stanley Herbert Longmoor Scott Bradley Ontario, Canada
109712PteLeo Longpre
649435PteNick Lootzak
475922PtePierre Edouard Lortie
838121PteReginald Loucke
633208PteGeorge Love
202218 Sgt William Robert Loveys Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
111287SgtHarry Melville Low
835720 Pte William Jabez Lower Richard & Pete Lower B.C., Canada
835679 Pte William Jones Lower Richard & Pete Lower B.C. Canada
109459 LCpl Edwin Wright Lowrey David Kavanagh UK
766430 Lt John Agnew Findlay Lowrie Matthew Scarlino Canada
835931CplAngus Edward Lowry
835356LCplThomas Lowry
113370Hon.LtJohn Lowther
113371 Pte Harry Aubrey William Loxley David Kavanagh UK
835141PteWallace Wellington Loyst
838324PteJohn Noble Lucas
769245PteGeorge Noland Lund
727526PteHarold Lund
838928PteGeorge Dewar Lunney
109460CplEvan Holt Luno
111291PteMarion Donald (Arthur) Lurvey
109461PteEdward Charles Lushington
113372PteSydney Ernest Lusted
158524 Cpl Graham Thomson Lyall, VC David Kavanagh UK
159704PteAlbert Edward Lyle
157625PteWalter Frederick Lyle
109462PteHumphrey Calep Lymer
109463PteHarry Walter Lymer
3033832PteElisha Herbert Lynn
171504LCplRobert John Lynn
159133PteThomas Edward Lynn
3034050PteArthur Lyons
475137 SgtFrank Alexander Lyons, DCM Neville Russell Ontario, Canada
157626PtePeter Lyons
113026SgtRex Lyons
172407 Pte Thomas Robert Lyons Meredith Johnson Australia
109464SgtWilliam Lyons
838319PteWilliam Arthur Lyons