In Memoriam

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'D'    -    Dadey  to  Dynes

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
113159PteEdward J Dadey
157079PteFrederick Charles Daffin
835114PteAmos Roy Dafoe
835355PteGerald Dafoe
835115PteJ Campbell Dafoe
835429PteWilliam Andrew Dafoe
109116PtePeter Dahill
3033454PteFingel Dahlgren
113161 A.Cpl Frederick Arthur Dainton David Kavanagh UK
113162 Pte William Henry Dainton David Kavanagh UK
109708 Pte James Barnes Dainty Jon Dainty Sr. USA
109707 Pte Paul Farrington Dainty Jon Dainty Sr. USA
835144PteWilliam Walter Dalby
3032044PteEarl George Dale
633969PteAlexander Daley
3040122PteAlexander Douglas Dallas
649291 Pte Lawrence William Dalton WO Jason Dalton NB, Canada
159058PteDouglas Dalzeil
109291CplAlexander Dalzell
171758 Pte Reginald Daniels Maryann Hazelwood BC, Canada
109292SgtLeonard Louis Danniels
109293SgtHerbert Charles Darby
109294PteChristopher Dark
838498 Pte Clarence Hill Darling George Auer Ontario
835676PteAlfred Allan Dasey
158073PteAinger John Davey
285139SgtJohn Davey
213661PteArchibald Davidson
Capt.Herbert Gordon Davidson
835689PteWilford George Davidson
109295 Pte David Eorwerth Davies Ken Davies Ottawa
405238PteEdward John Davies
3032288PteJack George Davies
158574LtJohn Bryn Davies
157568PteWilliam Henry Davies
838753 Pte Bert Philip Davis George Auer Ontario
835940 Pte Charles Isaac Davis Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
109296PteCharles Joseph Davis, MM
727323A.SgtGeorge John Davis
109297SgtHarry Davis
Major Henry Clarke Davis, MC+Bar W. John Maize Ontario
838499 Pte John Albert Davis George Auer Ontario
113165PtePercy Davis
839098 Pte William Cecil Davis George Auer Ontario
David Kavanagh UK
Hon.Capt. Rev. William Henry Davis, MC St. Peter's Anglican Church Edmonton, AB
Joyce Rorke Ireland
838501 Pte William Milton Davis George Auer Ontario
109117 Lt Edward Davison, MM Joyce Bevan & Steve Bevan England
172406 Pte James Davison MM Martin Scarlino Canada
3233559PteJohn Davison
838464 Pte John Davy George Auer Ontario
835198 Pte Thomas Chester Alexander Davy Bryan Joyce Ontario
213526PteWilliam James Davy
159057PteAlexander Robert Colquhoun Dawson
113169CplWalter Benjamin Dawson
109298 Cpl George Sparks Day David Dougall Canada
159728PteHenry William Day
802594PteJames Day
111128PteOscar Day
LtArthur Wemyss Deacon, MC
225552PteWilliam Arthur Deakin
1027173PteCecil Peter Dean
757047PteFrancis Charles Dean
158072PteJohn Ellis Dean
643417PteStewart Melville Dean
111131PteThomas Dean
109300PteWalter Edwin Dean
109299CplJohn Mann Deans
109118PteEdward Deards
105951PteJohn Dedick
3231053PteGeorge Thomas Deering
109119PteWilliam Augustus Defoe
3231601PteHenri Degray (De Gray)
159514PteWilliam Delaney
1066249 Pte John Edward Delanty George Auer Ontario
2161353PteCharles Deleseleuc
835183PteMitchell Delyea
111134PteCharles Nelson DeMone
MajorWalter Wallbridge Denison, DSO
113172PteErnest Dennington
112208PteAlbert Densham
633360PteJames Gordon Densmore
633686PteWilfred Rodger Densmore
406507CplThomas Denson
109303PteHarry Dent
109304PteWilliam Dent
430249LCplRichard Angrove Denton
7715PteLindsay Garfield Denyes
491328 Sgt Thomas H. Depper Richard & Karen Buller Ontario
Thomas Wilfred Depper Ontario
3231332PtePierline (Pierluigi) D'Eri
633765PteArmados Derouchie
766803LtAllan Colbert Des Islets
172353PteJoseph Arthur Deuxberry
838269 Pte Thomas Albert Devine George Auer Ontario
159059PteHarold Deviney
113173PteHarold Devins
727098PteHenry James Devlin
3040298PteCharles Ernest Devon
109305SgtGeorge Devonshire
111138CplArthur Gordon Dewar
109307PteThomas William Dewdney
3040070PteArthur Diamond
113177PteThomas Dickie
113178SgtRobert Gerald Dickinson
649434PteWilliam Dickinson
839057 Pte Norman Robert Dickson George Auer Ontario, Canada
838965 Pte Thomas Albert Dickson George Auer Ontario, Canada
159515CplWilliam Edward Digweed
1027712PteErnest Rae Dillaborough
633939PteMelvon Emerson Dillaborough
113180PteJack Dillon
113181PteJoseph Francis Dillon
LtGeorge Francis Dimock
Lt Guy Elton Dingle David Kavanagh UK
142425PteJohn Dinning
111141PteAlexander Suttie Dippie
727460PteFrederick Arthur Dixon
113183 Pte George Dixon Art Hubbs New York, USA
Lt Gerald Baylis Dixon, MM John Cannon Torquay, UK
404822PteGeorge Oliver Dixon
835312PteJames Elmer Dixon
507519 Pte John Irving Dixon Ian Dixon Canada
Capt. Thomas W. E. Dixon, MM, MC John Cannon Torquay, UK
Darrell Duthie Netherlands
835944PteWilliam Roscoe Dobbs
Capt. John Milton Dobie Bradley Cuzen BC, Canada
George Auer Ontario, Canada
451356A.SgtJames Howard Dobson
859212LtWilliam Dobson
400792CplWilliam Dodd
3036407PteMilton Orr Dodds
109310PteLeslie Alfred Dodson
838264 Pte Harold Willoughby Dodsworth George Auer Ontario, Canada
802277PteCharles Tweedie Doherty
3232136PteGeorge Doherty
158505SgtJoseph Hugh Doherty
113184PteWilliam Robert Doherty
159743PteJohn Dolan
111145 Pte John Frederick Dolan Elaine Yu Canada
2590812PteSamuel Benjamin Dolby
3031984PteNorman Charles Donges
727733PteFrancis Joseph Donnelly
2499426PtePatrick Donnelly
109311*CplCharles Donner*Orig. no. on Service file: 50733
530114PteJoseph Donnison
171454PteWalter Ernest Donovan
838737 Pte Walter Doran Iola Lee Ontario, Canada
George Auer Ontario, Canada
109312 Pte Albert William Dore, MM Sean Wilson London, Ontario.
171269R.Q.M.S.Cornelius Antonius Dorins
171762CplBenjamin Dornan
171761PteJohn Dornan
213593PteJohn Dorward
105004PteJohn Dorwart
401754 Sgt Clarence Darcy Dougherty, MM+Bar Gordon Downey Ontario
Laura Downey Ontario
Morgan Jones Canada
3107232SgtWilliam George Dougherty
405697PteEdgar Douglas
109313PteGilbert Douglas
158075 Pte Gordon Frederick Douglas Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
171455A.SgtJames Douglas
Capt. John Harvey Douglas Art Hubbs New York, USA
109314PteNorman Douglas
633633 Pte William Douglas Gary Gordon Washington
514690PteWalter Gerald Douglas
3038014PteWesley James Douglas
113186PteWilliam Bernard Douns
835079PteRoss Dowdell
109315PteCharles Dowling
Lt Vernon Charles Dowling Phil Dowling Canada
Rick Munroe Canada
113187PteWallace Robert Downing
3032310PteMichael James Dowsley
111147PteFoster Hayward Doyle
648259 Pte Herbert Drackley Art Hubbs New York, USA
107181LtPercy William Drakes, MM
113188PteFrederick Drapeau
158575A.CplAlbert Victor Draper
109120PteGeorge Draper
144503CplHarold Draper
113189PtePeter Sharp Drever
401322 Pte Sidney Drew Tony Ross Ontario
109121PteThomas Drew
835605PteThomas Ray Drew
109316A.SgtGeorge Victor Drew-Brook
111149A.CplThomas Hiram Drillen
3231499PteGeorge James Driscoll
201575PteJames Driscoll
113191PteThomas Henry Driscoll (a.k.a. Harry)
400714 LCpl Robert Dron William Leach Alberta, Canada
Tanner Leach Alberta, Canada
405824PteCornelius Droog
113192PteCharlton Mayo Drummond
159061PteWilliam Drummond
109122 LCpl Edgar Charles Drury David Kavanagh UK
3040001PteCaleb Dryden
649042PteJoseph Aldé Dube (Alde Dubey)
273306PteBert Nelson Duck
109317PteThomas Duckworth
669539PteDavid Dudgeon
113194PteWilliam Dudley
634125PteCorah Bartle Duff
862319PteGeorge Deans Duffus
405802PteAlexander Duguid
159516PteRobert Duke
838066 Pte Horace Alfred Dukes George Auer Ontario
109318LCplFrank Duly
802110PteReginald Dumaresq
838067 Pte Lauchlan John Dunbar George Auer Ontario
113195PteCharles Duncan
113196SgtDonald Duncan MM
111151SgtGeorge Alexander Duncan
3231324PteGarland Olean Dundas
1066228 Cpl George Shambrooke Dundas George Auer Ontario
113197PteRobert Dundas
802511PteStephen Delbert Dundas
158010 C.S.M. Arthur Hamilton Dunlop Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
633328PteMartin Dunlop
LtRobert Stevenson Dunlop, MC
669123PteJohn Dunn
835508 Pte James Henry Dunn Bryan Joyce Ontario
491366PteJames Richard Dunn
3031699PteMichael James Dunn
839083 Pte Thomas Edmond Dunn George Auer Ontario
727794PteThomas Patrick Dunn
838271 LCpl William Bruce Cumming Dunn George Auer Ontario
406949PteWilliam Walter Dunn
838266 Pte Allan Daniel Dunoon Bob Wilson Saskatchewan
Marion Showell Taylor Ontario
Elizabeth Reynolds Ontario
George & Brock Auer Ontario
835014LCplJames Dunphy
166318LtLeonard Dunsford
491280 Pte Harry Dunsmure Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
648278PteLawrence Dupuis
838678 Pte Henry Ernest Durant George Auer Ontario
285010PteEdgar Nelson Reid Durie
113198PteArthur Durocher
109319PteClifford Durston
853734PtePeter Dusome
3040174PteGeorge Dutemple
400973PteThomas Dwyer
LtAlbert Edward Dyke
109320PteFrederick David Dyke
109321A.SgtWesley Moore Dynes