In Memoriam

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'W'    -    Waddell  to  Wysner

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
109655Capt.Norman Vincent Waddell
144497PteFred Wadeson
144953LCplElmer Wadham
LtRussell Howard Waghorne
1004121PteIvor Wagner
648933A.SgtWalter Wagstaff
838966PteRichard Wailing
727578PteMark Wain
145122PteCarlton Elberough Wainman
838769 Pte James Henry Wainwright, MM The Royal Canadian Legion #6 Owen Sound, Ontario
401374PteFrederick George Wakefield
144954PteHarry Wakefield
123406SgtWilliam James Wakeling
835789PteArchie Walker
113611PteAlexander Walker
109656PteCharles Walker
334232 Pte Curtis Elton Walker Sean Maas-Stevens Canada
835865PteDwight James Walker
213736A.SgtEdward Cleland Walker
113612PteFrank Walker
113613 Pte Frederick David Walker David Kavanagh UK
835304PteFrank Samuel Walker
226666PteHenry Edgar Walker
112312SgtHerbert Frank Walker
3038489PteHilyard James Walker
LtH. L. Walker
838986PteJames Walker
835956PteParker George Walker
201997PteThomas Walker
916448PteThomas James Walker
835805PteWilliam Angus Walker
491175PteWilliam Henry Walker
1066218PteHarry Wall, MM
838441PteClark Wallace
404948PteEarl Wallace
109657PteGeorge Henry Wallace
2497953PteIvan Edward Wallace
669532CplWilliam Delmar Wallace
112313PteJohn Watson Waller
838649PteGeorge Wallis
202052PteCharles Henry Walsh
838442PteWilliam Henry Waltenburgh
916965 Sgt Philip Walter Matthew Scarlino Canada
400825PteThomas John Walter
802087PteMerton Ralston Walters
401511 Pte Richard David Walton Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
157725A.SgtAllan Bradshaw Ward
415704PteCharles Ward
634065PteDavid Ward
113617PteDonald John Ward
835017PteFred Ward
491341PteFrank William Ward
109658PteGeorge Ward
109659PteGeorge Ward
636075PteGeorge Alex Ward
109660PteJohn Edward Ward
476056SgtRobert Poulton Ward
451959PteThomas Ward
3037444PteRobert Wardell
113618 Pte Percy William Wardle Paula Pocock Sussex, England
171959PteWilfred Warhurst
LtRay Hargrave Warne, MC
113619PteThomas Warner
754950 Capt. Roy Washington Warnica
Croix de Guerre
Wayne Warnica Ontario, Canada
LtWilliam Lavelle Warrell
113621PteJohn Edward Warren
159755SgtWilliam Warren
838204 Pte William Warrington Eleanor May Ontario, Canada
141321PteRichard Warwick
648940PteCharles Frederick Wasnidge
111506 Pte Everitt Lawrence Wasson Art Hubbs New York, USA
111507PteJohn Stanley Waterfield
109661PteWilliam Keith Waters, MM
109176PteErnest Samuel Watkins
109177PteCharles Watson
158024A.SgtClarence Gladstone Watson
219322PteCharles Ross Watson
512947PteCharles Victor Watson
111508SgtGeorge Lowe Watson
109662PteHarold Watson
3039374PteJohn Watson
3033417PteJoseph Watson
839030LCplWilliam Wilson Watson
838222PteClarence Garbutt Russell Watt
Lt Frederick Joseph Watt Joann Watt Henderson Ontario, Canada
Ann Henderson Ontario, Canada
838594SgtJames Watt
109663PteJohn George Watt
491257PteWilliam Watt
113623 Pte William Robert Watt William G Watt Toronto, Ontario
838804PteRobert J. Watterson
1066054PteDavid Watterton
835484PteArthur Jay Watts
111510SgtJohn Waugh
648945PteJohn Brennan Waugh
274160PteCharles Spurgeon Waughn
113624 Pte Clarence Way Art Hubbs New York, USA
171548PteClarence William Waybrant
2562454 Pte William Sweyn Weatherston Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
113626PteHarold R. Weatherup
109664CplAlbert James Webb
144968PteCharlie Webb
109665A.SgtCharles McGlinn Webb
835919PteJoseph Webb
109666C.Q.M.S.Oliver Arthur Webb
1003998PteThomas Webb
109667SgtFrancis William Webber
838606 Pte George Webber Donald Webber Ontario, Canada
George Auer Ontario, Canada
916346PteHorace Henry Webber
158195PteCecil Herbert Webster
109668PteStanley McBride Wedgewood
159747 Sgt Frank Weeler (Weiler) Michael Barker Colorado, USA
838588PteJohn James Weir
109669PteErnest Welburn
727344PteArthur Welch
172333PteCarl Vincent Welch
113627PteJohn Ernest Welch
109672PteRobert Welcha.k.a. Robert King
Capt.Norman Lewis Wells
172405PteRobert Wells
839143PteWallace James Wellwood
838438 Pte James Welsh, MM The Grey & Simcoe Foresters Canada
727174PteMichael Welsh
213396PteWilliam Allen Wemp
727207PteAlbert Edward West
405465PteGeorge West
838429PteHerman Marshall West
838452PteJesse Edwin West
109670PteJohn Michael West
109178PteRobert Francis West
109671 Pte William James West Bruce West London, Ontario
3032942PteCecil Westfall
144599PteHarold C. Westley
727248LCplHenry James Westoby
835517PteAlbert Weston
111517PteFrederick Walter Colden Wetmore
3033366PteFelix Whalen
835889PteGeorge Elmer Whan
113629 Pte Joseph William Wharrie Art Hubbs New York, USA
Jim Busby Winnipeg, Canada
172323 LSgt George Wheeler David Kavanagh UK
109673CplNorman Leonard Arthur Wheeler
109179SgtEdward Whelpdale
739489PteErnest Whipple
213394PteCyril White
838435PteEdward James White
159648PteFrederick White
159549PteGeorge Henry White
678707PteHarry White
838898PteJames Crawford White
670175PteJames Hepton White
109675PteJohn White
109674PteJohn Francis White
414437PteLauchie White
401298PteLloyd Percy White
273262PteMark White
3033477PteNelson White
838208PteRobert White
109676PteSydney Charles White
414231PteThomas Patrick White
838430PteWilbert Harold White
3034082PteWilliam George White
3033204PteDean Hill Whitehead
916937PteHerbert Arthur Whitehead
109180PteVictor Raymond Whitehead, MM
109677PteRalph Spencer Whitehouse
109181Farr Q.M.S.Robert Ernest Whitewood
727640PteNorman Whitfield
838795PteWilliam Nassan Whitmore
113632Hon. Capt.Charles Lawrence Whitney
1066244PteRichard Henry Whitney
838431PteWilliam Whitney
171550PteIsaac Whittaker
111521A.SgtThomas Whittey
109678LCplJohn Whittle
838748 Pte Alexander Earl Whyte Cindy Ruthven Port Elgin, Ontario
838738LSgtIra Bennett Whyte
159734PteJames Whyte
839107PteJames Irving Whyte
3036630PteWilliam George Wice
113633PteCharles Wickham
Capt.Edward Arthur Wickson
113634PteJoseph Arthur Wiggins
839051PteRichard Wilcock
838210PteStuart Wilcox
3033615PteErnest Wilde
401370PteTom Wildridge
109679 Pte Alfred Wiley David Kavanagh UK
202007PteJames Wiley
113049PteAlex John Wilford
2751077PteGeorge Wilken
192835CplWilliam Joseph Wilken
109680PteJohn Frederick Wilkings
113638PteFrederick Wilkins
444746PteJames Edward Wilkins
158194PteArthur Wilkinson
113637PteWilliam Lewis Wilkinson
542425PteWilliam Thomas Wilkinson
1003665PteEdward Young Williams
2500665PteEmlyn Williams
109182A.SgtGeoffrey Owen Williams
3033205PteHarry Williams
158709PteHerbert Wilbert Williams
835748 Pte John Williams Evelyn Davies Ottawa, Canada
835894PteJohn Williams
111522PteJohn Henry Williams
835493PteMichael Williams
835497CplMitchel Williams
145172SgtRoderick Williams
171555PteThomas Williams
113639PteThomas Williams
109681PteWalter Dalrymple Williams
113641PteWalter James William Williams
109682PteWilliam Gladstone Williams
491283PteAdam Williamson
109683PteGeorge Williamson
838439PteJames Williamson
109684PteLeonard John Williamson
648963PtePatrick Williamson
109685PteHarry Alfred Willis
109686 LCpl John Edward Willis Antony Atkin Gloucester, UK
3235463PteEmery Willoughby
Major.Henry Albert George Willoughby
3039375PteJohn Willye
839033PtePercy Wilmott
2002547PteAlbert Dyer Wilson
228449PteAlexander Wilson
109183PteAlfred Wilson
491079PteAlvin Wilson
109687PteEdward Heber Wilson
Major.Francis Walter Ernest Wilson, CBE
636723 Pte Fred Wilson Reg & Lynn Matthison Stratford, Ontario
414441PteHarold Emerson Wilson
814053PteJames Alexander Wilson
401838CplJames Arthur Wilson
835414PteJohn Wilson
401290 Pte John Wilson Dominique Faivre France
158201 Pte John Wilson Mattan Jones Canada
109688PteJohn James Wilson
213645PteJoseph Wilson
157520A.SgtJoseph Ross Wilson
414438PteNeil Francis Wilson
633429PteNelson John Wilson
202063 Cpl Roy Wilson David Kavanagh UK
835499SgtRobert John Wilson
835313PteRobert William Wilson, DCM
171419SgtSamuel Wilson
111525PteSamuel Wilson
144789 Pte Wilfred John Wilson Christopher Henzler London, UK
246LtWilliam George Wilson
835372PteWilliam Linford Wilson
159210PteWilliam Robert Neil Wilson
838433PteWilson Wilson
2184356PteFrederick George Wilton
3033834 Pte Frank Sims Wilton Marguerite O'Neill (née Wilton) Toronto, Canada
Michael O'Neill Ottawa, Canada
Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
268 PteJames Wiltshire (159670) David Kavanagh UK
3038496PteBertrand Winacott
3108317PteFrancis Windale
112162PteThomas Caswell Winders
401627 Sgt Charles Dare Windsor, MM Pete Maxfield England
928706PteRussell Frank Winfield
835078PteGeorge Earl Wing
401114 Pte Fred Wingate Bill Zorzi Baltimore, USA
David Kavanagh UK
172330PteRichard Winn
144236PteJules Winne
113644PteWallace Gordon Winslow
835954PteGilbert William Wintour
109689PteJohn Wisbeck
285697LCplWalter Nicholas Wiseman
838445PteHarvey Smith Witmer
406427PteRaymond Bertie Witten
113645A.CplWilliam Rudolph Wolfle
109184 Pte Alfred Wood Carly Wood Canada
838450PteAlfred Middlesbrook Wood
636968PteCharles Wesley Wood
727095SgtClarence Roy Wood
835208PteErnest Wood
144969PteErnest Wood
Capt.Frank Herbert Wood
835267PteGussie Wood
109690Capt.Harold James Wood, MC
157738PteHenry Wood
835897PteHerbert Roy Wood
835811 LCpl John Manley Wood Laird Coghill Canada
109691A.CplJohn McKenzie Wood
111529 Pte Luther Wood Clif Phillips Mass. USA
114630 Sgt Richard Charles Wood Kenneth Wood Ottawa, Canada
John Stephens Brighton, Ontario
1066157PteRoy Stanley Wood
3032938PteThomas Alfred Wood
228381PteWalter Clifford Wood
835404PteErven Woodcock
835249PteHarold Woodcock
144659PteJohn Woodcock
109692CplSidney Woodcock
637110PteNorman Woodcox
109693 Sgt Richard Wooding Art Hubbs New York. USA
145059PteClifton Neil Woodley
763109PtePercy Woodley
109694 CSM Edward Woodroof DCM Geoffrey Woodroof England
Keith Woodroof New Zealand
Rick Bahen Canada
679214PteGeorge Norman Woodroofe
111531 Pte Colin Melville Woodrow David Kavanagh UK
109185PteJames Cecil Woodruff
113050PteAlex Charles Woods
214369PteClayton Woods
839089PteGeorge Woods
159205PteHorace Albert Woods
Capt. John Robinson Woods Iain Faulkner Ontario, Canada
835643PteRoy Woods
838213PteCuthbert Woodward
252985 Pte George William Woodward Loris Valvona UK
113647PteHenry Woodward
213786SgtArthur Woolgar
109186PteClifford Taylor Woolley
862847PteFrederick Norman Wooster
112324PteThomas Worrall
862466PteEarl William Worsters
159505PteGeorge Lionel Worwood
109695LCplWilliam Gilbert Wrathall
763247PteWilliam Henry Wray
109696PteDrummond Wren
LtJohn Charles Wreyford
171561PteArthur James Wright
2334359PteAlbert Seymour Wright
669723PteFrancis Bert Wright
111596 Pte Harold Nelson Wright Art Hubbs New York, USA
838214PteHugh Wright
109697PteJames Richard Wright
51256 Lt Percy Wright Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
159641PteSamuel Wright
769461PteWilliam Robert Wright
109698LtRoy Edward Wyat
171562SgtErnest Wyatt
LtThomas Lindsay Wyatt
414922PteHarry Gilbert Wylde
839119PteGeorge Herbert Wyllie
285068PteGerald Eric Wynn
172334PteCharles Wynoski
400730PteCharles Wysner