In Memoriam

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'F'    -    Fairbairn  to  Furry

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
835713PteHarold Allen Fairbairn
400889PteArthur Joseph Fairbank
109332LtFred Bennett Fairbrother
868222PteWilliam Ernest Fairclough
109333 Pte Herbert William Fairway Joe Fairway England
172356 Pte Frank Meredith Fallis school Canadian History project Canada
159612 Pte James Nelson Fallis school Canadian History project Canada
1096318PteElwood William Falls
3036346PteWilliam Wilfred Clayton Farley
Capt.Thomas Wyly Farmer
727217PteThomas Farrell
172169PteWalter Alec Farrell
636066 Pte Harold Lewis Farrington Art Hubbs New York, USA
3038800PteAlfred Wilfred Farrow
172434SSgtWilliam Harold Farrow
111168PteWilliam Faulkner
633236PteVital Fauvelle
453833PteEdward Fawcett
838870 Pte James Fawcett George Auer Ontario
227145CplJames Robert Fearnside
3235272PteHarris Edward Featherston
839124 Pte John "Harry" Featherston R. Keith Davidson Ontario
109334 Sgt Murray Harle Featherstonhaugh Marianne Featherstonhaugh Girling Ontario, Canada
Karen Girling Ontario, Canada
172430PteJoseph Fee
1027192PteHildos Joseph Feeley
111170CplRoy Raymond Feeney
285170PteWilliam Fell
1004066PteFrederick Felouchuk
113210PteJohn Fennell
799663PteFrederick Ewart Fenton
109335PteJoseph Fenton
838868 Pte Alexander Ferguson George Auer Ontario
452423PteD'Arcy Ferguson
113212PteHarry Henry Ferguson
LtJohn McKay Ferguson
715861PteLawrence Alexander Ferguson
109336 Pte Roderick Mackenzie Ferguson Peter Semple Scotland
213086PteWalter Fernwood
171299PteThomas Ferres
202097 Pte Harry Bernard Ferris Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
111172SgtHarold B Ferris
158003PteHarry William Ferris
407042PteHoward Thomas Ferry
171614CplWilliam Thomas Fever
835179PteFrancis Almonto Fevreau
109337PteAlfred Field
113213PteWilliam Henry Field
109338PteWalter Samuel Field
406921PteGeorge Horton Fields
491273PteFrederick Filey
401784PteWilliam Dolphus Fillion
3034251PteAlbert John Fillmore
113214PteJames Alexander Findlay
158081 Pte Gordon Cumming Findlay Chris Vincent Canada
David Kavanagh UK
111173PteErnest William Findley
3037795PteDannie Angus Finlan
401553PteWilliam Finlay
727125PteStephen James Finn
400657 Pte Walter Finnie Bruce Gilbert Ontario
111174SgtEdmund Rondo Fish
113215PteAlexander Fisher
3107864PteEdgar George Fisher
715123PteFred Robert Fisher
835394PteGeorge Henry Fisher
3039463PteHerbert Robert Fisher
648326LCplJohn Fisher
3035664PteLloyd Henry Fisher
1010237PteThomas Fisher
123872CplWilliam Henry Fisher
237102PteAlfred George Fitch
171617SgtThomas Henry Fitchett, MM
113216PteJohn T Fitzgerald
3036140PtePatrick Francis Fitzpatrick
3037345PteWilfred Fitzpatrick
799726PtePercy Fitzsimmons
158580PteDaniel Flaherty
111175 Pte Frederick Ernest Flaherty David Kavanagh UK
405263PteWalter Thomas Flanagan
109339PteWilliam James Ernest Flanagan
53797 Capt. John David Stirling Fleek Harry MacKendrick Alberta, Canada
109340PteArthur John Fleet
1027538PteDonald Mack Fleming
Major George Donald Fleming George Auer Ontario
1066120 Pte Harvey Gladstone Fleming George Auer Ontario
1066115 Pte James Henry Fleming George Auer Ontario
3035781PteWilliam Alexander Fleming
636072PteFrank Flemming
172179PteArthur Robert Fletcher
3039917PteGeorge Fletcher
2591252PteJohn Frank Fletcher
111178PteJohn Andrew Flinn
135138 Pte William Cornwall Flint Brenda Johnston Slack Kincardine, Ontario
109123SgtEmmet James Flood, MSM
297316PteWilliam Flood
158716PteDavid Samuel Fluellon
838723 Pte Raymond Arthur Fluker George Auer Ontario
116066PteFred Flynn
839065 Pte Charles Richard Foames George Auer Ontario
648317PteWilliam Fogarty
113219PteHenry Upton Fogden
201371PteLewis Worth Fogler
285118SgtAlfred Louis Folliott, MM
2250730PteJohn Arthur Follows
3107245PteAuray Fontaine
3032929PteArthur Dieudonne Fontaine
113220PteWilliam Footit
109341SgtFrederick C. T. F. Foracre
3231476PteMichael James Foran
3040300PteAlfred Forbes
109124PteGeorge Thomas Forbes
835185PteJoseph Forbes
109342PteWalter Grant Forbes
3040073PteDavid Ford
109343PteEdward Corbett Ford
835426PteRobert Joseph Ford
636112PteWilliam John Ford
3107484PteJames William Marshall Foreman
111179C.Q.M.S.John Forrest
226899PteSamuel James Forrest
109125 Cpl Frank Forsdike Daughter: Florence Layton Nova Scotia
Grandchildren: Bert Layton, Helen Balcom & Margie Van Binsbergen Nova Scotia

Ian Forsdike UK
113222PteGeorge Edward Forsey
Capt.William Weston Forsyth
113223A.SgtAllan Forsythe
113224A.SgtRay Lyman Forsythe
835139PteJoseph Louis Fortier
1027522 Pte Canniff Ross Foster Carol Guernsey Ontario
Art Hubbs New York, USA
2590980PteGeorge Arnold Foster
839009 Pte Harry Foster Don Foster Canada
113227CplJohn Foster
113226PteJohn Albert Foster
172402SgtJoseph John Foster (aka J. J. Fortin)
636014 Pte Norman James Foster Carol Guernsey Ontario
Art Hubbs New York, USA
491093PteRobert James Foster
838506 Pte Robert Wellington Foster George Auer Ontario
636022 LCpl Sherman Theordore Foster, DCM Carol Guernsey Ontario
Art Hubbs New York, USA
3038966PteSidney Foster
113015LCplStanley Richard Foster
838279 Pte William Foster George Auer Ontario
3038802PteWilliam Foster
111180PteThomas Fothergill
835430PteGeorge Thomas Foulger
491125PteGeorge Morton Fountain
3036300PteAlfred Charles Fowler
802882LCplFrederick Fowler
401847LCplReginald Fowler
835500PteAlfred Fox
285405PteArthur Gregory Fox
835309PteEdgar Allen Fox
158077LCplFrederick Fox
1027545PteJames Whytock Fox
213795PteMorley Duff Fox
1066263 Pte William Ivan James Fox George Auer Ontario
401842PteHerbert Foxcroft
3034966 Pte George Joseph Foy George Auer Ontario
3230908PteGeorge Edward Franklin
838074 Pte Mark Lane Franklin Mark Stevenson Canada
835150PteStanley Arthur Franklin
633998PteGeorge Frankly
Capt.Harold Franks
157521SgtAndrew Spence Fraser
491302CplCyril Archibald Fraser
226240PteDonald George Fraser
113228PteHarry Fraser
727144A.SgtJames Alexander Fraser
109344A.SgtJoseph Frazer
405558Q.M.S.John George Frazer
285404PteRolen Milligan Frecker
171301 Pte Douglas Freeman Greg Smith Ontario
Kurt Fritzsche Alberta, Canada
3039804PteFred Melbourne Freeman
341175PteHoward Clarkson Freeman
159076PteMark Freeman
3039564PteAlbert Edward French
3107869PteEdward French
916743PteRobert Albert French
109345PteWilliam George Frier
3206695PteLeonard Augustus Frodeen
113230 Pte Clarence Boyd Frood Art Hubbs New York, USA
636557PteLeslie George Frost
3039835PteThomas Henry Frost
636151 LCpl Norman Edward Fulford Art Hubbs New York, USA
636152 Cpl William Henry Fulford, MM Art Hubbs New York, USA
109346 Pte William Ira Fulford George Auer Ontario
109347LCplGeorge Henry Fuller
648333PteArchibald Fullerton
649044PteGeorge Wesley Fulton
727153 Pte Frank Funnell David Kavanagh UK
225934PteFrancis Edmund Furry