In Memoriam

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'M'    -    MacArthur  to  Myers

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
1003953PteDonald Joseph MacArthur
838139PteWilliam Buzza MacArthur
111350LCplMalcolm Donald MacCharles
112250LCplAlexander Duncan MacDiarmid
3032678PteAllan MacDonald
109465C.S.M.Archibald MacDonald
159686PteAndrew Rae MacDonald
111298PteAlexander Thomas MacDonald
405628PteClaude William MacDonald
111299 Sgt Edward Blake MacDonald Sean McGuire Ontario, Canada
Bryan Joyce Ontario, Canada
285462PteHarry John MacDonald
109466PteJohn Brown MacDonald
401347 Pte James Edward MacDonald Lorne Carter Goderich, Ontario
633396PtePhilip Joseph MacDonald
111301PteThomas Lanos MacDonald
107448SgtJohn MacDonell
Lt Merrill Whedon MacDowell, MC Pete Maxfield England
109467 Capt. John Finlay MacDuff
Croix de Guerre
Randall MacDuff Clear Winnipeg, Canada
109468LtAthol Herridge MacFarlane, MC
3032565PteDougald MacGillivray
109151SgtAlbert Stuart MacGregor
171264SgtCharles Alexander MacGregor
111304LCplDonald Wilfred Machum
2245550PteJohn Askew MacIver
Capt. Donald Roy MacKay David Kavanagh UK
226134PteWilliam Kenneth Mackay
Lt Harry Crane MacKendrick Harry MacKendrick Alberta, Canada
Major Addison Alexander Mackenzie MC Peter Glynn Kingston, Ontario
George Auer Ontario, Canada
171342SgtHector MacKenzie
111309SgtNorman Archibald MacKenzie
135326 Sgt Roderick MacKenzie Scott MacKenzie Manitoba, Canada
Debbie Bennett-Toms Oshawa, Ontario
109469C.S.M.Kenneth K. S. S. MacKenzie-Stewart
157506 A.Sgt Henry Mackie Matthew Scarlino Canada
109470A.C.S.M.Charles Edward MacKrory
LtWilliam Alton MacLachlan
669278PteWilliam James Maclam
109152PteAngus MacLeod MM
111310PteCharles Tupper MacLeod, MM
835879PteWilliam George MacLurkin
868351PteWilliam MacMillan
113446PteWilliam Joseph MacMillan
109153PteHarry MacOury
3107940PteJames Robert MacPherson
113377PtePatrick Joseph Madden
3033829PteThomas James Madden
109471PteWilliam Richard Madgwick
2500685PtePatrick Maguire
838793 Pte George William Maher Geraldine Hannah Ontario, Canada
1066221 Pte Thomas James Mahy Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
109486SgtAlexander Michael Mains
648556SgtGideon Major
633345PteTheodore Ambrose Major
228244PteValentine Tindall Major
172244PteCharles Secor Malcolm
633514PteSkenio Malette
109472SgtCharles Malin
3033351PteJohn Malone
109473PteJames Malpas
109474R.S.M.Ernest Albert Caswell Manaton
111316SgtFrank Lindsey Manderson
648555PteChristopher Daniel Roderick Mann
2003581PteHenry Wellington Mann
158155SgtRobert Felix Mann
109475LtStanley Mann
727112PteThomas Egbert Manser
171652PteHarvey George Mansfield
636030PteWilliam Percy Mansfield
113380 LCpl David Manson Art Hubbs New York, USA
157035PteHenry George Manton
838125PteSydney Albert Manton
225608 Pte Abraham Maracle Dominique Faivre France
491081PteErnest James Marcotte
835627PteMoris Marcus
633515PteFrank Oliver Marier
109476PtePaul Mark
633718PteWilliam John Markell
408358 C.Q.M.S. James William Marks John Marks Ontario, Canada
Capt. Kenneth Dean Marlatt Constance Marlatt Ontario, Canada
109506 Pte Wilfred Marrison Murray Christenson Toronto, Ontario
159147PteArthur Henry Marsh
835638 Pte George Arthur Marshall Brian Marshall Ottawa, Canada
171654PteJohn Banks Marshall
855219 Pte Manley Harold Marshall Brian Marshall Ottawa, Canada
158643PteWilliam Marshall
159628LCplAndrew Martin
453758PteAlexander Adam Martin
3032932 Pte Elijah Martin Mike King California
Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
171655SgtGeorge Arthur Martin
113384 Pte Harland Martin Art Hubbs New York, USA
405573SgtHenry Martin
144993 Pte Howard Martin
(real name Andrew Emmett Mesick)
Leo Belval USA
113385 Pte James Martin Art Hubbs New York, USA
Capt. John Robert Martin Fred Appleton Ontario, Canada
835447PteJohn Wesley Martin
460222PtePhillip Arbin Martin
213728PteRichard Alonzo Martin
835494PteRalph Maxwell Martin
109722C.S.M.Thomas Peart Martin, MM
171808PteWilliam Martin
113388PteWilliam Martin
814338PteWilliam Clayton Martin
835525PteWilliam James Martin
3033944PteJames Patrick Martindale
633356PteArthur Martineau
3033579PteEugenio Martino
158638PteFrank Marwood
1027141 Pte Ariel George James Mason Gemma Minniti Canada
835577PteJames Clawson Massey
2498949PteSamuel Massey
763263PteTim Massey
3033378PteGeorge Masters
109477PteWilliam Lenox Masters, MM
838326 Pte Thomas Laidlaw Mather Thomas Mather & Lynn Weimer Ontario, Canada
113390 Cpl Albert Mathews Winifred Gray Cairns, Australia
838129PteLyall Gladstone Mathewson
109478PteVictor Mayes Mathewson
838130PteWilliam James Wallace Mathewson
3033836PteAlbert Theodule Matte
2507422PteCharles Edward Matthews
109154PteJohn Samuel Matthews, MM
158157PteThomas Matthews
727602 LCpl Charles Matthison Reg & Lynn Matthison Stratford, Ontario
3106046PteJesse Mattingly
109479PteClarence Edward Maughn
109480SgtAndrew Maule
109481CplHarold Godwin Maund
636983PteJames Maxwell
491237PteJames Maxwell
839069PteCharles Henry May
159690SgtJohn Thomas May
491078PteHarry Maycock
3106924PteOvila Maynard
273165PteMoses Mazerkoff
171417PteRobert McAdam
1066127PteDonald Cira McAllister
838726LCplJohn McAllister
171509PteJames McAllister
400969PteAndrew McAlpine
172256PteThomas McAree
3107099PteAustin Cameron McArthur
838989SgtDonald John McArthur
838775SgtJohn McArthur
838777CplWilliam Alexander McArthur
838730PteAngus McAuley
113420A.SgtCharles Henry McAuley
405579PteJohn McAuley
838357PteGeorge Ernest McBride
814326 Pte James Campbell McBride Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
835648 Pte Clarence McCabe Bryan Joyce Ontario, Canada
838974PteHugh James McCallum
814161PteVictor McCallum
3105371PteDavid McCandless
491086CplJoseph McCann
3040360PteFrank Carroll McCarthy
111349LSgtJames McCarthy
1066047PteJames Robert McCartney
838140PteJohn Wesley McCartney
109513SgtAllan Duncan McCaskill, MM
633785PteErnest Hugh McCauley
838344PteEarl Thomas McCauley
838345PteHoward Alfred McCauley
636916PteJohn Patrick McCauley
835583CplDawson McClellan
159626LCplEverton Howard McClelland
838982 Pte Charles Murray McClure Michael McClure Burlington, Ontario
111351CplWalter Sherman McCluskey
3032948PteFred McConegly (aka Conway)
636631PteWilliam Herbert McConnachie
838355PteHarold Falconer McConnell
727387PtePeter John Sylvester McConnell
285078PteHarvey Clinton McCordick
637134PteFrank Albert McCormick
678197PteJohn Patrick McCormick
401513 Pte Robert William John McCormick Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
406912PteAlfred McCourtie
727040 Pte Joseph McCoy Jim Busby Winnipeg
171255 A.Cpl William McCullagh Martin Scarlino Canada
663185PteThomas Weir McCulloch
113424PteHoward Anderson McCurdy
109514PteDaniel Joseph McCurry
109515Q.M.S.Frederick William McCusker
145064SgtAngus McDonald
633406PteArchie McDonald
Lt Alexander Duncan McDonald Bart Blachford Vancouver, BC
407127PteCharles Anderson McDonald
839126PteCharles Elmer McDonald
835710LCplDonald Bruce McDonald
113426PteFrancis Arthur McDonald
633774 Pte Hugh Ronald McDonald Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
214334PteJames McDonald
109516PteJames Angus McDonald
109517SgtJohn McDonald
838350PteJohn McDonald
648622PteJohn Alexander McDonald
633397PteJohn Angus McDonald
Lt Neil Edward McDonald, MM Jane Milne Ontario, Canada
408830SgtRoderick McDonald
491256PteThomas McDonald
1048273PteCharles McDonell
145063PteEwen McDonell
862808 Pte Herbert McDonell Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
113427PteHarry Clayton McDonnell
111302PteAllister McDormand
835373PteArchie Arnold McDougall
171663PteWilliam McDougall
158639PteArthur Carlaw McDowall
Capt.Frank Yeigh McEachren
113429PtePercival McEdis
838556PteLeonard McFadden
Lt Col. George Franklin McFarland George Auer Ontario, Canada
213336PteArchie William McFarlane
158142CplBert McFarlane
111603PteBruce Robert McFarlane
113430PteEdward Alexander McFarlane
(MacFarlane on Menin Gate Mem.)
214127PteSamuel McFarlane
633587PteBernard Alexander McGahey
213338PteJames McGhee
835148SgtRoy Athol McGill
838811PteHector Stewart McGillivray
839109PteJohn Reginald McGillivray
838142PteJohn McGilvery
109518PteWilliam McGinnis
838549PteWilliam James McGirr
835975PteJohn Delbert McGowan
3108202PteAlex Lawson McGrath
3231468PteAdolphus McGregor
158147CplCharles Frederick McGregor
158022CplJames Frank McGregor
649407 Sgt John Tolmie McGregor Matthew Scarlino Canada
113433PteThomas McGregor
109519PteW McGregor
113434PteW H McGregor
112268PteDonald Albert McGuire
400701 Pte Hugh Edward McGuire Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
727172 Sgt Norman Arthur McGuire Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
213432CplJohn McHardy
839095CplThomas James McIllfaterick
838550PteFranklin Foster McIlraith
113435 Pte John McIndoo Walter, Hazel, Eileen and Eleanor Ontario, Canada
839013PteJames Ausman Boyd McInnis
1066072PteJohn Everitt McInnis
633415PteHerbert McIntee
633446PteDavid McIntosh
113436PteDonald McIntosh
401427PteHector McIntosh
838729LCplHenry Carter McIntosh, MM
145062PteJohn Alexander McIntosh
401568A.CplRoderick McIntosh
404902PteWilliam Harold McIntosh
838901PteArchibald Elmore McIntyre
853468PteDonald Grant McIntyre
838655PteDonald McKay
838551PteFrank McKay
1003036PteThomas Hector McKay
739318PteGordon Coverdale McKean
109520SgtJames McKee, MSM & MM
144607LCplJoseph William McKee
109521SgtOriel Foster McKee
112269LCplChristopher McKellick
648598PteAlexander McKenzie
177770 Pte Ross McKenzie Cpl William Right, GGHG Ontario, Canada
835371 LCpl William Charles McKenzie Cpl William Right, GGHG Ontario, Canada
838703 Pte William John McKessock Jack Laird Guelph, Ontario
401395PteErnest H McKibben
838713PteWilfred George McKibbon
113438PteGeorge McKie
285100PteColin McKinley
3107328PteJohn McKinnon
109522PteJohn Alexander McKinnon
3107329PteHerman McKnight
171815PteRobert McKnight
159700PteWilliam McKnight
405350PteGeorge McLaren
113441 Pte William McLarnon Kathleen McLarnon Northwest Territories, Canada
111368PteJames Alexander McLauchlin
838553PteAlexander McLean
MajorCharles Herbert McLean, DSO
838144 Pte Colin McLean Linda Heffernan Ontario, Canada
1066041PteDougald Alexander McLean
157630PteFrederick John McLean
111370PteHarry N McLean
1066046PteRobert Thomas McLean
1066145PteThomas Alexander McLean
113442PteWilliam Joseph McLean
835316PteWilliam Wallace McLean
111375PteJohn Leonard McLellan
111376PteDaniel Frank McLeod
172254PteHerbert Milton McLeod
430904PteJohn McLeod
838792CplJohn Alexander McLeod
111312PteKenneth McLeod
3231406PtePeter McLeod
669805PteJohn Sherman McMahon
113443PteHugh McManus
727070PteWilliam Earl McMaster
755141CplColin Angus McMillan
109523PteDaniel Thompson McMillan
838675PteDonald Smith McMillan
1003067LtErnest Victor McMillan, MC
838347 Pte Dougall John McMillan The Royal Canadian Legion #6 Owen Sound, Ontario
838146PteWilliam James McMillan
109158 LCpl Frederick James McMullen, MM Art Hubbs New York, USA
3107556PteJohn Washington McMullen
111378PteJohn McMullin
111379CplJohn Herbert McMullon
1066022LCplAllan John McNab
3107546PteDuncan Alexander McNabb
109524 Pte Walter Cameron McNair Bruce McNair London, Ontario
112101SgtRobert McNally
1066143PteCharles Hodgkinson McNalty
763733CplEdward Francis McNaughton
111382PteDuncan McNeil
1066101PteHarry Gladstone McNeill
401547PteWilliam McNeilly
3106553PteJoseph McNulty
401811PteDonald McPhail
214120PteAlbert McPhee
3108211PteDonald Alex Jr. McPhee
510468PteDavid Littlejohn McPhee
109159CplAllister Ross McPherson
190168PteDouglas Herman McPherson
158520CplHugh McPherson
220259 LCpl Ross Edgar McPherson Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
116376PteWilliam Urquhart McPherson
113448PteWilliam Henry R. McQuade
111610C.S.M.Roy McQuarrie, DCM
226759PteHugh Mack McQueen
113449LCplAlex Grant McRae
111388PteCharles Abraham McRae
633922PteDuncan John McSweyn
633921PteJohn Angus McSweyn
835531PteFrederick McTaggart
109525 Pte James McVittie Timothy McCraken UK
1003334PteRobert McWatch
727196 Pte Walter Meachen Malcolm Meachen London, England
109482PteEdward Mead
3033463PteJohn Joseph Meade
400840 Pte Horace Mears David Kavanagh UK
159627PteThomas Meddings
835367PteArchie Meeks
109483LCplArthur Harold Meggs
171507 Cpl James Percy Melross Gail Paton Ontario, Canada
109484PteJohn Alexander Menary
LtJohn Stanley Menish
Major Albert Percy Menzies, MC Harry MacKendrick Alberta, Canada
113393 Pte Clifford Merkley Vincent Goudsmet West Vlaanderen, Belgium
3033548PteGeorge Henry Merkley
838339PteHoward Stanley Merriam
113394LCplKenneth Merriam, MM
3033566PteAbel George Merrick
109485PteWilliam Charles Merriman
109723PteWilliam John Merrington
3033650PteAlbert Stanley Merritt
144993 Pte Andrew Emmett Mesick
(served as Howard Martin)
Leo Belval USA
213866PteArthur Kent Meston
835580PtePercy Duke Metcalfe
679131PteThomas George Metcalfe
727158PteEdward John Metherell
637056PteClovis Michaud
3231534PteFrederick Mick
4015PteWilliam Middleton
172239PteCecil John Mildenhall
157086PteEdward Miles
109487PteHenry Walter Miles
158636LCplWilliam Miles
636642PteWilliam Thomas Miles
405798PteRobert Fraser McIntosh Millar
144511PteRobert William Millar
763237PteCharles Hibbert Millard
838328PteCecil Miller
838676PteCharles Shaw Miller
409162 Pte Daniel Miller George Auer Ontario, Canada
144610C.S.M.David Miller Miller
50729SgtEllis Clayton Miller
835321 Pte Everett Edwin Miller David Kavanagh UK
401095PteFrederick H. Miller
1066100PteGeorge Miller
158158PteHenry Edward Miller
171335PteIrving Henry Miller
838133PteJack Ackard Miller
113397PteJohn Miller
835349PteJoseph Miller
3108047PteNorman Emery Miller
802852PteWilfrid Blake Miller
157644PteLancelot Arthur Millership
109488PteCharles Joseph Milligan
113398CplAlbert Mills
514416PteAlfred Ernest Milliken
Lt Harris McClure Mills Daniel Burgess Brampton, Ontario
109489 Pte Henry Mills Margaret Roper Toronto, Ontario
Capt. Leslie Gordon Mills Pete Maxfield England
835153PteWilliam Cleveland Mills
3107948PteWilliam James Mills
158146PteJohn Parick Ernest Milne
1066004 Pte Bert George Minard The Royal Canadian Legion #6 Owen Sound, Ontario
1066109PteWilbert James Minard
636469PteSandy Alexander Mindle
838545LCplHerbert Mineard
633787PteJoseph Miron
1006684LSgtAlastair Ronald Hanley Mitchell
171657A.CplGeorge Mitchell
109490PteGeorge Edward Mitchell
3108220PteHiram Mitchell
113400PteJohn Mitchell
109491 C.S.M. James Buchanan Mitchell, DCM Dave Mitchell South Africa
109492PteNeil Mitchell
109493LtReginald Mitchell, MC
109494LSgtRobert Norval Mitchell
803103PteStanley Moral Mitchell
171658LCplWilliam Chambers Mitchell, DCM
401321LCplWilliam Earl Mitchell
109495PteHarold Charles Mitchener
158144PteWilliam Patrick Moad
838331CplJames Mobbs
109496A.SgtAlbert Henry Modley
109497PteJohn Moir
111330PteHenry Alfred Mombourquette
401309PteWilliam Monckton
3101336PteOrphila Mondoux
835122 Pte John George Monds David Monds Ontario, Canada
113404PteAnthony Mongour
113405PteGeorge William Mongraw
109498A.SgtArthur James Monk
Capt.Norman Monk
3033184 Pte John Edward (Le) Monnier Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
3032970PteJohn Montgomery
109155SgtReginald Lowther Montgomery
163637PteRobert James Montgomery
802639PteAlbert Moody
111614PteEdward Alec Moody
637027LCplAlexander Moon
LtEdward James Mooney
109156PteAlfred George Moore, MC
109499CplArthur Moore
201075PteCharles Harold Moore
491326CplDavid W. Moore
135935PteGeorge Moore
109500A.SgtGeorge Wilfred Moore
109501PteHarold Moore
727586 Lt Harry Moore David Donkin Canada
LtHerbert Edward Moore
400931PteJohn Moore
109502PteJohn Moore
157647CplJohn Moore
862643PteJohn Reginald Moore
838782PteWilliam Moore
648653SgtWilliam Arthur Moore
Major Walter Norwood Moorhouse
DSO & Croix de Guerre
Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
3033408PteCharles Stanley Moores
491286SgtFrederick Moorman
471159PteStanley Moors
2161340A.SgtAndrew Moran
112261A.SgtFrederick Moran
3032880PteJohn Bernard Moran
401587PteFrederick Samuel More
835451PteEdwin Morey
157648PteThomas William Henry Morfitt
109503 Pte Edward Clarence Morgan David Kavanagh UK
2507340PteJohn Edward Morgan
109504B.Q.M.S.Percy William Morgan
109609PteThomas Henry Morgan

(aka Herbert Smith)
805553 Pte Robert Henry Morley Linda Heffernan Ontario, Canada
172245LCplOswald Boyd Morrall
405363 Pte Albert Morris David Kavanagh UK
633129PteGeorge Morris
LtGeorge Morrisey
201649PteDavid Lachlan Morrison
109505PteJames William Morrison
839024A.CplMarshall Harold Morrison
727468PtePreston Roy Morrison
838543PteAndrew Albert Mort
853305PteGeroge Dean Langton Morton
338110PteWalter Joseph Morton
838544PteWesley Ernest Morton
636230LCplWilliam Ashmills Mosier
113409 Pte David William Mossman Art Hubbs New York, USA
113410PteFred Mott
835787 Pte Harold Mouck Peggy Mouck Canada
109507 Pte John Moulding David Kavanagh UK
727780PteAlfred Joseph Moulton
158137SgtMatthew Moulton
172249PteEdward Joseph Moylan
Capt. William Robert Muirhead David Kavanagh UK
Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
471092PteLohyn Mul
158141PteJohn Thomas Mullaly
802742PteClifford Franklin Mullen
159535PteJames Mullen
109508PteRobert Mullinder
400585PteJohn Mullins
111338SgtAlfred Melbourne Mundle
839102PteBenjamin Percival Munns
113414PteAngus Munro
159673PteWilliam Francis Munro
838972PteWilliam Thomas Munro
111340PteRobert William John Munt
1027601PteRobert James Murdock
285686PteWilfred Charles Murison
491108SgtGeorge St.Clair Murphy
158138PteMichael John Murphy
53488SgtRoy Donald Murphy, MM
109509 Pte Douglas Murray Ian Murray Ontario, Canada
Paula Mazerolle Ontario, Canada
Olivier Hancart France
159154PteEdward Joseph Murray
109150 Pte George Murray Greg Murray Ontario, Canada
111344SgtHarold Edward Murray
410999PteRobert Murray
1027548PteRobert Arthur Murray
109157CplWilliam Murray
109512 Pte William George Murray Ian Murray Ontario, Canada
109511PteWalter Harry Murray
401462PteErnest Myers
112265PteHarry Anthony Myers
LtJacob Ray Myers
158156PteRobert Patterson Myers
158154PteWilliam Russell Myers