In Memoriam

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Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
111482Cpl.Charles Olin Taber
838426Cpl.Sherwood Tackaberry
157712Pte.Jacob Arthur Taggart
113590Pte.Richard William Henzla Tait
113046Pte.James Henry Talbot
835591Pte.Thomas Bruce Tallen
835265Sgt.Nelson Henry Tamblin
Sgt.James Andrew Tamblingson
109633A.Sgt.William Henry Tasker
214185Sgt.Andrew Taylor
Capt.Allan Elsworth Taylor, DSO
109173Pte.Arthur Edward Taylor
838192Pte.Clayton Joseph Taylor
109634Pte.Ernest Arthur Taylor
172308Pte.Edmund Henry John Taylor
109635Pte.Frank Stanley Taylor
109636Pte.George Edward Taylor
401027Pte.George F. Taylor
727685Pte.Harold Cecil Taylor
3033019Pte.John Taylor
838762Pte.John Samuel Taylor
602665Pte.Joseph Taylor
109637Pte.Lawrence Richard Taylor
214276Cpl.Malcolm Edward Taylor
803001Pte.Norman Taylor
109638L/Sgt.Oscar Neville Taylor
1066034Pte.Ross Harry Taylor
171853Cpl.Thearn Adolphus Taylor
109639Pte.Walter Alex Taylor
648894Pte.William Elmer Taylor
113591Pte.William Teabo
835808 Pte. William Henry Teal Linda Heffernan Ontario
109174Pte.George Tear
838581Pte.William David Tedford
113592Pte.George Telfer
649111Pte.George Edgar Telford
3235653Pte.George Augustus Temple
109640Pte.John Hay Templeton
799022Sgt.Walter Terrell
213174Pte.Joseph James Terry
1003402Pte.Amable Theriault
213953Pte.Charles Robert Thomas
Lt.Edward Arnold Thomas
838423Pte.George Edward Thomas
669822Pte.Milton Thomas
839096Pte.Richard Thomas
916125Pte.Robert Thomas
109641Pte.Walter Frederick Thomas
636458Pte.William Henry Thomas
835722Pte.George Earl Franklin Thomlison
835697Pte.Jown Wesley Thomlison
109642 Pte. Alfred Thompson Murray Christenson Toronto, Ontario
838771Pte.Arthur Frederick Thompson
109643Pte.Eldon Thompson
109644Pte.Ernest Thompson
1027553Pte.Everett Roy Thompson
213449Pte.Gabe Thompson
201928Pte.George Lawrence Thompson
401835Pte.Henry Thompson
835298Pte.Herbert Bernard Thompson
1003380Pte.James Thompson
109645Pte.John Thompson
1003696Pte.John Earl Thompson
512945Pte.John James Thompson
157509 Sgt. Joseph Thompson Bryan Joyce Ontario
1066269Sgt.Joseph William Thompson
3038648Pte.Nelson James Thompson
113594Cpl.Sydney Thompson
404621Sgt.Vernon Douglas Thompson
1066238Cpl.Walter John Richard Thompson, MM
1066222Pte.William John Thompson
838197Pte.Alvin Thomson
158693Cpl.Archibald Barr Thomson
Lt.Frank Clifford Thomson, MC
171389Pte.James Thomson
3107624Pte.John Stephen Thomson
157716Pte.Walter Opie Thomson
226371Pte.Ronald Frank Thorne
109646 Cpl. Peter Simpson Thornton Jeff Thornton Ontario
John Thornton Ontario
109647Pte.William Thorpe
512838Pte.John Henry Thrift
159197Pte.Cecil Frederick Thurlow
648891 Pte. Robert Thwaites David ThwaitesOntario, Canada
171542 Sgt. Robert Edward Thwaites David Thwaites Ontario, Canada
171543 Sgt. Matthew Tickner Christopher Russo Cleveland, Ohio
Capt.Philip Charles Tidy, MC
838785Pte.Henry Elden Tilker
159584Pte.Harry Edward Timlock
3106097Pte.Robert Edgar Timms
157717Pte.George Henry Timson
213170Pte.Stanley Tink
838663Pte.Leslie F. H. W. Tippin
333940Lt.Lionel Cory Tobias
Lt.Thomas Todd
835512Pte.William Mann Todd, DCM
171695Pte.William Toms
113599L/Cpl.William J. Toohmey
158697CSM.Sidney Samuel Tooke
113600Pte.Albert Humphrey Tooze
201993Pte.George Frederick Topham
213675Cpl.David Torrance
214255Pte.James Wesley Torrance
1066184 L/Cpl. Angus Murdock Torrie Lynn Matthison Stratford, Ontario
838584Pte.Frederick Torry
158013L/Cpl.John Marroner Totten, MM
814271A.Cpl.Magloire Joseph Touchette
727164Sgt.Victor George Tovell
153314Pte.James Towers
21892 Lt. John William Townhill, MC Jerry Townhill Sussex, UK
Nicholas Townhill Somerset, UK
3231303Pte.Stephen Harold Townsend
213247Pte.Douglas Oxford Arthur Townshend
405447Pte.Earl John Townshend
109648L/Cpl.Bert Tracey
111492Pte.John Edward Patrick Tracey
111491Pte.James Boyle Tracey
136513Pte.Ernest Walter Trafford
159193Pte.Frank Travers
285088Cpl.Albert Edward Traviss
838702 Pte. Bert James Traviss The Royal Canadian Legion #6 Owen Sound, Ontario
Bryan Joyce Ontario
109649Cpl.William Thomas Treadwell
213376Pte.Harry Albert Trembley
157719Cpl.Herbert Trimm
159708Pte.Ambrose Trobridge
171544Sgt.Douglas Troke
171545Sgt.Gilbert George Troke
113601Cpl.Gordon Truckle
113602Cpl.Stanley Truckle
838422 Pte. Ernest Victor Trump Geoffrey Holdsworth Canada
401716Pte.William Henry Truswell
835242Pte.George Anthony Tryon
835441Pte.William Hubert Tryon
171856Pte.Robert William Tuck
109650Sgt.Charles William Tucker
109651 RSM. Frederick Walter Tucker Matthew Scarlino Canada
144816Pte.Michael William Tucker
838865Pte.Henry Alexander Tudor
214149Pte.Glen Tuffin
109652Pte.Frederick Turner
401352Pte.George Robert Turner
727127 Pte. Herbert Walter Turner Lorne Sedore Canada
159582Pte.James Turner
237415Pte.John Turner
408903Sgt.Percy Turner, DCM
401451Pte.Reginald Turner
3230169Pte.John F. Turney
835559Pte.Alexander Turpin
835719Pte.Thomas Alfred Turpin
201288Pte.George Tutton
111497Pte.George Tweed
213494Pte.John Tweedie
111498A.Sgt.William John Vange Tweedie
109175Sgt.Thomas Alexander Tyler