In Memoriam

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'C'    -    Cable  to  Cutts

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
136455Pte.Charles James Cable
159053Pte.Walter Cade
633224Pte.Harry Cadieux
634056Pte.Midi Cadieux
3031852Pte.Alphonse Cadorette
273034Pte.Frederick Cain
171288Pte.George William Cain
159666Pte.Walter Cain
3037922Pte.Santo Calarino
135008Sgt.John Gunn Calder
880003Pte.Robert John Calderwood
113125Pte.Clelland Caldwell
111068Pte.James Caldwell
3233432Pte.William Callahan (born Wm. Errard)
405540A.Sgt.William Herbert Callan
159052Pte.George Callow
158070Pte.William Alfred Callow
633373Pte.Angus Calvank
171746Pte.Joseph Calveley
159040Pte.Ernest Albert Calverley
Lt.Alexander Cameron
111602Pte.Albert Alexander Cameron
214314Pte.Clifford Cameron
3040006Pte.Donald Eben Cameron
835274Pte.Murveal Cameron
111071Pte.Robert Cameron
839004Cpl.Robert Allan Cameron
3107195Pte.Stewart Angus Cameron
727073Pte.Alfred Camp
400517Sgt.Angus Malcolm Camp
633102Pte.Archie Campbell
3035796Pte.Arthur Campbell
506252Pte.Charles James Campbell
109257L/Cpl.Charles Wilmot Campbell
135107Pte.Donald Campbell
838033 Pte. George James Campbell John Crawford Ottawa
George Auer Ontario
201757Pte.Gerald Sutherland Campbell
3039913Pte.Hugh Campbell
172132Pte.James Campbell
3038568Pte.John Archibald Campbell
Lt. John Duncan Campbell Wendy Chaloux Ontario
838607 Pte. John Thomas Campbell George Auer Ontario
835503Pte.Leeman Gerald Campbell
649216 Pte. Malcolm Campbell George Auer Ontario
2500483Pte.Norman Dewer Campbell
406490Pte.Peter Muir Campbell
838032 Pte. Roy Emerson Campbell George Auer Ontario
838031 Pte. William Fawcett Campbell George Auer Ontario
113126Pte.William Harold Campbell
135108Pte.Richard James Canfor
648131 L/Cpl. Donald George Cant Mark Springate Ipswich, England
Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
172130Pte.John Joseph Cantwell
1066197 Pte. Archibald Euart Carbert George Auer Ontario
839026 Pte. Frederick Carder George Auer Ontario
400924Pte.Frederick Carfrae
491258Pte.Robert Carfrae
285544Pte.Hugh Carlin
159038Pte.Walter Andrew Carlyle
135444Pte.George Lloyd Carmichael
135993Pte.Richard Carney
835895Pte.Joseph Wilkinson Caroll
802971Pte.Alfred Carpenter
853065Pte.Edward Albin Carpenter
213987Pte.Frederick Lewis Watson Carpenter
159768Cpl.George Everett Carpenter
3039956Pte.Alfred Carr
835969Pte.Arthur Carr
838036 Sgt. George Carr, DCM George Auer Ontario
633209Pte.Osbourne Homer Carr
838035 Pte. William Edward Carr George Auer Ontario
455799Cpl.William John Carr
9431Sgt.Maurice Cecil Carradus
3032466Pte.Walter James Carragher
135109Pte.John Williamson Carrick
226393Pte.Milton Oscar Carrier
835475 Pte. Arthur Carroll Bryan Joyce Ontario
214166Pte.Charles Carroll
3230989Pte.Charles Alfred Carroll
3039914Pte.Charles Ward Carroll
3040025Pte.George Carroll
109109Pte.John Henry Carroll
135445 Sgt. Christopher George Carruthers Kennedy GilliesKirkcudbrightshire, Scotland
Michael Carruthers Dumfries, Scotland
109110Pte.George Carruthers
109111Sgt.William Robert Carruthers, MM
835251Pte.Errel Roy Carscallen
111080Sgt.Charles Wesley Carson
838893 Pte. Joseph Charles Carson George Auer Ontario
3107199Pte.William Carson
111082Pte.John Francis Carten
3107200Pte.Frank Ernest Carter
135446Cpl.Herbert Cecil Carter
135677Pte.Joseph Carter
190229Pte.Joseph Carter
401455 Pte. John Oliver Carter Lorne Carter Goderich, Ontario
113129A.L/Cpl.John William Carter
491136Pte.Robert Edward Carter
135673Pte.Theodore Carter
727826Pte.Thomas Edward Carter
769682Pte.Clarence Charles Archibald Carton
109258Pte.Leonard Carton
602460Pte.Ernest Cartwright
160092L/Cpl.Thomas Alexander Cartwright
109112Pte.Willard Irving Carty
401686Pte.Edward Cary
862323Pte.Albert Osmond Case
109259Pte.Frederick Casey
113131Pte.Thomas Casey
3039957Pte.Stephen Daniel Casmus
1027396Pte.Charles Wesley Cassalman
634039Pte.James Franklin Cassalman
109113Pte.John William Cassell
113132Pte.Banks Frederick Casson
3037328Pte.Reuben John Castator
135448Pte.William Franklin Castle
201340Pte.John Albert Catchpole
1066241 Pte. Louis Catley George Auer Ontario
135449Pte.Allan Robert Cattell
838490 Pte. Albert Victor Catton George Auer Ontario
3107449Pte.Colin Caughell
136549Pte.William Huyton Caunce
727088 Sgt. Cecil Calder Cavell Jim Busby Winnipeg
835514Pte.Francis Archibald Caverley
Lt.Col. William Vaux Chadwick Art Hubbs New York, USA
109260L/Cpl.Robert Chaffey
159512Pte.William Lamont Chalmers
113134Pte.Bruce Chambers
636635Pte.Charles Chambers
513030Pte.Dougal Brenton Wight Chambers
3233541Pte.Robert Henry Chambers
135994A.Sgt.William Killock Chambers
727753L/Cpl.Richard Clarkson Chamney
835268Pte.Norman Charles Champagne
109261Pte.John Armstrong Chanler
171267Pte.Bryan Hulton Chapman
136550Pte.George Chapman
171254 Sgt. Mosley Somerville Chapman Martin Scarlino Canada
405217Pte.Arthur John Chappel
406977Pte.George Chappell
1063044Pte.Sanford Chard
3107203Pte.Oliver Charlebois
109262Pte.Joseph James Charles
Lt.Henry Pierson Charters
727119Pte.John Sidney Chase
213488Pte.William Chayter
135110A.Sgt.Dudley Maurice Cheele
633786Pte.Oliver Chenard
Lt. James A. B. Chenney Mike Kavanagh UK
158555Pte.Frederick Charles Cherry
135680 Pte. Stephen Cherry Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
172393Pte.James Chillman
3231281Pte.Archibald Hugh Chisholm
3030089Pte.James Chisholm
109263Pte.Duncan Archibald Christie
491098Pte.Herbert Chrysler
109264Pte.William George Clackett
3231090Pte.Wilfred Ross Clancy
158060Pte.Leonard Clanfield
727508Pte.Charles Clarance
838492 Pte. Campbell Clark George Auer Ontario
109265Pte.Charles Clark
Lt.Christie Thomas Clark
401454 Pte. Ernest Clark Lorne Carter Goderich, Ontario
406284Pte.Ernest Clark
838717 Sgt. Edward Henry Clark George Auer Ontario
135111Sgt.George Clark
113136Pte.George Henry Clark
3033881Pte.George Stanley Clark
Capt. Gregory Clark, MC George Auer Ontario
3107207Pte.Isban Allen Clark
766550Pte.James Russell Clark
835172Pte.Robert Clark
111092 Cpl. Stanley Otis Clark Bryan Joyce Ontario
159513Pte.Thomas George Clark
1066254 Pte. William John Clark George Auer Ontario
109266Cpl.William Thompson Clark
838657 Pte. Adam Buchanan Clarke George Auer Ontario
3038941Pte.Ardon Clarke
135683 Lt. Arthur Clarke, MC Sue Selfe England
528543Pte.Cecil Clarke
835623Pte.Charles Conway Clarke
158057A.Sgt.Ernest George Clarke
111093Pte.Frank James Clarke
136204Pte.George Herbert Clarke
144831Pte.George Victor Clarke
136441 L/Sgt. Horace James Clarke, MM Mike Kavanagh UK
Lt. Lionel Esmonde Clarke Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
136205Pte.Leonard Eugene Clarke
213567L/Cpl.Norman Clarke
636784L/Cpl.Robert John Clarke, DCM
135454Pte.George Alfred Clarkson
158564Pte.Lawrence Clarkson
109267Pte.George Henry Classen
109268Pte.William Andrew Clawsey
111095 Pte. Ernest Gerard I. Clayton Tim Bradley Canada
136551Pte.Joseph Charles Clayton
111096 Pte. Joshua Samuel Clayton Tim Bradley Canada
636788Pte.William Cleave
113137Pte.Thomas Owen Clegg
171600Pte.Robert Cleland
2591165Pte.Mutius Vincent Clementi
183088Pte.Alec Clements
111097 Cpl. Alleyn Young Clements Kevin Clements Ontario, Canada
109269Pte.George Clements
172137Sgt.Henry Clements
201563Pte.Jack Clementson
157022Sgt.Lloyd Winford Cline, Croix de Guerre
838864 Pte. John William Clinton George Auer Ontario
285165Pte.Frank Hilliard Cloakey
113138L/Cpl.Robert Edmund Clubley
3031809Pte.Alfred Ridgeway Clucas
109270Pte.Albert Edward Coates
157553A.Sgt.Charles Coates
400972Pte.George Herbert Ernest Coates
3235445Pte.Joseph Thomas Coates
751478Pte.Leslie Gordon Cochrane
158058Pte.Alfred Cockburn
Lt.Alexander Bell Cockburn
475044A.Cpl.James Cockburn
109271Sgt.Harry Cockcroft
109272Pte.Wallace Cockeram
Lt. Harvey Watt Cockshutt Mike Kavanagh UK
838055 Pte. William Coffie George Auer Ontario
113140Pte.James Coghill
502601Pte.John Bailey Coghill
634040Pte.George Coker
158061Pte.Arthur Cole
3037325Pte.Albert Victor Cole
835370Sgt.Earl Spencer Cole
109274Pte.Edward Cole
835315 Pte. Edward William Cole Linda Heffernan Ontario
158052Pte.George Arthur Cole
409103 Pte. James Stanley Cole George Cole Ontario
109114Sgt.Albert Coleman
113142Pte.Henry James Coleman
Major.William E. L. Coleman, MC+Bar
109273Cpl.Arthur Gordon Coles
823494Pte.Charles John William Collard
158559Pte.Frank Colley
285301Pte.Percy Joseph Collingridge
158566Pte.Albert James Collins
2498988Pte.Clarges Reid Collins
135115Pte.Frank Collins
159045Pte.George Collins
113144L/Cpl.James Frederick Collins
109276Sgt.James Philip Collins
1004085Pte.John Collins
109275Sgt.John Bernard Collins
727417Pte.John Jack Collins
171751Pte.Richard Henry Collins
113145Pte.Samuel Robert Collins
109277 Pte. Charles Herbert Collyer Art Hubbs New York, USA
838045 Pte. Charles Colyer George Auer Ontario
1003873Pte.David Greer Commanda
3231255Pte.George Commeau
835240Pte.Joseph Edward Commodore
401728 Pte. Fred Conbeer Bob Richardson Ontario
838048 Pte. Dennis Confrey George Auer Ontario
201140Pte.Michael Patrick Conlan
111106Sgt.George Edward Conley
136206Pte.Oscar Conley
111107L/Cpl.Walter Conley
3037147Pte.Franklin Peter Conlin
113009Sgt.Bernard Collins Connelly, MM
838046 Pte. John McNiven Connolly George Auer Ontario
3233519Pte.Stephen Connolly
3033486Pte.James Wellington Connor
1004137Pte.Lucien Bowen Conrad
109278L/Cpl.Matthew Beecher Conron
491090Pte.George Henry Constant
109279Pte.Harry Cook
1009365Pte.James Charles Cook
491312Pte.Reginald Joseph Cook
401777Pte.Sidney Cook
401778Pte.William Cook
159721Pte.William Henry Cook
158064CSM.William Henry Cook
1066030 Pte. William John Cook George Auer Ontario
158053 Pte. Collins Alexander Cooke Ken & Catherine Switzer Northern Ireland
Jeff Cooke Ontario
159661 Pte. David Greer Cooke Ken & Catherine Switzer Northern Ireland
Jeff Cooke Ontario
210221Lt.Gordon Victor Cooke
159756 Pte. John Orme Cooke Jeff Cooke Ontario
401644A.Sgt.Robert Cooke
3233648Pte.William Alfred Cooney
633106Pte.Clifford Coons
513682Pte.Albert Cooper
648192Pte.Charles Arthur Cooper
491060 Pte. George Cooper Art Hubbs New York, USA
835732Pte.George Alexander Cooper
649120Pte.George Kirkham Cooper
669089 Pte. William John Cooper Chris Thompson Toronto
839133 Pte. Frank Edward Cope George Auer Ontario
113147Pte.Horace Cope
404813Pte.James Frederick Corbett
636584Pte.Harry Corby
835291Pte.William Thomas Corey
669840L/Cpl.Sidney James Watts Corneil
727253Pte.Ernest James Cornelius
158565Pte.George Cort
(aka George P. Linkson)
109280Pte.Ernest Eugene Cosby
144554Pte.Dominic Cosenzo
3231106Pte.William Cosgrove
648193Pte.Emile Cote
3033039Pte.Paul Cote
113149Sgt.W. E. Douglas Cottrell
3231366Pte.Pierre Couroux
651813Pte.William Richard Court
157147L/Cpl.Robert John Courtney
633671Pte.David Cousineau
159049Sgt.Michael William Cousineau
158067Pte.Albert Edward Cousins
835848L/Cpl.Thomas William Cousins
109281Pte.Joseph Couture
159606Pte.Norman Samuel Cowan
171753Pte.Robert Charles Cowan
171445Pte.Francis Coward
113150Pte.William Cowler
491310Pte.Walter Cowley
835287Pte.Ernest Elie Cox
172396Pte.Henry James Cox
225414 Pte. Hiram "Harry" Cox Doug Crofts Canada
835289Pte.Nathaniel Cox
171606Pte.Thomas Henry Cox
158066Lt.James Cambell Coxford
670069L/Cpl.Richard Coyne
3231121Pte.William Patrick Coyne, MM
172145Cpl.William Arthur Coysh
109282 Pte. Russell Alexander Cragg John Cragg Duncan, B.C.
159574A.Sgt.George Craig
113151Pte.Michael Patrick Craig
109283Pte.Ray Jonathan Craig
111116A.Sgt.John Hubert Craigie
838875 Pte. Andrew Craik George Auer Ontario
838705 Pte. William Craik George Auer Ontario
113152Pte.Frank Cramer
139541 Pte. George Crane Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
201769 Pte. John Edward Crane Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
172146Pte.Robert Herbert Crane
1063008Pte.Austin Bunbury Crank
838601 Pte. Earl Cranney George Auer Ontario
109284 Cpl. Langford Duer Cranstoun Steve Cranstoun Ontario
Eric Cranstoun Ontario
139049Pte.Edward Thomas Crawford
109285Sgt.Harry Crawford
835020Pte.James Wilson Crawford
111118 CSM Merton Crawford, MM High School Project Subject Canada
838494 A.Cpl. Samuel Crawford George Auer Ontario
111119Pte.William Crawford
157120Pte.Albert John Crawley
401688Pte.Harry John Crawley
405013Pte.Henry Creagen
838256 Sgt. Russell Alexander Crecine Leone Crecine Montreal
Bernice Crecine Montreal
Mary Jane Crecine Montreal
April Martinez Montreal
George Auer Ontario
113154Pte.Alfred George Crisp
111120 Pte. Harold Crocker Seema Canada
491253Pte.John Date Crocker
109286Cpl.William Cecil Crocker
838053 Pte. Victor Stanley Croft George Auer Ontario
838254 Pte. William Henry Croft George Auer Ontario
113155 Pte. Ernest Henry Crofts Art Hubbs New York, USA
158068Pte.William Crompton
172129Pte.Charles Edward Cromwell
448065Pte.Thomas Crookall
109287 Pte. Harold Sidney Cropley CFB Borden Ontario
835878Pte.Thomas Cropp
1027722Pte.John Crosnisky
835844Pte.Edwin Cross
1027395 Pte. George Richard Cross Ron Cross Ontario
839161 Pte. Roy Albert Cross George Auer Ontario
157562Pte.Thomas Bassett Crosswell
838261 Pte. Dudley Beaumont Crouch George Auer Ontario
171293Pte.Thomas Crouch
839155 Sgt. Nelson Ross Crowe, MM Aimee Robison Owen Sound, Ont.
George Auer Ontario
158556Pte.Dennis Leonard Crowley
109288Pte.Stanley Lavern Cruickshank
109289Pte.William Cruickshank
23255Cpl.Albert Crump
2537341Pte.Frederick Crump
805569Pte.Frederick Cryderman
3032235Pte.William Edward Cubbage
113007Pte.Trevor Legette Cuffe
409224Pte.Peter Cullen
472386L/Cpl.Gordon Bray Cumming
142082Pte.Michael James Cummings
3032467Pte.Robert Cunningham
113008 Pte. Arthur John Cuppage Don Jenkins Canada
338134Pte.Walter Curlew
669949Pte.John Wilson Curran (a.k.a. Curn)
3235549Pte.David George Currie
109290 Pte. John Curtis Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
109115Pte.Percival G Curtis
113158Pte.Stephen Curtis
172128Sgt.William Thomas Curtis
1027156Pte.Benjamin Wellington Curzon
648209Pte.Emile Cusson
838979 Pte. Gordon Rufus Cutting George Auer Ontario
159051S/Sgt.Alvara Cutts