In Memoriam

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'P'    -    Paddock  to  Pypre

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
157654Pte.James Paddock
144672A.Sgt.Henry Edward Page, MM
636275Pte.Arthur Wellington Paget
835670Pte.Richard Ernest Palamountain
491080Sgt.Fred Palmer
436748Pte.George Percival Palmer
3031508Pte.Kenneth Palmer
111407Pte.Roy Stevenson Palmer
649222Pte.Richard Vincent Palmer
649384Pte.John Panacevich
649349Pte.Vacily Panacewich
3033469Pte.George Papas
171932Pte.Herald Pape
633610Pte.Alphonse Paquette
634159Pte.Moses Paquette
1003149Pte.Adelard Parent
158661 Pte. Ernest Parent Chuck Ellis Ontario, Canada
3108232Pte.Nelson Parent
109534Pte.James Paris
Capt.Frank Stewart Park
657961Pte.John Gordon Park
158165Pte.Bert Parker, MM
109535Sgt.Christopher Parker, MM
109536Cpl.Henry Parker
405377Pte.John Alexander Parker
172281Sgt.John William Parker
157657Pte.Leonard Thomas Parker
3030359Pte.Robert Hovey Parker
109537 Pte. Charles Arthur Parkes Garth Wetherall Ontario
171356Pte.Walter Parkes
171519Pte.Ernest William Parkin
109161Pte.James Parkin
767075Pte.Ernest Parkinson
835716Pte.Frederick Elgin Parks
636104 Pte. Thomas Henry Parks Linda Heffernan Ontario
2591116Pte.Richard Parks
111409Pte.Arthur Mason Parlee
111410Pte.George William Parlee
634156Pte.Edward Parmenter
113473Pte.Harold Parnell
113474 Pte. Arnold Parrington Art Hubbs New York, USA
113475Pte.Ralph Samuel Halfhide Parry
109538Pte.George Charles Parsons
491290Pte.Thomas Partington
839074Pte.George Henry Partridge
159668Lt.Charles Fred Pashler
3107579Pte.Surgie Patchett
159165Pte.Alexander Paterson
838157Pte.James Arthur Paterson
799367L/Sgt.William James Paterson
159717Pte.Sydney Patrick
159631A.Sgt.Gordon Norman Patry
401737Pte.Edward Patterson
113478Pte.Frank Patterson
Lt.-Col.William Reginald Patterson, DSO
838564L/Cpl.George Bertrum Patton
109162Pte.John Harley Paul
1063145Pte.Leslie Paul
633761 Pte. Napolean Paul Linda Heffernan Ontario
Lt.Francis Harold Paull
648699Pte.Adam Pauluxovich
109539Pte.William Pawley
159558Pte.George Pawling
835666Pte.William Frank Payea
727325 Pte. Edwin Payne Glenn Mealey NSW, Australia
405774Pte.George Payne
109540 Pte. Albert Grounds Peace Roderick Groundes-Peace Buckinghamshire, UK
113480Pte.Frederick Peace
727386Pte.Earl Norwood Peachey
201464Pte.Alexander Peake
Lt.Cecil Howard Peaker
201877Cpl.Emerson Albert Pearce
113481Pte.Edward John Pearce
113482Pte.Harry Norman Pearce
838565Pte.Percy William John Pearce
172277A.Cpl.David Pearson
835450Pte.George Burton Pearson
405384 L/Cpl. Harry Pearson David Housman Otley, England
171937Pte.Arthur Edward Peck
159633Pte.John William Peet
3033755Pte.William August Peever
172276Pte.Harry Victor Pellow
171672Pte.Victor Fred Penfound
835483Pte.Joseph Albert Pennell
109541Sgt.George Joseph Alexander Penton
633062Pte.Frank Perault
213361Pte.Joseph Franklin Percival
838373Pte.Harold Edward Perkins
109542Pte.Leslie Perkins
835413Pte.William Mark Perkins
1003367Pte.Ruggles John Allan Perrier
727252Pte.Ernest Perry
109163 L/Cpl. Frank Wiltshire Perry Mike Kavanagh UK
113484Pte.Richard H. Perry, MC
113485Pte.Thomas Perry
835363Pte.Thomas Louis Perry
835668Pte.William Harvey Perryman
757406Pte.Clark Elliott Persall
835901Pte.Israel Peters
109543 Cpl. John Calvin Peters Lloyd Truscott Alberta, Canada
648707Pte.Joseph Thomas Gordon Peters
157526Sgt.Nial Denis Peters
835561Pte.Sidney Peters
113477Pte.Cyril Petersen
144220Pte.Peter Peterson
1027452Pte.Roland Petherbridge
109544 Sgt. Arthur Petherick Rosemary Craig Ontario
109545 Pte. Jack Petherick Rosemary Craig Ontario
113486Cpl.Omer Petit MM
172409Pte.Albert Pett
201881Pte.Arthur George Pettie
157661Sgt.Edward Victor Pettie, MM
159685Pte.William James Pettie
157662Cpl.James Pettigrew
648008 Sgt. Hubert Cyril Petty Arthur Petty & The Matrix Project Canada
Lt. Walter Henry Pfeffer George Auer Ontario
171938Pte.George Philip
Lt.Thomas Bruce Philips
3039581Pte.Edward Arthur Phillips
157663Pte.George Phillips
113487Pte.Leonard Earl Phillips
814736L/Cpl.Oscar Brod Phillips
109546Pte.Thomas Phillips
109547L/Sgt.Thomas Joseph Phillips
3040259Pte.Walter Overton Phillips
144827Pte.Alfred Philp
171522Pte.George Philp
109548Pte.Edwin Walter Philps
Lt.Howard Vincent Pickering
Lt.Benjamin Clifford Pierce
111417Pte.George Stanyan Piers
838375Pte.Victor Emerson Pike
Major.John Wesley Pilcher
648716Pte.Frederick Lloyd Pilgrim
1063119Pte.Hugh Pilgrim
649266 L/Cpl. Louis Pilkington Nancy Collins California, USA
Amber Coupe England
111624Pte.Oscar William Pingle
838377 Pte. Frederick James Pinkerton Bruce, Doug & John Gilbert Ontario
109549Lt.Harold Pinkerton
838566 Pte. Isaac Andrew Pinkerton Bruce, Doug & John Gilbert Ontario
109550Pte.George Smith Pirrie
602739Pte.James Miller Pirrie
633677Pte.Joseph Pitts
158006Pte.George Victor Plankenhorn
111418Sgt.William Joseph Plaster
491229L/Cpl.William Egbert Hendrick Platje
171673Pte.Vincent Vernon Platt
285469Pte.Frank Edward Plincke
633331Cpl.Joseph Plouffe
109164Sgt.Albert Plumer
157665Sgt.Alfred Henry Plummer, MM
Lt.Harry Lynne Plummer
240625Pte.Frederick Plumridge
649381Sgt.Hector Peter Poisson, MM
172408 Pte. John Henry Polson Andy Polson Clacton, England
104482Pte.Isaac Pomazon
514663Pte.Robert Ponton
171524Pte.Arthur Poole
159169Pte.Albert Edward Pope
400994Pte.Charles Porter
172273Pte.George Porter
157666Pte.Melville Seymour Porter
401651 Pte. William George Porter Rhonda-Lynn Robson Niagara Falls, Ontario
aka Ephraim John Robson
226491Pte.William Smith Porter
113488 Pte. Bert Nelson Post Chris Henzler London, UK
113489Pte.Bruce Post
144214 Cpl. James Archibald Post, DCM Mike Kavanagh UK
113490Pte.Rhynard Post
113491 L/Cpl. William Post Art Hubbs New York, USA
144008Pte.Henry Potter
109551 Sgt. William Augustus Oscar Potter Clarissa Wilson Devon, England
Vanessa Oldham Cumbria, England
Pauline Parke Devon, England
113492Pte.Alex Potvin
111421Pte.Arthur Yust Potvin
3317180Pte.Harry Thomas Powell
109552RQMS.Herbert Gale Powell
835528Pte.William Edmund Powell
171525Pte.William Stephen Powell
111424Pte.Herbert Powers
113495Pte.William Joseph Powers
111425L/Cpl.Beverley Conliffe Powys
Capt. Beecher Doran Poyser, MC Darrell Duthie Netherlands
159163 Sgt. Frank Pratt MM David Bluestein Canada
109553Pte.Russell Victor Pratt
835324Pte.Herbert Prentice
Lt. Joseph Hammill Prescott David Archer Ontario
113496Pte.Merle Prest
109165Pte.John Robert Prestage
657761Pte.Henry George Preston
113497Sgt.Sherman Hector Preston
109166Pte.John Francis Prestwick
214268Pte.John Walter Prettie
401415Sgt.John Pretty
113499Pte.Antonio Prezio
172415Pte.Arthur Price
1003844Pte.Arthur Edward Price
201086Sgt.George Edward Price
727009Sgt.Gilbert Fredrick Price, DCM
144977Pte.William John Price
669707CSM.Lawrence Ducharme Pridham
838370Pte.John Pridmore
109554Pte.Albert Priestley
835142Pte.William Pringle
111621Pte.William E. Pringle
727348Pte.William George Pringle
113501Pte.Arthur Pritchard
3232730Pte.Samuel Lee Pritzker
113037Pte.Harry Prosser
1066032 Pte. Clarence Clifford Deleree Proud Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
3231426Pte.Henry Proulx
158167Pte.Robert John Purdy
109555Pte.James Everett Purvis
835300L/Cpl.Thomas Ross Purvis
2499003Pte.Howard Gordon Pyke
171829Pte.Percy Bramwell Pyle
404918Pte.Alexander Pypre