In Memoriam

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'S'    -    Sabine  to  Symons

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
171369L/Sgt.William Sabine
633070Pte.George Sabourin
109583Pte.Charles Saddler
111588Pte.George Henry Sadler
109581 Pte. Russell Sadler Michele Bruton Davies Ontario, Canada
3107611Pte.Louis Arthur St. Cyr
649195Pte.Justaline St. James
633364Pte.Abram St. Louis
3108261Pte.Mark St. Louis
633363Pte.William Benjamin St. Louis
3106550Pte.Jean Baptiste St. Martin
220092Pte.Benjamin Alfones St. Pere
835100Pte.John Henry St. Pierre
835101Pte.Thomas Joseph St. Pierre
109584Pte.Dennis Sale, MM
405410Pte.Alfred James Salmon
158188Pte.Clarence Sewell Salmon
3108262Pte.Otto Alexander Salo
3107371Pte.James Salomone
835669A.Cpl.Carmen Russell Salsbury, DCM
213724Pte.Fred John Sammon
835763Pte.Robert Roy Samson
637143Pte.Alfred Sandell
727784Pte.James Cecil Sandercock
690752Pte.William George Sandercock
109169CSM.Robert Henry Sanders, DCM
159188Pte.William Henry Sanders
727291Pte.Arthur William Sanderson
109585 Cpl. Edward Henry Sanderson Jerry Sanderson Fesserton, Ontario
113531Lt.John Sang
109586Pte.Alexander Sanger
727285Pte.Thomas Edwin Sansom
633036Pte.Harry Saudelin
401211Pte.Charles John Saunders
400859Pte.David Saunders
3032632 Pte. Hubert Earl Saunders Ken Saunders Stirling, Ontario
111449Pte.John Thomas Saunders
113532 Pte. Joseph Michael Saunders Mike Kavanagh UK
1003464Pte.Thomas Saunders
648796Pte.Percy Herbert Saunderson
157680Pte.David William Sautman
633638Pte.James Francis Sauve
633439Pte.Philip Sauve
510809Pte.Allan Grant Savage
633093Pte.Arthur Savaria
454622Pte.Andrey Savastenuk
113041Sgt.Harry Percival Saville
109588 Cpl. Herbert Scarborough Colleen Leonard Ontario
Kenneth Lyle Ontario
3108000Pte.Edgar Adam Ryder Schafer
1093072Pte.Joseph Henry Schamerhorn
491199Pte.Frank Schiels
835482Pte.Samuel Schofield
109589 Pte. Garrat Hiram Lorne Schram Kevin Schram Ottawa, Ontario
225394Pte.Charles Albert Schwab
1066001Cpl.Herbert Otto Schwan
3235532Pte.William Harold Scorgie
158179Pte.Alfred William Scott
Lt.Allen Lyall Scott
109590 Pte. Frank Edward Scott John Segain Feucht, Germany
Major.Harold Archibald Scott
745199Pte.James Harold Scott
111612Pte.Joseph Scott Scott
Major.William Hepburn Scott, MC
Capt. Morris Allaire Scovil Pete Maxfield England
285359Pte.Harold Scrimshaw
113536Pte.William Edward Scully
171530L/Sgt.George Seabourne
916347Pte.Richard Thomas Seagrave
405113Pte.George Seale
401448Pte.Alfred Seaman
775819Pte.Charles Frederick Searl
405415Pte.William Thomas John Searl
201690Pte.John William Searles
109591Pte.Reginald Sears
838648Pte.Arthur James Seaward
109592Pte.Leslie Stuart Seccombe
109593Pte.Earl Llewellyn Seddon
3030911Pte.Ralph Seddon
835244Pte.John Roy Sedore
727620 Pte. Frederick Charles Seehaver Simon Grayson Sussex, UK
727692 A.Sgt. George Ernest Seehaver Simon Grayson Sussex, UK
648801 Sgt. Peter James Seeley, DCM & MM Peter O'Malley Ontario
113537Pte.Daniel Leo Seguin
838672Pte.Joseph Seguin
633594Pte.Raoul Seguin
105116Pte.Harry Grigory Sekun
213398Pte.John Percy Selway
838415 Pte. Charles Oliver Sensabaugh, DCM George Auer Ontario
401576Pte.Charles Sequin
636594Pte.William Sero
657220Pte.Edgar Servais
112290Pte.Henry John Setchell
451304Sgt.Roy James Inksater Sewell
109594A.Sgt.Leslie Harry Sexton
784571Pte.Richard Edgar Seymour
159711Pte.John Wesley Shank
159715Pte.William Henry Shank
3235465Pte.Thomas Stanley Shanks
796602Pte.Herbert Vincent Shannon
109595 Pte. Harry Shardlow Art Hubbs New York, USA
113540 Pte. James Walter Sharman Art Hubbs New York, USA
491158 Pte. Percy Sharman Art Hubbs New York, USA
401506 Pte. William Sharman, MM Art Hubbs New York, USA
839115 Pte. William "Jack" Sharp Debbie Bennett-Toms Oshawa, Ontario.
636183Pte.Harry Sharpe
285255Pte.Arthur Shaver
Lt.Walter Wood Shaver
158688Pte.Arthur James Shaw
2688411Pte.John Shaw
109596Pte.Joseph Proudfoot Shaw
491282 Pte. O'Kain Shaw Evan Sutherland Lancashire, UK
1066113Pte.Philip Shaw
113541Pte.Wilfred Laurier Shea
1003246Pte.Colin Campbell Shearer
401819Pte.Joseph William Shearer
648807Cpl.Michael James Sheedy
727831Pte.Albert Edward Sheehan
727589Pte.Frederick Sheehy
159227Pte.Joseph Victor Sheffield
1096065Pte.William Shell
514461Pte.Arthur John Shellard
Lt. Edwin Charles Shepherd David Bluestein Canada
401100Pte.William John Shepherd
109597 Pte. Charles Elmore Sheppard, MM Graham Sheppard Sackville, NB
144234Pte.Henry Sheppard
Major.Harold Chelmsford Sheppard
111452Cpl.Bryan Sheridan
109598Cpl.John Sherrall
109599Pte.Joseph Richardson Sherry
159594Cpl.Arthur Ray Shields
835952Pte.George Alexander Shier
835290Sgt.Robert Henry Shillington
171375Pte.Samuel Shine
113544Pte.Robert Shingler
201482Pte.George Ernest Shipman
648809Cpl.Russell Edward Shirley
401489Pte.Freeman Leon Clyde Shoaf
109600Pte.Thomas Stanley Shoot
144021Pte.Robert Shorey
159644Pte.Robert John Short
145096Cpl.John Melvin Shouldice
113547Pte.Frederick Thomas Shurety
838406Pte.Alex Milton Shute
Major. Wilfred Victor Sifton, DSO Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
190355Pte.Eli Silver
838695Pte.Cecil Frank Simmons
171378Pte.Frank Simmons
727165Pte.Herbert Simmons
405116Pte.Henry Williamson Simpson
1090138Pte.John Alexander McDonald Simpson
157688Pte.William Edward Simpson
158186Pte.William John Simpson
679182Pte.William John Simpson
838181Pte.William John Hugh Simpson
Lt.Douglas Colin Sims
171377Sgt.Gordon Sims, MM
109601Pte.Alexander Sinclair
109602Pte.Frank Sinclair
3039909Pte.Gilbert Alexandrew Sinclair
158215Pte.Melville Sinclair
109603Pte.William Sinclair
158185Pte.William John Sinclair
3037932Pte.Ernest Clyde Singleton
690166Sgt.Peter Ambrose Sinnott
274004Pte.Harlem Archie Sipes
144967Pte.Thomas Siviter
649352Sgt.Ernest Skellern, DCM
172300Pte.John Nicholas Skerry
158189Pte.Thomas Skidmore
157690Pte.William John Skilling
113549A.Sgt.Arthur Edward Skilliter
406917Pte.Edwin Skinner
491309Pte.Lancelot Skinner, MSM
727182Pte.Wallace John Skinner
769231Pte.Alfred William Slattery
3036737Pte.Roy John Slattery
678681Pte.Paul Slawski
109604S.Sgt.Guilford Allain Slingsby
811477CSM.George Arthur Sloane
113550Pte.Richard Sloggert
109605Pte.George Sluman
220200Pte.William David Sly
273222Pte.Robert John Small
727045 Pte. George Thomas Smart Darrell Zinck Canada
835094Pte.James Dease Smart
649328 Cpl. William Baxter Smart Channel Islands Great War Study Group Channel Islands, GB
3105346Pte.Alfons Smet
Lt.William Robert Smillie
838182 Pte. John Smit (aka Johannes Terpstra) Jennette (neé Terpstra) Spicer London, Ontario
Linda Heffernan Ontario
835018Pte.Albert Smith
109606 Pte. Albert Robert Smith Ted Smith Ontario
678921Pte.Alexander Daniel Smith
113552Lt.Alfred Smith
727661Pte.Alfred Brennan Smith
113043Pte.Alfred Reginald Smith
159730Pte.Alfred Russel Smith
113553Pte.Andrew Smith
835539Pte.Archibald Smith
838183Pte.Archie Smith
835843Pte.Arthur Boyd Smith
157691Cpl.Arthur Joseph Smith
111457Pte.Arthur William Smith
727429Pte.Charles Alfred Smith
636937Pte.Charles Acye Smith
727429Pte.Charles Alfred Smith
113554Pte.Charles Frederick Smith
3039871Pte.Charles Henry Smith
109607 RSM Donald Oscar Smith Anne Green UK
Terry Weller Canada
838414Pte.Emerson Claude Smith
835838Pte.Frank Smith
157692Pte.Frederick Smith
112293Pte.Frederick Alexander Smith
1066070 Pte. George Smith Stuart Patton Scotland
113044 Pte. George Edward Smith Mike Kavanagh UK
157693Pte.Harold Smith
109608Cpl.Harold Joseph Smith
636861Pte.Harry Smith
113556Pte.Harry Smith
5074Pte.Henry Munn Smith
491331Pte.Henry Thomas Smith
109609Pte.Herbert Smith (aka Thomas Morgan)
Capt.Herbert Edward Smith
3038886Pte.Herbert Wallace Smith
109610Pte.Hugh Smith
1066237Pte.Hugh John Smith
838184 Pte. James Smith John N Graham Owen Sound, Ontario
3232554Pte.John Smith
109611Sgt.John Smith
157695Pte.John Smith
201986 Pte. John Eugene Smith David Bluestein Canada
144346Pte.John Henry Smith
3107382Pte.John Percy Smith
648873Pte.John Peter Smith
3033471Pte.Joseph Smith
159545Pte.Kester Pope Smith
109612Pte.Lawrence Brumwell Smith
109170Pte.Peter Smith
727265Pte.Ralph John Smith
757181L/Cpl.Robert Smith
113558Pte.Robert Ballantyne Smith
401084Pte.Robert Clifford Smith
109613Pte.Robert John Smith
109614Pte.Ronald Gunn Smith
636011Pte.Samuel Smith
405801Pte.Samuel Smith
Col. Sandford Fleming Smith DSO Julia Cameron Ontario
835523Pte.Skyler Smith
669843Pte.Thomas Cyril Smith
3231460Pte.William Smith
171381Pte.William Smith
853424 Pte. William Angus Smith 2Lt. Bill Walker Canada
868155Pte.William Erwin Smith
113560Cpl.William Henry Smith
727833Pte.William Henry Lloyd Smith
835929Pte.William James Smith
255964 Pte. William James Smith Cara Howard Prince Edward Co. Ontario
491301Pte.Frederick W. J. Smitham
491222Pte.William Smoker
158691Pte.James Smollen
109615L/Cpl.Charles William Russell Smyth
159636Pte.Marshall Smyth
113561Pte.Sydney R. Smyth
159676L/Cpl.William Durward Godfrey Smyth
109616Sgt.Ernest Edward Snelgar
172410Sgt.Joseph Snellings
113562Sgt.Alex Snider
Col.Hedley Elliot Snider
113563Pte.Thomas Snider
835619Pte.William Frederick Soles
649402Cpl.Arthur Somerville
727171Pte.Norman Frederick Somerville
109617Lt.Robert Willard Somerville
214213Pte.William Henry Soper
636915Pte.George Potter Sopha
Lt.Thomas Ross Sorton
3107383Pte.Joseph Soucie
514494Pte.Edward Clarence Southby
636100Pte.Robert Alexander Southworth
109587Pte.Henry Ernest Soxby
145019Cpl.Robert H. Sparks
838660Pte.Herbert Dickinson Sparling
669396 L/Cpl. Thomas Speakman Linda Heffernan Ontario
838187Pte.Charles Augustus Spearman
838399Pte.James Spearman
3037238Pte.Edward Speers
3317113Pte.Dalton Dennis Spellen
648836Pte.Charles Alexander Spence
109618 Pte. George Spence Rosemary Craig Ontario
3108009Pte.William Charles Spence
838188Pte.George Edwin Spencer
838400Pte.Gerald Loue Spencer
2590936Pte.John Louis Spencer
838189Pte.Percy Ralph Spencer
Lt. Robert Almon Spencer Mike Kavanagh UK
3039248Pte.Thomas John Spies
112297Sgt.John James Spilsbury, DCM
111469Sgt.John Oliver Spinney
157697 Pte. George Arthur Spotten Albert Spotten Arkansas
113565Pte.Milburn Permenus Sprague
755032 Pte. Bert Spriggs Art Hubbs New York, USA
109619Pte.Horace Springett
649000Pte.Robert Fair Sproule
171538Pte.Edward Squire
158690L/Cpl.John Charles Staats
226791Pte.Alfred Joseph Stacey
400753Pte.Amos Stafford
839025Pte.Joseph Ernest Stafford
109620Pte.John James Stafford
491208Pte.William Stafford
727295Pte.Frederick James Stagg
727086Pte.Harold Morley Stagg
113567Pte.Herbert Thomas James Stamp
171689Pte.William James Stamp
835856Pte.Frederick Ernest Standen
113568Pte.Gordon Standing
113569Cpl.Stephen J. Standing
144360Pte.Ernest Edward Stanley
113570Pte.Fred Stanley
111470Pte.Frank Washington Stanley
802199Pte.Hubert Thomas Stanley
109621Cpl.Robert Stanley
109171Pte.Sydney Lavender Stanley
202115Pte.William Ernest Stanley
109622Pte.Leonard James Stanway
648849Pte.Albert George Stark
408892Pte.William Stark
Major.Richard W. Stayner, CBE, DSO, MC
Order of the Sacred Treasure
838417 Pte. Thomas Richard Stead The Vancouver Club Vancouver, BC
109719Pte.Fred Steele
400851Sgt.Francis P. Steele
838410Pte.Jack Steele
171690Pte.Jonathan N. Steen
Lt. Ernest Arthur Steer, MC Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
113573 Pte. Vivian Edward Steers Donna Gagnon Ontario
105952Pte.Grigory Stephanishin
157699Pte.James Stephen
158183Pte.James Stephen
3107384Pte.Roy Stephen
109623Pte.John Henry Stephens
763451Pte.Oscar Stephens
Hon.Capt. Frederick Lambert Stephenson Mike Kavanagh UK
679246Sgt.George Robert Stephenson
3107161Pte.Joseph Kinsman Stephenson
109624Pte.Edgar Stevens, MM
157700 Pte. Elmer Leroy Stevens Lynn Weimer Ontario
Lavina (Stevens) Mather Ontario
727408Pte.Thomas Stevens
109625Capt.W. Stevens
159745Sgt.Edmund Gordon Stevenson
838180Pte.Alexander Conacher Stewart
1003242Pte.Edward George Stewart
Lt.John Bain Stewart
113576Pte.John Lindsay Stewart
727522Pte.John Wesley Stewart, DCM
835673Pte.Lloyd Stewart
838902Pte.Robert Stewart
201493Pte.Roy Stewart
113578Pte.Robert Malcolm Stewart
157702Pte.Walter Stewart
159643Pte.William Richmond Stewart
111474Cpl.David Henry Still
400776Pte.Frank Stinson
157501Sgt.Thomas Edgar Stinson
670128Sgt.Robert Mar Stirling
109626L/Cpl.Robert Stitt
763333Pte.Patrick Stock
633052Pte.Ernest Stockdale
109172Pte.Edward Stockwell
111475Cpl.Charles Leroy Stoddard
835505Pte.James Stoddart
838403 Pte. William Stoddart Shaun Stoddart Ontario
453597Pte.Charles Stone
109627Pte.Henry Edgar Stone
157704Pte.Harold Hubert Stone
113579Pte.Harry Lewis Scott Stone
406182Pte.Tom Stone
636619Pte.William John George Stone
157706Pte.James Edward Storey, MM
111477Sgt.Robert Parker Storey
113581Pte.Thomas Edward Storey
636124Pte.William Henry Storrings
159637Pte.Henry Alexander Stotts
109628Pte.Samuel Lehman Stouffer
113582L/Sgt.James Stewart Stout
405594Pte.William Arthur Stroud
109629Pte.William Henry Strumble
109630 Pte. Albert Victor Stuart Jennifer Stuart-Jessel Ontario, Canada
113583Pte.John Stuart
512423Pte.Robert Burton Stubberfield
669408Pte.Charles Gordon Studholme
113584Pte.Albert Arthur Sturgess
3233435Pte.John Sturrock
111479Pte.Joseph Suckett
157707Pte.Thomas Suggitt
214237Pte.Charles Sullivan
802243Pte.Harold Winston Sullivan
669591Pte.John Joseph Sullivan
113585Pte.Peter Sullivan
111480 Pte. Albin Joseph Sumara Mark Rushton Fredericton, NB.
113586CSM.Mark Robert Summers
727368Pte.James Eldon Sutherby
159191Pte.Thomas Suthons
109631Pte.Ernest William Sutton
159639Pte.George Sutton
109632 L/Sgt. Leonard Cecil Sutton Craig Fisher Andover, England
3039582Pte.Gunnard Svenson
158182Pte.Alfred Joseph Swan
727369Pte.Henry George Swann
111591Pte.Fred Swardfager
636748Pte.Harry Sweet
636281Pte.Wesley Sweet
636260Pte.William Sweet
113588A.Sgt.William Sweetings
159740A.Sgt.Heaton Swift
3230970Pte.John Willis Swift
157710L/Cpl.Robert Swindle
839123L/Cpl.Alfred Secord Switzer
835707Pte.Stanley Switzer
Capt. Harry Lutz Symons Andrew Webb-trezzi Canada
Capt. John Hannaford Symons Art Hubbs New York, USA
Andrew Godefroy Kingston, Ontario