In Memoriam

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'H'    -    Habick  to  Hysop

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
401337 Pte. Andrew Habick Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
751196Pte.John Albert Hackett
113270Pte.John Girvin Hadden
158115Pte.William Albert Hadden
158611Pte.John Wesley Haddock
1027016Cpl.Alexander Eastman Haddy
3031687Pte.Harry Gordon Hadlow
472373Pte.William Hadwell
1003138Pte.Warner Willard Hagen
158114Pte.Stanley Hager
491293Pte.Daniel Haggerty
113650Pte.Richard Kenneth Haggerty
862616Pte.John Alexander MacKenzie Haig
401234 Pte. Charles Haight Art Hubbs New York, USA
2114962Pte.Walter Haight
1066149 L/Cpl. George Frederick Hainer George Auer Ontario
1066292 Pte. Percy Haines George Auer Ontario
430767Pte.David Hair
171572Pte.William Hale
158106Pte.William Henry Hale
113271Pte.Alex Hall
838084 ACQMS. Austin Davis Hall George Auer Ontario
113272 Pte. Frederick James Hall Carol Mason Ontario
109133Pte.James Burns Hall
109134Cpl.John Arthur Hall
172385Pte.John Rae Hall
649466C.Sandford Roger Hall
109368Pte.William Hall
158608Cpl.William Halstead
3108304Pte.Henry Thomas Hamblin
511714Pte.William Hamer
400738 Pte. Hugh Hamill Lizzie Lindsay Northern Ireland
Major.Alexander Sharpe Hamilton
171779Pte.George Hamilton
3107270Pte.Henry Edward Hamilton
2355862Pte.Louis James Hamilton
838531 Pte. Peter Hamilton George Auer Ontario
3231139Pte.Roy Livingstone Hamilton
838300 Pte. Joseph William Henry Hamlet George Auer Ontario
835392 Pte. Earl Hammett Barry Henderson Kingston, Ontario
727373Pte.Bert William Hammond
109369Pte.Waymond James Hammond
838304 Pte. Thomas James Hanbury George Auer Ontario
838220 A.Sgt. Winfield Scott Hancock George Auer Ontario
172190Pte.George Handy
644653Pte.Samuel Orval Hanes
649230Pte.Anton Hanete
172199Pte.Ephraim Wesley Hanna
835275Pte.Alfred Clarence Hannah
220090 L/Cpl. James Harold Hannah, DCM Art Hubbs New York, USA
3107273Pte.Robert Hannah
220083 Pte. William Hannah Art Hubbs New York, USA
838085 Pte. Samuel Albert Hanson George Auer Ontario
3031938Pte.Karl Algot Christian Hansson
400700L/Cpl.Edward Harbach
172475 Pte. Stewart Harcus Art Hubbs New York, USA
109370Pte.Barney Bertram Harding
113274Pte.Edwin Harding
109135Sgt.Leonard Harding, DCM
838517 Pte. Percy Harding George Auer Ontario
109371 Pte. Francis Hardingham Mike Kavanagh UK
109372 Pte. Vivian Hardingham Mike Kavanagh UK
159097Pte.Alfred Edward Hardy
401517L/Cpl.Arthur James Hardy
172386Pte.Arthur William Hardy
171473L/Cpl.Bert Hardy
111215Pte.Harry Hardy
171474Pte.Norman Hardy
2498706Pte.Oscar Raymond Hare
109373Pte.Frank Harford
171781Pte.Charles Arthur Hargrave
633385Pte.George Oswald Harkin
158109Pte.Louis William Harman
648399Cpl.Roy Harmon
158112Pte.Hamilton Thomas Harper
633875Pte.Wilburn Harper
633341 Pte. Willis Harper Chris Harper Alberta, Canada
172364Pte.William Matthew Harper
113279 Pte. John George Harreld Esmond Harreld England
Cheryl & Ian Lucas England
113275Pte.William Harrington
1066285 Pte. Clayton Harris George Auer Ontario
171475Pte.Dac Harris
109374Pte.Fred Harris
171782Pte.George Harris
109375Pte.Hedley Harris
406446Cpl.Herbert Henry Harris
111216Sgt.James Harvey Harris
678592 Pte. John Purssell Harris Steve Harris Ottawa
633753Sgt.Lawrence Elliott Harris
Lt.Pasker Baptiste Harris
109136A.Cpl.Thomas Harris
401356 Pte. Thomas Frederick Harris Art Hubbs New York, USA
109137Pte.David Harrison
172195 Pte. George Stanley Harrison Mike Kavanagh UK
201812Pte.Harold Ralph Harrison
171476Pte.James Harrison
757076Cpl.John Ewart Harrison
3107274Pte.Joseph Harrison
113278Cpl.Arthur Harrold
491212Pte.John Hart
3105947Pte.Joseph Andrew Hart
Major.Melville Mason Hart, MC+Bar
109376Pte.Thomas Hart
113280Pte.William John Hartford
109377Sgt.William James Hartfree
636730 Pte. Charles Hartin Bryan Joyce Ontario
109378Lt.John Curtis Hartley, MC & MM
835903Sgt.Wilfred Ira Hartman
3034451Pte.Gerald Vincent Hartnett
201176 Cpl. Frederick James Hartrick Mike Kavanagh UK
835692Pte.James Hartwick
214385Pte.Charles Harvey
158612Cpl.Leslie Drummond Harvey
739065Pte.Percy George Harvey
838758 Pte. Richardson Kendall Haskett George Auer Ontario
109379Pte.William Henry Haslam
3231054Pte.John Hastie
109380Sgt.John Frederick Hastings
Lt.Milton Berkley Hastings, MC
400907Pte.John E. Hatch
111218Pte.Joseph Hatheway
838741 Pte. John Hatton Deirdre Codd Co. Wexford, Ireland
George Auer Ontario
3109113Pte.Wilfred Stinson Hatton
649148Pte.Lareon Hatzallo
649438Pte.Olav Olsen Haveland
838518 Pte. Charles Wilbert Havens George Auer Ontario
3230025Pte.Charles Melvin Hawken
109381R.S.M.Arthur William Hawkey, DCM
109382S.Sgt.Thomas Archibald Hawkins
835348Pte.Herbert Simons Hawley
111219 Pte. John Arthur Haworth Maureen Wilson Manchester, UK
158108Pte.James Hay
2590885Pte.John Maconochie Hay
401384Cpl.Wiiliam Edwin Hayden
109383 Pte. Victor Albert Haydon Mike Kavanagh UK
213167Pte.George Henry Hayes
109138Pte.John Hayes
835606Pte.Ockeland Alexander Hayes
401014Pte.Henry Hayman
649045Pte.Thomas Hayward
1030075 Pte. Leonard Haywood Richard Faulkner New Brunswick, Canada
838783 Pte. William Edward Hazen George Auer Ontario
1066278 Pte. William John Hazen George Auer Ontario
648421Pte.Earl Pearce Head
158103 Pte. William Henry Head Cliff Grenfell Canada
171477Pte.George Headon
3030193Pte.Bart Healey
838521 Pte. George Heaps Kate Smith Cambridgeshire, UK
George Auer Ontario
838961 Pte. John Robert Heaps Kate Smith Cambridgeshire, UK
George Auer Ontario
109139Pte.Robert Hearst
3035840Pte.Clarence Wickley Heath
159103Cpl.William Muir Hedderwick
111221Sgt.Eli Heffer
648409Pte.Harry Edward Heggart
DCM & MM+Bar
109388L/Cpl.Harry Heidman
Lt. Geoffrey Heighington, MC John Cannon Torquay, UK
1066048 Pte. Lynnton Charles John Heming George Auer Ontario
109384Pte.Joseph Hemlin
109385Pte.Percy Albert Hemphill
160316Pte.Gordon Smith Henderson
405618 Pte. Harold Henderson, MM David Kershaw Derbyshire, UK
1066148 Pte. Harry Henderson George Auer Ontario
491356 Pte. John Robb Henderson Rosemary Henderson PEI, Canada
503481Pte.Richard Henderson
109386Pte.Robert McKay Henderson
799087Pte.Thomas Brownlie Henderson
1006769Pte.William James Henley
636285Pte.George Hennessy
113286Pte.Alfred Henry
109387 Cpl. Harold Stewart Henry Mike Kavanagh UK
838091 Pte. Melville Geddes Henry George Auer Ontario
839037 Pte. Walter Henry George Auer Ontario
Hon.Major Channell Hepburn, MC Mike Kavanagh UK
784066Pte.William Ogle Herdman
690606Pte.Edward Thomas Herman
144252Lt.Franklyn Arthur Herman
1066295 Pte. Alexander Heron George Auer Ontario
838964 Pte. James Fenwick Heron George Auer Ontario
820112Pte.Maurice Heron
109389Pte.William Heron
1027558A.Sgt.George Edward Herrick
3231664Pte.Charles Edward Heslip
159104 Sgt. Victor Sterling Hetherington William Hetherington Canada
158111 Pte. William Faris Hetherington William Hetherington Canada
648414Pte.Cecil Allan Hewitt
3031868Pte.William Hewitt
109390 Pte. Albert Arthur Hewson Larry Durkee Ontario
Chris Henzler London, UK
172210 Pte. Clarence Victor Hewson Tiffany Hewson Regina, Canada
Kenora Great War Project Canada
775782 Pte. Samuel Heyes Darrell Zinck Canada
109391Pte.Peter Heynes
109392 L/Cpl. William Heywood Ian Wright England
Lt.Geoffrey Heyworth
3233625Pte.James Vincent Hickey
111226Cpl.William Hickey
111227Pte.Clarence Dalton Hicks, MM
111228L/Cpl.Cecil Wiggins Hicks
158518 Pte. James Hibbert Hicks Garry Farmer Bolton, England
Steven Bretherick Canada
111229S.Sgt.Reginald William Hicks
835715Pte.Samuel Hicks
158597Pte.Alfred Charles Higgins
Lt.Douglas Gordon Higgins, MC
159678Pte.Peter McLaughlin Higgins
838528 Pte. Alfred James Hill George Auer Ontario
727085Pte.Gerald Hill
171480L/Cpl.Herbert Jonathan Hill
3032930Pte.Joseph Hill
113290Pte.James Grant Hill
109395Pte.John Joseph Hill
1066183Pte.Louis John Hill
3033925Pte.Nelson Anslew Hill
727413L/Cpl.Orville Hill
634086Pte.Patrick Hill
158110Pte.Robert Richard Hill
109393 Pte. Walter John Hill Bruce Hill Perth, Australia
113291 Pte. Thomas Henry Hiller Susan McIntosh Texas, USA
109394L/Cpl.George Alfred Hillier
109396Pte.George Henry Hillier
835200Pte.Wilbert Raymond Hillier
3107508Pte.John McClure Hillis
111232Pte.Donald James Hiltz
835728Pte.Frederick Joseph Hingey
835466Pte.John Hingey
157597Pte.Frederick Edward Hinton
141458Pte.Charles Hird
3035663Pte.Ernest Laven Hirtle
172372Pte.Harry Hitchin
113292Pte.Henry George Hitchman
109397Lt.Charles Kenneth Hoag
111235Pte.Alexander McKeen Hoare
171789Pte.Herbert Hoare
113294 Pte. Ross Rumney Hobden Mike Kavanagh UK
273113Pte.Francis Wells Hobley
113295Pte.John Hocking, MM
109398Cpl.Charles Hockley
109399Pte.Richard Hockley
113296 Pte. David Hodge Julia A. Hodge Wisconsin, USA
109400 L/Cpl. Henry Boyd Hodge Mike Kavanagh UK
401320Pte.John Hodge
106021 Pte. Robert Samuel Hodge Mike Kavanagh UK
400666Sgt.John Hodges
3231050Pte.John Hilton Hodgins
727813Pte.William Leroy Hodgins
171482Pte.Frank Hodgkinson
302667L/Cpl.Roy R. Hodgkinson, MM
3033815L/Cpl.Albert Hoffman
113298Pte.Ambrose B. Hogan
633398Pte.John Hogan
400509Pte.James Hogan
159752Sgt.James Michael Hogan
835273Pte.William Hogan
636909Pte.William Hogan
157599Pte.Ernest Hogg
491194 Pte. Frederick Hogg Matthew Scarlino Canada
802236Pte.Thomas Hogg
214054Pte.Frederick Gordon Holden
159525Pte.Harold Telford Holden
3032481Pte.Harry Richard Holder
113299Pte.John A. Holdsworth
835215 A/Cpl. Harry Leath Holland Barry Henderson Kingston, Ontario
835044L/Cpl.William Baker Holland
603149Pte.Percy Thomas Holledge
839138 Pte. Harold Holley George Auer Ontario
514721Pte.William James Hollinger
113300Pte.Oscar Hollis
838652 Cpl. Frederick Clarence Holloway George Auer Ontario
172211 Sgt. Austin Holmes Kelly Carey Ontario, Canada
Wanda Holmes Canada
1066010 Pte. Earl Holmes George Auer Ontario
727235Pte.Emmerson Holmes
838301 A/Sgt. Thomas William Holmes, VC Lorne Carter Goderich, Ontario
159526Pte.Samuel Holt
111241Pte.William Hugh Holt
649041Pte.Honorat Holte
172202Pte.Oswald Holtham
113301Pte.Cecil Holway
157601Pte.Ernest Donaldson Honeyford
113303 CQMS. Robert Melrose Hood
MC & Croix de Guerre and
Russian Order of St. Stanislas 2nd Class with Swords
Mike Kavanagh UK
113304Pte.William John Hookway
802032Pte.Frederick Richard C. Hooper
602020Pte.Herman Henry Cecil Hooper
839131 Cpl. William Veitch Hope George Auer Ontario
644587Pte.Samuel Hopkin
113305Pte.Frederick Hopkins
916274Pte.George William Hopkins
213082Pte.William Hopkins
838299 Pte. William John Hopkins Erik Kegelmann Michigan, USA
George Auer Ontario
2590891Pte.Alfred Edward Hopwood
171907Pte.Robert Horlock
Lt.Asa Milton Horner
3033601Pte.Norman McLeod Horsnell
528491Pte.Henry Reginald Horton
409143Pte.Powell Nicholas Horton, MC
252634Pte.Wilfred John Horton
109401Pte.John Bartlett Hosegrove
802308A.Sgt.Robert Christie Hosie
109140Pte.David Christopher Hosier
172193Cpl.Herbert Hotchkiss
157514L/Cpl.John Wilson Hotchkiss
401405Sgt.Walter Houghton, MM
109402 Pte. William Houghton Rob Houghton Drumheller, Alberta
Ron Houghton Calgary, Alberta
109403Pte.Albert George Howard
633490Pte.George Howard
158011Lt.Grenville Lloyd Milton Howard, DCM
727504A.Sgt.Harry Howard
838094 Pte. Johnston Howard Mike Kavanagh UK
633626L/Cpl.Marshall Sherwood Howard
1066301 Pte. Thomas Howard George Auer Ontario
1066296 Pte. William Howard George Auer Ontario
113307Sgt.Hilton Howard Howe
157602Pte.Harry Russell Howell
3032483Pte.John Ambrose Howes
491170 Pte. Richard Lancelot Howitt, MM Bill Howitt Ontario
1066258 Pte. Alexander Hoy George Auer Ontario
1066239 Pte. Charles Wilford Hoy George Auer Ontario
868327Pte.George Wilfred Hoy
727213Pte.Murray Hoy
649182Pte.Adam Hriskewich
649348Pte.Evon Hriskewich
678603Sgt.Amos Hubbard
763375Pte.Roy Hubbard
636204Pte.Arthur Hubble
Capt. Fred Stanley Hubbs Art & Kate Hubbs New York, USA
727180Pte.Ralph Huckins
636704 CSM Frank Huff Art Hubbs New York, USA
835551Cpl.Laverne Cecil Huffman
1027313L/Cpl.Ralph W. Huffman
240722Pte.John Thomas Hugginson
159110Pte.Charles Alexander Hughes
835661Pte.Charles Henry Hughes
171484 Pte. Edward Hughes Philip Morris Shrewsbury, England
109141Pte.Earl John Hughes
835642 Pte. Frederick Hughes Mike Kavanagh UK
634020L/Cpl.Stephen Hughes
835330Pte.William Hughes
109404 Cpl. Wilfrid Harvey Hughes Wilfrid Hughes Peterborough, Ontario
Gregory Hughes Toronto, Ontario
James Hughes Peterborough, Ontario
109405Pte.Ernest Frederick Hull, MM
401629 Cpl. James Hulland Bryan Joyce Ontario
2161342 Pte. John Smith Hulton Garry Farmer Bolton, England
690677Pte.James Fisher Hume
401794Pte.Frederick Harold Hungerford
109406 CSM Colston William Hunt Rosemary Craig Ontario
109407A.Sgt.Patrick Hunt
3039362Pte.Richard Stephen Hunt
171791Pte.Samuel Edward Hunt
669685Pte.Sidney Wilfred Hunt
2378310Pte.James Duncan Hunter
157603Pte.John James Hunter
634024Pte.William Charles Edward Hunter
158595Cpl.William Henry Hunting, MM
3107509Pte.Arthur Emerson Hunton
400954Pte.Walter F. Hurley
109408 Pte. William Michael Hurley Alan & Paul Buchnall Scotland
Mike Kavanagh UK
491162Pte.Thomas Hurst
109409Pte.Albert Edward Hutchings
111246Pte.Reginald Thomas Hutchings
838291 Pte. Harold Byron Hutchinson Marion Hutchinson Ontario
George Auer Ontario
2355967Pte.John Alexander Hutchinson
159109Pte.Joseph Henry Hutchinson
113312Pte.George Hutchison
400913Pte.Thomas Hutton
835650Pte.Delbert Huyck, DCM
158102Pte.William George Hyde
113313Pte.Harry Hyslop