In Memoriam

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'R'    -    Rackliff  to  Ryden

Number Rank Name Represented by Who is from
109556 Pte. Albert Henry Rackliff Rick Rackliff Australia
838386Sgt.Earl Victor Radbourne
838382Pte.William James Radley
113503Pte.William David Rady
109557Pte.David Rae
111430Pte.Garvie Rae
109558 Pte. Matthew Rae Kevin Breyne Kortrijk, Belgium
113504Pte.William Raeside
405393Pte.James Gordon Raines
1066110Cpl.Thomas Alex Ramage
171526Pte.Stanley Rame
171364Pte.William John Rame
939091 Pte. Alexander Kelly Ramsay Margaret Holliday Canada
Judy Stockham
Kenora Great War Project
446980Pte.Hugh Ramsay
109559Cpl.Lauchlan Ramsay
109560Pte.Albert Edward Ramsdale
113505Pte.Thomas Norman Lewis Ramsden
Lt.Alan Reid Ramsey
491367Pte.William Rand
3233465Pte.George Burton Randall
109561 Sgt. John William Randall Keith Randall Laval, Québec
113506Pte.Charles Wesley Ranesbottom
648776Pte.Alexander Ranger
636021Pte.Ralph Eugene Ranger
112283Pte.Frederick Rapley
171830Pte.John Edward Rapley
113507Hon. Lt.Wiiliam J. Rapson
113508 Pte. Charles Louis Ratchford Mike Kavanagh UK
139166Pte.Raymond Robert Ratcliff
109167Pte.George Alfred Ratcliffe
491069Pte.Arthur Charles Rattew
3107596Pte.Charles Henry Ratz
109562Cpl.William Steel Raven
159733 Pte. Walter David Raybould Mike Kavanagh UK
220199Pte.John Raymo
835913Pte.Ira Edward Raymond
264737Pte.William Frank Raymond
109563Cpl.Robert Raynham
109717 Pte. George Townsend Raynor Ric Raynor Quesnel, B.C.
Art Hubbs New York, USA
109564Pte.Thomas David Rea
109565 Pte. Thomas Phillip Reddicen Andy Fitton England
633390Pte.James Richard Reddick
636171Pte.William Herbert Reddick
158169Pte.Milnes Redfearn
838387Pte.Fredrick Watkin Redfern
669338Cpl.Percy Redman
3107361Pte.Henry John Reed
401592Pte.James Reed MM
838674L/Cpl.David Leslie Reekie, MM
514867Pte.George Reeves
637044 Pte. Charles Benjamin Reid Jessica Reid Toronto, Ontario
401229Pte.George Reid
835360Pte.Herbert Reid
3317235Pte.Joseph Reid
158170Pte.William Reid
400705Pte.William Joseph Reid
727838A.Sgt.Stanley George Reihm
838632Pte.John Alexander Reilly
3032982Pte.Alexander Leslie Reith
109566 Pte. Albert Victor Relf Derek Relf California
109567 Sgt. John Relf Derek Relf California
802179 Pte. George Alexander Rennie Debbie Bennett-Toms Oshawa, Ontario.
839163Pte.James Anderson Reoch
273212Pte.Robert Reynolds
157507 Sgt. William James Reynolds Bryan Joyce Ontario
113511Pte.William Sarney Reynolds
648749Pte.Robert Rowland Rhodes
838170Pte.Edward Ribbans
1003419 Pte. Joseph Albert Ricard Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
Lt. Earle Gordon Richards Kent Fraser Canada
835959 L/Cpl. Elwood Richards, MM Bruce Deynes Ontario
727595Pte.William Oiif Richards
172471Cpl.David Hardie Richardson
823309Sgt.George Arthur Richardson
838397Pte.Henry Madewell Richardson
109568Pte.James Crawford Richardson
172284Pte.Robert Richardson
835526 Pte. Robert Miles Richardson Wayne & Karen Douglas Ottawa, Canada
Lt.Robert Reginald Richardson
171527Sgt.Thomas Richardson
636982Pte.William Richardson
838016 Pte. William Elmer Richardson George Auer Ontario
158675Pte.William Pearson Richardson
113515Pte.Edmund Richer
3039647Pte.Abraham Richman
633758Pte.Irwin Richmire
3107985Pte.George Richmond
3038628Pte.Lorne Stafford Ricker
144390Pte.Richard Rickerd
636017Pte.Barney Ricketts
226432Pte.John Rickman
3107594Pte.Robert Rickward
835439Pte.Russell Riddell
302713Pte.George Riddle
401420 L/Cpl. William Riddle Dave Knight Ohio, USA
Mike Kavanagh UK
838385Pte.James Ridge
157672Pte.Harry Duxbury Riding
214327Cpl.Samuel Edward Rigby
213663Pte.Roy Cooke Rigg
158171Pte.Milton (Garton) Rintoul
158217Pte.Herbert William Ripley
3033759Pte.Ormer Vernon Ritchie
172283 Pte. William Stuart Ritchie Bruce Gilbert Ontario
1066229Pte.William John Ritz
109569Pte.Frederick Webb Roadhouse
3038135Pte.Francis James Moore Robb
649325L/Sgt.Melvin John Robb
669834 Pte. Stanley Robb Mike Kavanagh UK
838378Pte.Edward Robbins, MM
400782Pte.Wiliams James Robbins
225443Pte.Alfred Roberts
109570RQMS.Albert Charles Roberts
491085Pte.Arthur George Roberts
171830Pte.Hugh Roberts
171834Cpl.Thomas Roberts
113519Sgt.Thomas Frederick Roberts
3031405Pte.William Roberts
109571Sgt.Douglas Robert Robertson, MM
Lt.Howard Henderson Robertson
530018Pte.James Howe Shedden Robertson
802026Pte.Arthur Hendrick Robinson
3231029Pte.Forest Bervil Robinson
853278L/Cpl.John Robinson
213318Pte.Richard Smith Robinson
739457 Pte. Robert Wesley Robinson Yvo Henniker-Heaton England
648770Pte.Samuel Robinson
109168A.Cpl.Stanton Alfred James Robinson
157676Pte.William Robinson
109572 Pte. William James Robinson Carolyn Duckworth Goderich, Ontario
401651 Pte. aka Ephraim John Robson Rhonda-Lynn Robson Niagara Falls, Ontario
true name William George Porter
838383Pte.John Silas Robson
838892Pte.Stanley Robson
113522Sgt.Walter John Roche
109573Pte.Joseph Rochefort
158174 Pte. Andrew Royston Rodger Mike Kavanagh UK
838391Cpl.John Ernest Rodgers
113523Pte.Albert Roebuck
832392Pte.Jack William Rogers
3033312Pte.Meredith John Rogers
401391 Pte. George William Rollings Mike Kavanagh UK
109574Sgt.George Henry Rolph, MM
491306Pte.William Romaine
400983Pte.John Roorke
113524Pte.Robert W. Rosborough
109575Sgt.Frank Rose MM
835491Pte.William Rose
3108318Pte.William Rose
514746Pte.Roland Edward Rosenbloom
838746Cpl.Clarence Ross
514479Pte.Harold Keith Hamilton Ross
171681Sgt.James Ross
838744Pte.John Milford Ross
839097Pte.Percy John Ross
111586Sgt.Robert Ross
109576Pte.Thomas Ross
838392Pte.John Rossiter
Capt. Herbert Charles Rounds Mike Kells Canada
1066091Pte.Delbert Lyvern Rourke
Lt.Frederick William Rous
835416 Pte. Harry Cecil Roushorn Linda Heffernan Ontario
109073L/Sgt.Charles Francis Routledge, DCM
109577Pte.John Evans Routledge
Lt.Duke Watson Rowat
3032686Pte.John R. Rowatt
157678Pte.Ernest George Rowe
636306 Pte. Harry Thomas Rowe Chris Henzler London, UK
171841Pte.Edward Rowland
113039Sgt.Joseph Rowland
111444L/Cpl.John James Rowland
491172Pte.Percy Rowlands
171528CQMS.William Henry Rowlands
Croix de Guerre
273289Pte.Robert Rowley
838933Pte.Alfred Rozell
112122Pte.Herbert Ruberry
109578Pte.Joseph Addison Rudd
171682Lt.Edgar Rule
109579 CSM Leslie Oliver Rule, DCM David Rule Canada
838388Cpl.Hugh Rumley
109580Lt.Reginald Kingdom Runnels
113527Pte.Englebert Runsteadtler
636600Pte.Herman Francis Rusaw
839145Pte.Edward Miles Rush
3039193Pte.Arthur Russell
649305Pte.Frank Matthew Russell
159176Lt.George Alfred Russell
135844Pte.Hugh Francis Russell
820404Pte.James Russell
111447L/Cpl.Philip Daniel Russell
838173Pte.William Thomas Russell
Brig-Gen Tom Rutherford CBE Jay Adair Canada
669364Pte.Hubert John Rutledge
1066117Pte.Percy Andrew Rutt
Lt. Guy Warwick Rutter Liz Tobin Hamilton, Ontario
109582Pte.Hugh Lawrence Ryan
633133Pte.James Ryan
3039938Pte.Francis Louis Ryden